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What are your thoughts on the film that brings the Luck of the Irish to the City of Sin. Are ye looking for that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Perhaps you'll find your fortune or maybe meet your doom? It's almost Saint Patrick's Day and that means it's time to celebrate your Holiday horror! If a Leprechaun is what ye seeks then a Leprechaun ye shall have. Give some lucky someone you love ( even if that someone is you) a gift that is worth it's weight in gold. Lots of Saint Patrick's Day horror- themed goodies await you in this box of bloody Mysteries. There are lots of wonderful dark treasures to behold in our overstuffed goody sack like. Come try this box for a limited time, but don't wait too long or it will be a crime, for these treasures you seek, ye be missing out and you'll be sad, of that I have no doubt. You don't need the luck of the Irish to claim this awesome pot of gold. ut it never hurts. Whoever thought that at the end of the Rainbow. ould be a cemetery? Produced by TNK, directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa, and written by Takao Yoshioka, the anime aired on AT-X from January 6, 2012 to March 23, 2012. Set during the struggle among the devils, fallen angels, and angels, the story follows the adventures of Issei Hyodo. Issei is a perverted high school student who is nearly killed by his first date, who is revealed to be a fallen angel. He is revived by Rias Gremory, who is a crimson-haired school beauty that is actually a devil, and becomes her servant. The first season adapts material from the first two volumes of the light novels and a few side stories from Volume 8. D?

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But now with the value of the company being substantially less than he was once offered, he decided to take matters into his own hands and fork out for the computer animation team. Once again, whether this was a dig at his old work colleagues we don't know, but Steve Jobs paid ? 0,000,000 of his own money to buy Pixar as nothing more than an expensive hobby. His real passion was for the Next cube,the super computer that would change the industry, not for a group of budding artists trying to make splash in Hollywood. It continued to be a very expensive hobby for many years, with him funding it solely something that he was reluctant to do with his bigger passion Next. He finally started to look for outside investors for that company. Fortunately for Steve Jobs and Next, the Apple dispute fizzled out, and they could actually start getting to work. This occurred mainly by their lack of new creation. Holding back on working on anything new, appeared to be a very good decision NeXT still didn’t have a business plan or concrete plans for its first product. Apple’s case was based on NeXT’s raiding of senior Macintosh executives and conspiring to use the confidential knowledge Jobs and the others had about upcoming Apple projects (like BigMac). And that is where it faltered, Apple couldn't then pinpoint any specific trade secrets that NeXT had violated, because they hadn't. A week later, Apple came back with a list of twenty complaints but failed to demonstrate how NeXT had any plans against Apple. The case proved to be a major embarrassment for Apple and just provided Next and of course Steve Jobs, with a great deal of free publicity: A true win win. When we look back at Steve Jobs time working on The Next cube we can see quite clearly, two major flaws: One was Steve's personal obsession with perfection. That perfection only made it a pain to build: from the perfect right angles to its materials to its color, it was extremely complicated — and therefore expensive — to put together. In addition, Steve had made a point on also designing a “beautiful” board for the Cube. All the electronic components, which are usually on several different pieces of plastic, were melded on a single square board that the chairman Steve Jobs considered as beautiful as the case itself. However it was a strenuous problem for engineers to solve. The costs escalated beyond anything that a school or higher education department could afford.

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(Documentary fans should also seek out “ Blackfish ” and “ Jiro Dreams of Sushi. ). Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox play Atlanta businessmen who head to the Georgia backwoods for a canoeing trip and get a bit more local color than they planned for. Nominated for three Oscars (including best picture), our critic called it a “ stunning piece of moviemaking. (For another adaptation of first-rate fiction, try Ben Affleck’s take on Dennis Lehane’s “ Gone Baby Gone. ). Our critic called it a “ modest, haunting first feature. (For more science fiction, check out “ Ex Machina ”; for science non-fiction, try “ Apollo 13. ). The possibilities for deception and unmasking are endless, and the director Martin Scorsese mines the tension from every angle while investing the central predicaments with psychological nuance and dark humor. Our critic praised “ the speed and Mr. Scorsese’s sureness of touch. (For more superb late-period Scorsese, we recommend “ The Aviator ”; co-star Mark Wahlberg also shines in another Boston-set drama, “ The Fighter. ). In it, he tells the true story of Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson), a German businessman and member of the Nazi party who became the unlikely savior of more than 1,000 Jewish workers in his factories. Our critic wrote that Spielberg directed the film “ with fury and immediacy. (For more historical drama from Spielberg, queue up “ Lincoln ”; for another Oscar-winning story of the Holocaust, try “ The Pianist. ). But its reputation has grown in the years since (thanks, in no small part, to the explicit homage paid to it by Beyonce’s “Lemonade”), elevating it to its proper place among the most important independent films of its era.

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The atmospheric movie carefully reconstructs the period, down to vintage board-game boxes and the smoke that wafts through the air at an intimate restaurant. You expect this kind of precise attention to detail from an episode of “Mad Men,” not a low-budget horror flick. AZCENTRAL Things To Do app: Get the best in events, dining and travel right on your device Speaking of “Mad Men,” Elizabeth Reaser, so good as one of Don Draper’s obsessions in the show’s final season, injects a wistful soulfulness into her role as Alice, a widowed mom with two daughters. Lina (Annalise Basso) is going through some mild teenage rebellion while Doris (Lulu Wilson) is a typical 9-year-old, though her father’s death has left her raw and vulnerable. She has trouble making friends and is often teased by schoolmates. It’s all a scam, but Alice believes she’s doing a service by giving hope to those who are grieving. She decides to add a Ouija board to the routine, and even figures out a way to move the planchette with hidden magnets. Doris wants to use the board to communicate with her father, and at first she appears to succeed. It seems innocent enough, with the girl delivering pleasant messages from the beyond. But how do you explain the fact that she can suddenly write using cursive letters, or the numerous pages she’s written in Polish? CLOSE. A widower who turned to the church after his wife died, he and Alice form an emotional connection over their loneliness; again, another nice, adult emotion that adds unexpected poignancy and dimension to the characters. Still, by the time the priest arrives, things are already reaching Linda Blair territory. Alice's eyes turn milky white and she discusses in great detail how it feels to be strangled to death. And, of course, her body is suddenly way more bendable than it used to be. The plot is carefully constructed, the performances are rich (both girls are excellent), the characters are believable and a sense of dread grows throughout. Heck, the movie is even great to look at, with its period sheen and slightly muted colors. It's such a terrific build-up that by the time we get an explanation for what's going on and full-blown possession sequences, a certain familiarity creeps in. It's not entirely the filmmaker's fault; after all, how many times can you see a demon-possessed child do a spider walk and still be creeped out.

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Even before Buffy I decided to go a Joss Whedon hype and go through all of his TV stuff and liked Dollhouse, but LOVED Firefly, such a short but incredible sci-fi show with a great cast of characters that remind me a lot of Cowboy Bebop. And yesterday I started a new obsession in the form of Parks and Recreation, it is a bizarre comedy show with a weird premise and funky cast of characters in main and supporting departments, but is what makes it so good. Really liking what I’m seeing so far and I’m only on season two. Feel free to comment below and tell me what you think and possibly tell me your own kind of TV stuff that you’re into. She also discusses Euron and the Kingsmoot, Sansa’s steel complexion, and Bran’s revealing visions with of course, Hodor. While Oz is off enjoying the beaches of Dorne; welcome Clare to the Unsullied recap. You may remember her last recap of Season 5’s “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken ” and we can see she has a gift for recapping the most tragic of episodes in her review of “The Door. . He jumps right in with Hodor’s sacrifice and why he had to go so soon. Which of course he should have been doing the whole time, but I digress. Guess we lost her to the world of real book writing. I am happy to see that I was correct, as confirmed by the Inside the Episode video. That was better than anything I or anyone else around here imagined. I saw hundreds of Hold-the-Door posts, and even with the hints and prompting, not one of them came close to something that deep, that emotional, and that mind-blowing. I surely miss the more earthy, grounded and realistic feel of the first four seasons (can’t help myself there), but if the quality of the fantasy-elements continues to stay on this level, it’s going to knock me right out of my previously sceptical socks. They actually come on automatically right after the episode airs when you’re streaming. Of course, people are still saying the same thing about Shireen, even when right after that, the directors talked about hearing how it would happen from the author. There are apparently going to be a whole bunch of really pissed off fans when The Winds of Winter finally gets published and they find out all these cheap gags the show threw in for “shock value” happen much the same in the book. So Bran can go back in time and warg into people there.

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Did she grant Euron a night with her to get back at Jaime. Or, like many have said, has she heard bad news about Jaime. This seems like something in a later episode, too. He wasn’t my fav character in the beginning, but seeing him doggedly determined to “fight for the living” really ramped up my regard for him. I was already cheering him on when he left Cersei last season. Now, seeing that he made it to Winterfell to relay the news of Cersei’s betrayal and the coming of the Golden Company (I’m assuming he does that, why wouldn’t he? and proclaiming himself pro-North, I’m ecstatic for him. If those other pics are of Brienne on the ramparts fighting a wight, with golden fire light blazing behind her in the distance, the same light is behind Jaime in the next pic. It was longer than a dagger but not as long as a sword in my opinion,so she may be using it when the WW are a little farther away, and she still has her secondary catspaw dagger when they are close. definitely saw it this time though. I know from experience in prior seasons it makes a world of difference. I will shield your back and keep your counsel and give my life for yours if need be. If that’s the case, it may be the corpse of Catelyn, which would certainly explain her terror. Since the Lady Stoneheart storyline was completely dropped, it seems reasonable to presume that Cat’s body was eventually returned to Winterfell for burial, rather than chucked into the Trident. And if Arya is confronted with her undead manifestation and has to re-kill her, I will feel that my long-vaunted speculation about Stoneheart’s ultimate role in the books is solidly confirmed: She’s there specifically to need the Gift of Mercy from Arya, thereby deflecting her daughter from a permanent assassin trajectory. Once you’ve had to kill your own Mom, the thrill is gone, surely. The last WW massacre was during the day at Hardhome. Blackwater and Watchers on the Wall were both night battles and both were amazing and that was with fewer resources and budget. Our little assassin does not scare all that easily, if at all.

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Bronn manages to wound Drogon with Qyburn's scorpion, and Daenerys dismounts him to remove the bolt. Jaime and Bronn fall into the Blackwater Rush, and Jaime begins to sink to the bottom of the river. Daenerys shows no mercy to the surviving Tarlys, having Drogon incinerate both Randyll and son Dickon. Which, in turn, would give the King in the North a better claim to the Iron Throne than Daenerys. She later spies Littlefinger receiving a scroll from Maester Wolkan - the letter Sansa wrote following King Robert's death, under duress from Cersei, asking her family to swear fealty to King Joffrey. Jon receives Bran's warning, but is ill-equipped to fight the army of the dead. Tyrion suggests that they capture one of the White Walkers and present it to Cersei, to convince her the threat is real. Jaime conveys the message to a skeptical Cersei, who has news of her own - she is pregnant with his child. An undead polar bear attacks and nearly kills Thoros before it is killed. The group then find a small group of wights led by a White Walker. The remaining group end up of an island of ice, which holds them off for a while. Daenerys eventually arrives with her three dragons, and burns the wights. The group climbs on Drogon, but Jon stays behind to fend off the remaining wights. Daenerys flies away with the group, but has to leave Jon behind. His uncle Benjen arrives and fights off the wights, allowing him to escape on his horse, but Benjen is killed. Arya refuses to accept Sansa's explanation that she was only a child at the time and did not betray her family. A message from King's Landing invites Sansa to the capital, but she sends Brienne as her representative. Arya threatens to take Sansa's face, but gives her the Valyrian dagger. He also asks Daenerys who will succeed her, considering she can't have children.

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Her fascinating story is filled with some of the highest highs and lowest lows that life can offer. Ultimately however, Brooklyn Baby is a fascinating story guaranteed to inspire its readers and challenge all of us to follow our dreams. It will be a night of all 80s including live bands, DJ playing all 80s hits, 80s cosplayers, and will be an event on the “Nerd Out” App. Come on out and enjoy a night with your favorite 80s hits. Organic and raw, their “Transylvanian Voodoo” sound encompasses a wide variety of grooves and tones evoking artists like Queens of The Stone Age or Jack White. As the event has grown, it has begun attracting “wasteland cars” from across the country to its remote location in the Mojave Desert. Now, the creators of this growing annual celebration have decided that it’s time to bring this end-of-the-world showcase to civilization. Butler explains: “It can be hard to define, but you know it when you see it. The movement kind of started with people building replicas of cars from the Mad Max movies, but they’ve evolved over the years into a kind of mix between a lifted off-road vehicle and a rat rod. Car folks love to argue over definitions, but the wasteland car is about ignoring a lot of the rules and having fun. So, since a wasteland car is mostly about aesthetics, if it LOOKS like a wasteland car, then it IS one. We have some that are made by professionals and made on a bigger budget, and some thrown together by amateurs. When we judge them for a contest, build quality IS a factor, but the biggest factors are creativity and style. Except in this case, the movie might just be in the owner’s head. . Chilson says, “We couldn’t just bring out all of these cars and Wastelanders and not have one of our signature parties at the end of it”. Chilson agrees, “I think it’s time to put on a show that will inspire the next generation of crazy Mad Max car builders”. As with any open streets event, 626 Golden Streets will not feature a start or finish. Attendees can come and go; stop and explore; and traverse as much or as little of the route as they wish.