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Special features include a behind-the-scenes featurette and a trailer. Wilkinson, director of home video sales and acquisitions at MVD, in a statement. “Bill Lustig is not only a legendary director of some of the greatest genre films of all time, but also a master curator and preservationist of cult movies. The combination of this amazing content with the MVD sales team is a perfect match and we are looking forward to bringing these films to our retail partners and collectors alike (and now I can finally get my copy of Maniac autographed). . Christopher Biggs, special makeup effects artist, and makeup artist Camille Calvet. The genre mashup launched the career of Landis and makeup effects wizard Rick Baker. Special features include an audio commentary with both Landis and Baker; a new video interview with author and critic Kim Newman; “Birth of a Schlock,” a 2017 video interview with Landis; an archival video interview with cinematographer Bob Collins; 1972, 1979 and 1982 U. . theatrical trailers; and U.

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Suffering from an overbuilt flagship, the abandonment of Downtown Cleveland and overexpansion into the outlying areas, the company was sold to Marshall Field's in 1970, under which it deteriorated, falling behind local rivals Higbee's and May Company. Field's did attempt to modernize Halle's look, investing in a brand make-over campaign in the 1970s, including retiring Halle's traditional Old English Script logo to a new logo which matched Marshall Field's logo, however same store sales continued to slide. In November 1981, Field's sold Halle's (now numbering 15 stores in Ohio and Pennsylvania) to Associated Investors Corporation, led by Columbus, Ohio businessman Jerome Schottenstein, whose primary holdings included the Value City discount store chain. At first, the sale seemed to hold promise for Halle's. Schottenstein attempted to allay community fears by placing full page newspaper ads in which he promised to see to the continuation of the chain's traditions. However, Associated Investors subsequently liquidated the company in 1982 with all the stores either sold or closed despite attempts to operate them as a smaller suburban six-unit operation. The company planned a location at Randall Park Mall in North Randall, Ohio in the 1970s, but later canceled the idea. The Halle's space remained empty until construction of a multiscreen cineplex in the late 1990s. The Union Co. a division of Manhattan Industries, was an upscale department store with six locations in and around the Columbus, Ohio region.

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ocal? GBT festival is like a sweet icing on top of the cake. I think I found FilmOut just on FilmFreeway, when I was researching LGBT festivals to submit to. HOLLYWOODFLIP: What type of films or genre attract you. BH: Dramas are my thing. Stories about people, and their experiences and the human condition are stories I love to watch. I enjoy worlds that I can relate to; real-life situations that anyone can live. They're real and genuine and make you think and ponder. That's what I dig. HOLLYWOODFLIP: What's your next project.

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