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om Trump on Twitter: Restrained or an unvarnished White House? cbs46. om Obama calls Trump 'pragmatic,' says he's not 'ideological' in first post-election press conference feeds. ydailynews. om WATCH: Donald Trump 'Saddened' By News of Post-Election Violence article. n. om. He pointedly nodded to LGBT equality in his convention speech, boasted of his friendship with Caitlyn Jenner and voiced opposition to North Carolina’s infamous anti-trans bathroom bill, before changing his stance on the legislation just days later. The Log Cabin Republicans, a national gay GOP group, even called Trump the “most pro-LGBT presidential nominee in the history of the Republican Party. In an interview that aired Sunday on “60 Minutes,” Trump appeared to offer an olive branch to the LGBT community. The president-elect backed off campaign promises that he would “strongly consider” appointing justices that would overturn the Supreme Court’s 2015 decision on marriage equality if he became the 45th president of the United States. “It’s irrelevant because it was already settled,” he said. “These cases have gone to the Supreme Court. It’s settled, and I’m fine with it.

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. I agree 100%, cheap and weak by them, also deliberately spoiling the books. The little-known Operation Gunnerside began in February 1943, when a small team of British-trained Norwegian exiles parachuted onto a frozen plateau near the Norsk Hydro Vemork plant in Norway. At the time, the Nazi-controlled site was the world’s only significant producer of heavy water—a substance crucial to the development of atomic weapons. The plant had already allowed the Germans to make progress in their atomic research, and Winston Churchill and the Allies were desperate to deny the Nazis any chance at developing an atom bomb. After bypassing German sentries and minefields, the men entered the plant through a cable duct and planted explosive charges on the heavy water chambers. As the crew made their getaway, the bombs detonated and successfully destroyed the facility. Operation Gunnerside only crippled German heavy water production for some six months, but it wasn’t the last Norwegian act of sabotage against German atomic research. In February 1944, resistance agents used explosives to sink a boat as it tried to ferry a large supply of heavy water to Germany. There is a long tradition in story and myth on the sacrifice of the ones we love the most ( or it’s no true sacrifice ). Stannis’ obsession with his destiny doesn’t “obliterate” his love for Shireen. Many of them are really not watching the show itself, but expecting scenes to be checked off from the books or see scenes unfold that they have built up in their heads from the decades of internet discussions while waiting for the books. Same with certain characters who have not yet reached endgame in the story. Keep doing you.

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This game is not recommended for those under 18 years of age due to the disturbing, realistic 3D graphics. The game will soon be available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Be careful where you look, because something doesn't want you here. Experience a true horror experience made for mobile VR. Players watch the terror unfold around them with immersive 360 degree visuals and audio. Note: You need virtual reality kit for 3D experience. Put your smartphone in virtual reality kit for example google cardboard etc. This is not VR video 360 degree it is VR 3D side by side. Thanks to Brent Coble, Zeke Thomas, David Bower and. Subscrible, activate the notification, and enjoy the whole experience. This 3D Side by Side (SBS) video can be watched on your 3D TV, 4K TV, 3D Monitor, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream VR, VR Box. Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, Cross Eyed, Samsung Gear VR headset. HTC Vive VR headset, Pimax 4K VR headset and the classic Anaglyph. This was a first attempt at a spooky VR video, let me know what you thought and what could be improved.

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Pendefinisian Konsep 2. Komunikasi Komunikasi berasal daripada perkataan Latin “communiatus” yang bermaksud berkongsi sesuatu. Apabila berlaku sesuatu, ini bermakna seseorang itu sedang berusaha berkongsi idea atau maklumat dengan individu atau pihak lain. Proses komunikasi membabitkan elemen seperti guru sebagai sumber, mesej (maklumat), saluran (suara dan alat visual), gangguan komunukasi (noise) dan penerima (pelajar yang menerima mesej). Terdapat juga komunikasi yang ditakrifkan sebagai sesuatu yang menjadi hak bersama antara sumber dan penerima. Istilah hak bersama ini bermakna komunikasi memerlukan kedua-dua pancaran dan penerimaan mesej atau unit maklumat secara bersama. Tanpa kedua-dua, hak bersama itu dikatakan tidak wujud. Contohnya, jika seorang pensyarah mengarahkan pelajarnya menemui beliau pada hujung minggu, komunikasi yang sebenar dikatakan tidak berlaku kerana kedua-kedua pihak, sumber dan penerima, tidak tahu di mana tempat pertemuan, waktu pertemuan dan tujuan pertemuan mereka. Dengan sendirinya ini bermakna di antara kedua-dua pihak di atas tidak berlaku komunikasi kerana hak bersama seperti perincian maklumat tempat, masa dan tujuan tidak dinyatakan. Dengan perkataan lain, komunikasi boleh disimpulkan sebagai suatu proses penyampaian dan perkongsian maklumat dari pihak sumber atau pengirim kepada pihak penerima. Kebiasaannya, reaksi penerima merupakan kayu ukur utama untuk menentukan sama ada sesuatu komunikasi itu efektif atau sebaliknya. 2. Konsep ' Maya' dalam komunikasi 'Maya' ialah satu proses yang membolehkan seseorang itu berinteraksi tetapi sebenarnya mereka tidak wujud di tempat itu. Ini bermakna kita boleh berinteraksi dengan dunia palsu melalui simulasi yang direka khas dengan program multimedia.

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DIR Scott Cummings Jury Comment: ? e felt this film effectively challenged notions of both genre and normalcy. It creates a non-traditional and bold look into an American subculture, using striking composition and invasive imagery. It's at the same time haunting, inviting, confrontational and beguiling. Grand Jury Award for Animated Short YEARBOOK. Jury Comment: ? his is the perfect example of how animation can be the only suitable medium. We were most taken by the incredibly beautiful, lyrical writing that was magnified by an animated execution so simple so as not to distract from the voice, but carefully accompany it. In addition to the grand jury prizewinners there are four jury mentions that were worthy of recognition. Special Jury Mention for Collection David O'Reilly for CHILDREN'S SONG, NDA and WRONG NUMBER Jury Comment: ? his is an inspired collection of micro-shorts that point to an incredible singular vision that we want to recognize and encourage. Each story is succinct, simple, daring, and individually impacting. Collectively the three gravitate towards a more singular voice-one that is both brave and irreverent. Special Jury Mention for Breakthrough Filmmaker Joe Callander for GARY HAS AN AIDS SCARE Jury Comment: ?

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Cohen was famous for his guerilla-filming style, shooting scenes in public places. But do you recall which film is prompting his guffaws. The answer is 1990’s Problem Child, an early effort from the acclaimed screenwriting duo of Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, the latter of whom is a longtime contributor to Joe Dante’s excellent Trailers From Hell website. How did this John Ritter-starring comedy wind up in a Scorsese film. The answer has been provided by actress, podcaster, Cape Fear cast member, and freshly minted TFH “g. Now, the two are reteaming, along with three other standout filmmakers, for the highly anticipated, Nightmare Cinema. It’s an anthology of five short horrors which all share a co. Rod Serling’s programme, which aired on CBS between 1959 and 1964, is widely regarded as one of television’s crowning achievements and it is little wonder that the anthology series has spawned a number of imitators and adaptations. I’d directed The Howling, which had done well, but the company had gone out of business before they could pay me. When Steven Spielberg’s script arrived, I was convinced he’d sent it to the wrong address. The only way to make the story believable was if it was completely stylised. I insisted on shooting it on back lots, creating a small-town setting evoking Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life. We actually included a clip of that in the film, in case the audience didn’t get the message. Then the Trailers From Hell website has the perfect recommendation in the entertainingly berserk form of filmmaker Jack Sholder’s 1987 sci-fi-horror-action extravaganza, The Hidden.

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nd grown apart. Sean meets up with Jay once again, and what happens is wholly terrifying and unexpected. Some of the iNSIDERS and I cover the dark visitor to a FL home, leaving phantom footprints and walking the woods that shadow it. A massive flying creature was witnessed, that cannot readily be identified. And Brennan Storr pops in to talk about oddities in the Ghost Story Guys Podcast studio. nd, a chat about chimes. March proved to be a very active month for the paranormal and unexplained overlords we occasionally dance with on this side. Thanks to Vance Nesbitt and Victoria for providing the photos that accompany their tales. Full article on the flying creature seen via Phantoms and Monsters The Caravan of Lore Podcast The Existence of Strange Things The Ghosts Story Guys Podcast True Crime Obsessed Podcast Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum You can now subscribe to iTF on YouTube. We cover his own Sasquatch sighting, Dogman, missing people, and other odd happenings in the area of the Bennington Triangle. Find his book on Amazon On Facebook: The Vermont Bigfoot Research Group You can now subscribe to iTF on YouTube. She not only interviews some of the survivors of these horrific attacks, but the family members of those who did not make it out of Sowell's house alive. Watch UNSEEN and find out more information, including all ways to watch. n the website.

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Or, in the case of Tormund, he, like, eats one of their faces. AAAHHH. Ramsay turns and runs as fast as he can in the opposite direction, because he’s a coward. And Jon—who is the opposite of a coward— is in hot pursuit, along with Wun Wun and Tormund. I just want to pause here and say that this season has not been kind to the giants of the show, whether literal (Wun Wun) or gentle (Hodor). There was a part of me that wondered if this might have been a merciful end to the creature; after all, there are no other giants alive besides him, if the legends can be believed, and therefore he is alone. He doesn’t sit around campfires gabbing with the Free Folk; he sits apart. They only want him for battles, where he can take out 15 men in the time it takes them to kill one. But it’s because of him that everything that happens next, happens. My last words on this episode are twofold: when the direwolf banner unfurled along the wall of Winterfell, I thought I was going to weep tears of joy. And secondly, I think someone got off easy at the end—they could have funded the next 10 years of Winterfell upkeep just selling tickets for people to come and take one thwack at him like a pinata. By the same token, the retaking of Winterfell is far less triumphal than Daenerys’ victory. Her victory was quite literally unequivocal, both in terms of how completely she crushed the slavers, and also because (whatever Tyrion’s mitigating influence) it came without compromise. Indeed, Daenerys returned to Meereen more powerful than ever, as the Sons of the Harpy learned when the khalasar came thundering around the corner.