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Euron's fleet starts sailing towards King's Landing as Yara's fleet burns in the Narrow Sea, while Theon watches helplessly as the ship carrying his sister disappears into the night. Right before the rebels arrived at King's Landing at the end of Robert's Rebellion, her pregnant mother was sent to safety on Dragonstone. Her mother went into labor soon afterward, during a massive storm that smashed to pieces what little was left of the Targaryen fleet anchored at Dragonstone, before dying in childbirth. The episode itself opens with Tyrion and Daenerys referring to this. The idea was to stress that no one in Westeros really knows Daenerys because she's been in exile her whole life, and her father was an infamous, literally insane tyrant, so many people would realistically be somewhat wary of her. This was never even filmed and cut from the script fairly early, by the second draft revision, because they'd just be using up screentime summarizing things the audience already saw (not to mention, why Theon and Tyrion wouldn't have had such a conversation in the days they first met in Meereen, which was weeks or months ago). Cogman said one of the primary reasons he initially put it in was just because Peter Dinklage (Tyrion) and Alfie Allen (Theon) are two of the best actors in the cast, so he wanted to have a scene showing them off together. Cogman emphasized that this isn't inherently a contradiction in the internal Timeline of the TV series, it's simply that the pace of the narrative is officially faster i. . in Season 1, Ned Stark and his family travel from Winterfell to the Inn at the Crossroads within a single episode, because many weeks of travel happen off-screen. Weeks and months of narrative pass for Robb Stark while on campaign in Season 2, as well, when scenes aren't directly connected. The timeline only becomes an issue when there is an overt contradiction. The storyline of Daenerys and her various allies shifts into focus, which only briefly began at the end of the last episode. The dialogue simply avoids referring to Nymeria Sand by name.

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n his own home, relatives homes, at a funeral, and even sitting on a fence in someone's backyard. He began to investigate the paranormal specifically because of this entity's involvement in his life. Jesse has also suffered physical attacks, and some very strange occurrences during blackouts. As a Deputy Sheriff, you have many duties and responsibilities, and can be part of some very strange calls. For this man, this call seemed routine. t ended up anything but. For the first time, he shares what happened to him. It has affected him greatly, from that day to the present. nd I cannot thank him enough for sharing his encounters. What this means, is he is extremely knowledgeable on Angels and Demons. The latter subject is the bulk of my discussion with Jon-Paul. We barely scratch the surface of these ancient beings, where they come from, what they are, and how they can affect us. Jon-Paul also shares, for the first time. is own interaction with a terrifying little demon, when he was a child.

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The biggest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist. I mean fuck, ghosts could spell shit out a lot faster that way. ust sayin'. If it moves without someone touching it, then I'd believe it. Damnit. Didn't realize I was replying to an old thread. The flight was late and we finally wound up getting into Salt Lake about 2am. Anyway, other than our flight, the airport was pretty deserted. As we were driving to the hotel, the cabbie began telling us a very strange story about how he and two girls had driven from Texas to Utah and, somewhere along the way, the girls disappeared. He said he missed them, but he didn't know where they were. About that time, I noticed that this cab driver was the skinniest dude I'd ever seen. He had a protruding nose and eyes and, for some inexplicable reason, I started feeling a little strange about the whole thing. I started asking the cabbie questions about how long he'd driven a cab (he said he didn't know), how long he'd been in Utah (he said he didn't remember), was he originally from Texas (he said he thought so), etc. As these questions and non-answers went on, discomfort continued unabated.

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Feathers Comedy Competition and was a featured comedian at Outside Lands in 2018. Her comedy addresses a wide variety of life's most enjoyable topics like breakups, failed relationships, and ex-lovers. Her satirical slant on marriage, motherhood and societal norms resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Friday January 11, 2019 10:30pm - Saturday January 12, 2019 12:00am. Asian AF Presents: Filipino AF is a comedy variety show featuring the best Filipino American talent around. You know, where Snoop Dogg is from, so yeah he's pretty cool by association. He is a UCB Quick and Funny Musicals company member. You can catch her feature BERNARD AND HUEY on Amazon and iTunes. Originally from Croxley, England, I moved to Sugar Land, Texas when I was nine. The Nerds toured the Texas indy wrestling circuit for three. He loves improv and appreciates his time studying in and being part of the UCB and improv community. Drunk Theatre is an entirely improvised, rowdy good time that has taken San Francisco by storm. Follow the lives of three drag queens (beat for the gods and tucked for the devil herself) as they navigate a world not ready for their brand of everything. It wouldn't be a drag show without a lipsync, and the girl bring their.

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With their only chance of saving their friend lying inside the Armory, Stefan breaks the news to Caroline that they may need help from an unlikely source - her and Alaric's twin daughters. Elsewhere, Enzo keeps Bonnie preoccupied by bringing her back to their cabin but when his plan takes an unexpected turn, it'll be up to Damon to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his closest friends. In 1992, as political unrest increases, so does the bloodshed from Gaitonde and Isa's feud. In the mid-'80s, Gaitonde discovers a racket even more lucrative than drugs and guns: politics. In a flashback, Gaitonde recalls stealing a lucky charm from rival Suleiman Isa. The Internal tension in the police department results in Sartaj Singh's suspension, forcing him to begin his own investigation. As soon as Stefan arrives in the room, she notices a lot of uneasiness between them and opts to leave. Stefan also goes to see Vicki at the hospital and compels her, so she thinks an animal attacked her. Damon teases him over the fact that not drinking human blood has caused his powers to weaken and Stefan asks him what he's up to but Damon refuses to answer the question. Vicki later gets out of hospital and believes she recognises Damon from somewhere. He later attacks her again and this leads to a confrontation on a roof top between the brothers and Stefan tells Damon to expose him, as he'll be killed and finally free of his evil brother. Damon lets Vicki go and tells Stefan that he's thinking of staying in town. Elena visits Stefan again at the Boarding House and they talk to each other about their feelings and share their first kiss. Elsewhere, Damon picks up Caroline and the two of them have sex in her bedroom, leading to him savagely attacking her when his desire for blood kicks in.

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The experimental shroom collectors evaluate useful shrooms by tasting them. However, tasting the wrong shrooms could lead you to hospital at the end of the game. The game play is mostly memory driven but very challenging. With clever card play, do your best to influence the riders as you wager on different aspects of their performance. This title is the first in a series of app-driven, legacy-style card games. Subrosa takes you along the story of power, control, and double-dealings in a battle of supremacy between the five great houses. Recruit mercenaries from your hand to take on and fulfill contracts. Baffled by Kira’s ability to seemingly strike anyone, anywhere, Interpol have called in the legendary detective L. Now the cat-and-mouse game begins, and L must feed Kira specific targets in order to deduce Kira’s location and, ultimately, his identity. Meanwhile, Kira continues to enact his supernatural brand of homicidal justice, racing toward completing his list and disappearing without a trace. While Agent Scully urged him to tell a story that the panel would accept, Mulder's need to believe is just too great. This will end the resistance of the people and eventually break their defense lines. A swarm of steel-gray machines marches to the east, destroying everything in its path. Day after day, the horizon is decorated with new pillars of smoke.


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