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You can't have it both ways: Theon either is or isn't an heir and the Kingsmoot either is or isn't the standard law. Anyway, Theon, after inhaling a bunch of helium, does a little speech about how he can't sit on the Seastone Chair Salt Throne (vom) and how great Yara would be and all seems to be looking up for the plucky duo when SUDDEN EURON. Everyone's surprised (apparently Euron is sick at Pyke Hide and Seek), well, everyone except Yara, who inexplicably guesses that Balon was murdered and that rope bridge wasn't just dangerous as all holy fuck. Euron, being the crazy character that he is, admits to kinslaying (why not? and gets elected king by shouting some stuff about fleets (which will take AGES) and going to get Dany and having a huge cock and more HILARIOUS, classic iron born stuff. Then, even though he's previously declared that he is not religious (in fact, he thinks he IS the Drowned God. I mean, it's not like resuscitation has any part in this ritual. Gods, no. It actually turns out that Euron was right and he IS the Drowned God because he totally survives this drowning without any help from anyone and therefore must be immortal. Good to know. He gets a rubbish driftwood crown and then is all like OH SHIT WHERE ARE MY NIECE AND NEPHEW because immortal god or not, you don't restrain your rebellious relatives when you're about to drowned in order to get the crown. He notices they've taken all the boats (it's not really explained WHO is helping them because there certainly were not enough people, even if everyone from the Kingsmoot helped, and they didn't because they voted for Euron) Then he's just like, meh, let's build new boats and then we can totes murder them. Is it just me that would love to see the aftermath of last week? - How long is appropriate to stand naked in front of a bowing crowd? - At what point do you ask someone to lend you a coat? - Was there some sort of rousing speech. How did they all react? - Did Dany address the fact that she used dark magic. How did she the witch-hating Dothraki that that was okay? - Did she apologise for killing all the kahls?

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I loved the King in the North part deux bit, especially Lyanna Mormont. How cool was it that it transitioned from the ToJ and learning Lyanna Stark was Jon’s mom to Jon’s face to Lyanna Mormont delivering another bad ass speech. I think if Bella Ramsey had been born a few years later she could have played Arya just as well as Maisie does. Sophie of course, turned in a great performance as well. I sure hope my girl Sansa knows better than to get sucked in by Littlefinger, but I don’t know. I was clinging to the hope that Margaery would make it out alive up until the end so I’m all about her getting some revenge. I admit, I was hoping to see the obsidian candle though. I just loved seeing all the white ravens going from the tower and the library was so beautiful. If I lived in Oldtown, I would find a way in there. And in silly, shallow opinions it’s been nice to see Hannah Murray’s beauty not being hidden under rags anymore. But as happy as I was to see Walder go and get the Frey pie, this scene was my only real quibble with the episode. It made me cheer and worry for Arya’s mental health all at once. I’m so thrilled that Meereen is done and Dany is heading to Westeros at last. I’m not sure what the timeline is supposed to be and how Varys got there with Tyrell and Martell fleets so quickly, but fuck it. I feel bad for thinking that way but it kind of took me out of it for a minute. Also, was anyone else thinking about Heathers when Lancel was trying to stop the wildfire bomb from going off. Jaime had a look that should have struck her down then and there. I’m fairly sure he’s the one who pitched a fit over the script, and I don’t blame him. Great actor. Maybe it was just me, but he seemed in more Iron Fist shape in this episode.


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Dayne is a beast, he would see them coming before they saw him (especially if they're riding horses), then he and his buddy would hide, flanking the approaching archers. The archers see nothing, so they move in to go into the tower, and then BAM. AMBUSH, MOTHER FUCKER, from behind some low hills or rocks or something. Dayne would shove every single one of the arrows up all of the archer's assholes for their disrespect of not bringing swords and challenging them like real men. Hitting a moving boat at one kilometer away with wind but would miss a slow guy in armor at 20 meters, makes sense. Gtfo. FuckYouAllToPieces. Actually yeah off screen (perhaps inside the tower), the two guards probably had more than just their swords. Also, since they were in a remote location, far away from the war, its unlikely there would have been a full force with archers coming after them. Holding up 3 players until a 4th seeks behind me and executes me. They have a feeling of unreality to them, like how a dream sequence should be. The actor playing young Ned really does a fantastic job Bruh. Jorge Lopez ? ? Armaan Singh you are right i completely forgot that. he point remains though Armaan Singh. Jorge Lopez dawn is not valyrian steel but it has special properties which make it like Valyrian steel and maybe even better Jorge Lopez. He knew that it's either Ned took his nephew back home and raise him or Ser Arthur takes the baby and raise him in secret (Luke Skywalker-Ben Kenobi style). Alot of people are silly poofballs, getting bribed and threatened and sodomized and killed by sickos. All for chaos.


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