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The unmistakable aroma of Cannabis sativa wafted into the hallway, and Scully registered the thick lenses in Mrs. Cronin’s outsized glasses. Flava Flav was finessing the honeys on the Nixon-era set alarmingly close to the makeshift table. Is it bony, ancient, and full of poorly maintained teeth? . She hobbled to a side table near the window and retrieved a parcel wrapped in paper toweling. She unwrapped it slowly, and Mulder stared, dumbfounded, at the huge Eisenhower for President button. It was left in place of my dear late husband, to add insult to political injury. . The original urn those thieves sold me didn’t coordinate with my window treatments. . That was a joke. Noooo, I guess Assyrians aren’t that funny. It’s biblical humor — you know, the jawbone of an ass. Could you have it weighed and get back to me with the precise measurement. Oh, and we need another sweep of the museum to see if anything else has been stolen. What? Oh, uh, I guess Agent Mulder and I must’ve accidentally switched cell phones.

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Join us for an after-midnight romp with the Night Mayor of New York as ascends to the most powerful seat in the city and spends his first term in the lap of luxury. Crowded sidewalks on the weekend, filled with tourists, shoppers and vendors, could almost distract you from SoHo’s unique appeal as a place of extraordinary architecture and history. On this podcast we present the story of how a portion of “Hell’s Hundred Acres” became one of the most famously trendy places in the world. In the mid 19th century this area, centered along Broadway, became the heart of retail and entertainment, department stores and hotels setting up shop in grand palaces. (It also became New York’s most notorious brothel district). The streets between Houston and Canal became known as the Cast Iron District, thanks to an exciting construction innovation that transformed the Gilded Age. Today SoHo contains the world’s greatest surviving collection of cast-iron architecture. Community activists saved these buildings, and just in time for artists to move into their spacious loft spaces in the 1960s and 70s. The artists are still there of course but these once-desolate cobblestone streets have almost unrecognizably changed, perhaps a victim of its own success. The show took New York by storm when it debuted on September 12, 1866. This is the story of how this completely weird, virtually unstageable production came to pass. Modern musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and Hamilton wouldn’t quite be what they are today without this curious little relic. Featuring music by Adam Roberts and Libby Dees, courtesy the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. And the voice of Ben Rimalower reading the original reviews of the Black Crook. And our special thanks to Secret Summer NYC for sponsoring this episode. That 'altercation' was a messy affair indeed -- chaotic, violent, dangerous for all. Homeless youth fought against riot police along the twisting, crooked streets of the West Village. And yet, by the end, thousands from all walks of life met on those very same streets in the days and weeks to come in a new sense of empowerment.


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To present the Balinese calendar, even partially, in terms of Western ftowof-time ideas is, in my opinion, inevitably to misrender it phenomenologically. 403 Person, Time, and Conduct in Bali 395 of temple celebrations. In between odalans it is quiescent, uninhabited, empty; and, aside from a few offerings prepared by its priest on certain days, nothing happens there. For the great majority of the temples, the odalan is determined according to the permutational calendar (for the remainder, odalans are determined by the lunar-solar calendar, which as we shall see, comes to about the same thing so far as modes of time-perception are concerned), again in terms of the interaction of the five-, six-, and seven-name cycles. As most Balinese belong to a half-dozen temples or more, this makes for a fairly busy, not to say frenetic, ritual life, though again one which alternates, unrhythmically, between hyperactivity and quiescence. Belo, Balinese Temple Festival (Locust Valley, N. . 1953). Again, odalans are most commonly computed by the use of the uku rather than the six-name cycle, together with the five and seven-name cycles. See note 30. 404 3g6 THE INTERPRETATION OF CULTURES secular ones of everyday life as well. 36 There are good and bad days on which to build a house, launch a business enterprise, change residence, go on a trip, harvest crops, sharpen cock spurs, hold a puppet show, or (in the old days) start a war, or conclude a peace. Temperament is similarly assessed, and so is talent. The diagnosis and treatment of disease is complexly integrated with calendrical determinations, which may involve the odalans of both the patient and the curer, the day on which he fell ill, as well as days metaphysically associated with the symptoms and with the medicine. Before marriages are contracted, the odalans of the individuals are compared to see if their conjunction is auspicious, and if not there will be-at least if the parties, as is almost always the case, are prudent-no marriage. There is a time to bury and a time to cremate, a time to marry and a time to divorce, a time-to shift from the Hebraic to the Balinese idiom-for the mountain top and a time for the market, for social withdrawal and social participation. Meetings of village council, irrigation societies, voluntary associations are all fixed in terms of the permutational (or, more rarely, the lunar-solar) calendar; and so are periods for sitting quietly at home and trying to keep out of trouble. The lunar-solar calendar, though constructed on a different basis, actually embodies the same punctual conception of time as the permutational.


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If you reach a point where you don’t believe you can go any farther doing your taxes on your own, your information can be transferred to one of the more than 4,000 conveniently located Liberty Tax offices. Free Double-Check at Participating Liberty Tax Locations. A Liberty Tax expert will review your return free of charge. This can be done at a participating office location. Liberty Tax Online tools Liberty Tax Online offers several tools and calculators you can use to help you prepare your return. They’re available on the site for free, so you don’t even have to sign up for the service to take advantage of them. But by doing so, you’ll be better prepared when the preparation begins. Tax Organizer To help you prepare to file your tax return, and to be as accurate as possible, Liberty Tax Online offers this organizer to help you get your information together. It will help you assemble all the information you need to accurately complete your tax return. Tax Calculator This calculator offers a dry run on your tax return. By inputting information on a few computer screens, you’ll get an estimate of your tax liability or refund. It’ll give you an opportunity to know what to expect, even before you begin the formal preparation process. But with this tool, you can create a mileage log that will record your miles for business, charitable, medical, or moving purposes. You can even include business mileage reimbursement from your employer. You can either download a blank, printable mileage log, or fill in your miles on the calculator directly. W-4 Withholdings Calculator If you’ve had to complete a W-4 form recently, then you know it’s not a simple process. There are calculations that must be made, but only after you’ve made a series of sub-calculations. But you can use this simple one-page calculator to do the number crunching for you.


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