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And if rumors are true Dorne will be a very dangerous place for. I am gonna be seriously pissed if they have kept us waiting for her and then she never shows up. That would be to spit in the face of book readers when they could just come out and say she is not it it instead of all this crap they are pulling. Tyrion won’t need a ship captain to interact with since he’ll have Varys. While Jaime will have Bronn to talk to, the ship’s captain will at least have to interact with Obara for her to get her info. She is still alive in show canon, since Hot Pie mentioned the Inkeep who hires him in s3 as being a woman. “She said she never had better,” he says about his brown bread. So if Brienne runs into Heddle, she could still be on track for a meet up with the BWB and hopefully LSH. The gut reaction for many people may be some small degree of satisfaction. Totally irrational, probably not characteristic of the “casual” viewer as you rightly point out, but there may be some diehards who feel like the scales are tilting at last, that the Lannisters are finally starting to pay for their crimes (against the Starks). It may have been because people were genuinely curious to see the character or wanted Michelle Fairley back, but it may also have been due to a sense that justice hadn’t yet been fully served, that they needed this physical manifestation of ruthless anti-Frey, anti-Lannister sentiment to start serving up broken necks. Revenge is a powerful motivator, and not the most rational. And yeah, I can’t wait to see the stuff with Jaime and Bronn. And yes, I so want to see the Green Grace weave her plots. To get across the idea that justice comes at a VERY high cost. Because to deviate that far from the books would be insane. Do you really think GRRM would resurrect Cat to become pointless. You are beyond dumb if you think she is pointless.

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It now refers to it as a tradition, almost like having Easter in the spring and Christmas in December. It is a tradition, apparently, that we are now going to see a 300- to 400-page spring omnibus budget bill, followed by 200-, 300-, or 400-page fall omnibus budget bill. The government has done this now for 2012 and 2013. The idea that we would have disparate, unconnected bills, many of them never mentioned in the budget, that do substantial damage—this one in particular to labour relations, previous ones to environmental concerns—is an offence to Parliament. I quite clearly represent a party with fewer than 12 MPs; I represent a party with one MP. So are my colleagues in the Bloc Quebecois, and so are four independent members of Parliament. We were treated differently, since there were multiple motions carried through multiple committees to require that substantive amendments be submitted at committee, where we are not members and do not have equal and full rights of participation. That is why all of my amendments presented today are deletions. I did have substantive amendments I would have liked to present at report stage. I had 26 substantive amendments that I did present to the finance committee, and they went through a very quick ritual slaughter. I would have liked for the people of Canada to know about those amendments. I would have liked to have brought them forward at report stage. There are disparate bills, but the manoeuvres are the same. The manoeuvres go in the direction of increasing ministerial discretion, reducing objective criteria, removing boards and agencies that have independent expertise, and putting bills forward instead to systems of political whim. They reduced criteria, letting the minister of environment or the minister of natural resources make decisions without guidance. In Bill C-4, we see substantial changes in part 3, division 16, to the expression of interest system, basically for immigrants who are coming by way of economic advantage. The decision-making would now increasingly be by ministerial discretion. In this change the one big difference between the two acts would be to replace an objective corporation, a regional organization that would make decisions about where the funds go, entirely with ministerial discretion.

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Opportunities to improve linkage include data systems to support the follow-up of patients through the cascade of care and test delivery, rapid sample referral networks, and POC tests. Opportunities to increase testing efficiency include improvements to procurement and supply chain practices, well connected tiered laboratory networks with rational deployment of test capacity across different levels of health services, routine resource mapping and mobilization to ensure adequate resources for testing programs, and improved operational and quality management of testing services. If applied to VL testing programs, these approaches could help improve the impact of VL on ART failure management and patient outcomes, reduce overall costs and help ensure the sustainable access to reduced pricing for test commodities, as well as improve supportive health systems such as efficient, and more rigorous quality assurance. These lessons draw from traditional laboratory practices as well as fields. WTP personnel requested the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) to assist with development of simulants for use in FSVT. Deep-groove ball bearings made from AISI 52100 steel were used. A MIL-L-23699 tetraester lubricant was used in a recirculating lubrication system containing a 49 mm absolute filter. Test conditions included a maximum Hertz stress of 2. GPa, a shaft speed of 15,000 rpm, and a lubricant supply temperature of 74 C (165 F). Four fatigue failures were detected by accelerometers in this test set. In general, the ferrograph was more sensitive (up to 23 hr) in detecting spall initiation than either accelerometers or the normal spectrographic oil analysis. Four particle types were observed: normal rubbing wear particles, spheres, nonferrous particles, and severe wear (spall) fragments. Nine mixer geometries with 12 to 24 lobes were tested. The areas of the core and fan stream were held constant to maintain a bypass ratio of approximately 5. The research results presented in this report were obtained as part of a program directed toward developing an improved mixer design methodology by using a combined analytical and experimental approach. The effects of lobe spacing, lobe penetration, lobe-to-centerbody gap, lobe contour, and scalloping of the radial side walls were investigated. Test measurements included total pressure and temperature surveys, flow angularity surveys, and wall and centerbody surface static pressure measurements. Contour plots at various stations in the mixing region are presented to show the mixing effectiveness for the various lobe geometries.

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Books 4 and 5 created new story arcs that would hopefully be resolved in books 6 and 7. The TV show split book 3 into seasons 3 and 4 because it was a longer book. But they then condensed books 4 and5 into just season 5, with a little bit spilling into season 6. So we're now at the point of the story that would've been covered by the unfinished books 6 and 7, but a lot of details are missing because the TV show condensed the build up that books 4 and 5 provided. Granted, those two books dragged too much but they could have simply cut entire plot arcs instead of giving us a shortened version of each. Doing what they did, they could have cut the entire Dorne arc completely from the show. They skipped the Iron Islands in season 5 but somehow decided to add it in season 6. They could've easily shortened the Arya scenes and got her back to Westeros much faster. The religion arc would have been much better if they showed us that the reason for it is the discontent of the common folk over the wars of the nobles. But the citizens of King's Landing are cheering Cersei and Euron without a hint of discontent this season. I'm not sure. I suppose the army of the Vale got into the north by ship (was there any information? , because otherwise according to the maps they mustve passed most of the riverlands, which is unlikely to have happened without any conflicts. And surely Baelish is regarded by the Lannisters as an enemy by now, so I doubt he has any official claim anymore. By now, there shouldnt be much left to be charge in of anyway. It's as though after everyone the people liked died suddenly, they decided to sit down quietly, instead of reverting to their former state of being generally unruly. This. They made a huge deal about how the people hated Cersei and the rulers but loved Marge.

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I just can’t help myself, which is why you should probably take the following sentence with a grain of salt: I am pumped up about this new Bigfoot movie. Watch Superman Brave Multiple Ice Bucket Challenges In Costume. Superman: Dawn of Justice have graduated to plastic garbage pails filled with chilled liquids. Watch The Princess Bride Re-Imagined As A Horror Movie. In this recut trailer for The Princess Bride, these elements blend to turn a romantic fantasy that was fit for children of all ages into a horror movie in the vein of Single White Female or Dressed To Kill. George Lucas Almost Ruined Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Here's How. But new video has just revealed that one of the most memorably elements of the sci-fi fantasy was nearly cut from the films completely, that'd be the voice of Yoda. Matthew McConaughey Shows Off Amazing IMAX Footage In New Interstellar Spot. But when the government calls on Cooper for an expedition into the galaxies, he leaves his family behind for a wormhole-traveling adventure that might answer to the fate of humanity. Latest Gone Girl Trailer Places All Of The Blame On Ben Affleck. That's the question that plays at the center of David Fincher's latest, Gone Girl. In the trailer up top, we see this query explored along with some new footage featuring Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris, Carrie Coon, Rosamund Pike and Tyler Perry. Here's How Batman's Producers Saved The Day After Bane Wrecked Some Wedding Photos. That dude ruins everything for the poor citizens of Gotham. Want to take your kids to a Gotham Rogues football game. And you booked a downtown chapel for your long-awaited wedding. Bane has to photobomb your pictures by flirting you’re your bridesmaids. Relive Godzilla's Epic Final Battle With Full Sequence Now Online.

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