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We’re going to consider Jon as the product of Rhaegar and Lyanna in the next episode, but right now we are just going to think about Jon on his own. When a guy with a hero’s journey arc like Jon dreams of something like this, I think you can take it at face value: it’s an indication of Jon’s destiny as one of the primary heroes of the story, and more specifically, that he’s the mostly likely candidate to wield a true Lightbringer sword before the story is over, if anyone is. It’s a pretty clear hint to Melisandre (and us readers) that Jon Snow is indeed R’hllor’s chosen, Azor Ahai reborn. As always, I’ll add the caveat that the same applies to Dany of course, as I see them as the two most important Azor Ahai reborn people in the story. Maester Aemon seems to sense it about Jon as well, encouraging Jon to read the passages of Colloquo Votar’s Jade Compendium which speak of Azor Ahai. That’s one of those scenes from Winds of Winter which we mythical astronomers will be extra jazzed to read, knowing what kinds of things to look for. Yes, that’s right, Jon and Night’s King are both commanders who are notoriously bad at not falling in love with women they find north of the Wall. As Jon muses to himself in ACOK, “It was easy to lose your way beyond the Wall. Jon did not know that he could tell honor from shame anymore, or right from wrong. . And if you ask the mutineers who killed Jon, he was breaking the vows in spirit by letting the wildlings through the Wall and by planning to take them to attack Winterfell. That’s a match for Night’s King as well as Aegon and Rhaegar and all the other Targaryen kings, all of whom liked to be surrounded by white shadows. It skirled along the Wall, shivering off the ice, making Jon’s cloak flap against the bars. The sky was slate grey, the sun no more than a faint patch of brightness behind the clouds. Across the killing ground, he could see the glimmer of a thousand campfires burning, but their lights seemed small and powerless against such gloom and cold. When he looked straight down past his feet, the ground was lost in shadow, as if he were being lowered into some bottomless pit. Well, death is a bottomless pit of sorts, he reflected, and when this day’s work is done my name will be shadowed forever. Once Jon had meant to prove them wrong, to show his lord father that he could be as good and true a son as Robb. Robb had become a hero king; if Jon was remembered at all, it would be as a turncloak, an oathbreaker, and a murderer.

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He also brutally bashed Netflix and other streaming platforms for taking away from the true experiences that movies can give fans. He was very vocal about his thoughts about streaming movies winning awards and how he feels they should not qualify. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section of our Facebook page. Be sure to stay caught up on the latest news with our trending articles. Today's trending article is: Nationwide Costco, Walmart Recall: FDA Warns of Possible Deadly Food Contamination Anime To Watch If You Like The Dragon Prince Cache Translate Page. Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender have been looking for something to sink their teeth into for years now and it looks like it's finally arrived. While this is by far the most deliberate head to head media the pair have put out, this is hardly the first time they've battled for the same audience. After all, they have a very similar viewer pool, drawing in binge-loving fans from around the globe. While we wait for April to watch the final season, there are some series on Netflix that can help fill that time and distract fan from the agony of waiting. While none of these shows are exactly like Game of Thrones, they each have some similarities, and there is something on this list for everybody. Granted, the sponteneity isn't the same, but you have to go to the store to buy that box of condoms in advance too. I recommend trying netflix and getting rid of your tivo. TV sucks anyway. The Truth Behind Telstra's Netflix Speed Results Cache Translate Page. However, it only achieved this milestone by splitting its streaming speeds into NBN and non-NBN connections - something Netflix failed to offer Telstra's rivals. From Indeed - Thu, 07 Feb 2019 19:19:11 GMT - View all Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra jobs Netflix Has Canceled All of Its Marvel Shows Cache Translate Page Netflix has canceled The Punisher and Jessica Jones, its last remaining Marvel TV shows. This effectively brings the Marvel Netflix Universe to an end. However, a statement from Marvel itself suggests this won’t be the last time we see these characters on TV. The Rise and Fall of The Marvel Netflix Universe Comic book characters now dominate the cinematic box office, so it was only a matter of time before they burst onto our TV screens too.

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I looked it up and while Spain does grow Kiwi Fruit it doesn’t seem to be enough to be “known for it. Interestingly enough though I did discover that Italy produces more Kiwi Fruit than New Zealand. And in fact I just read that the actual Valencia Orange, while named after Valencia (known for it’s oranges obviously) was actually created in California (although they did not fare well there and are mostly grown in Florida and Texas now). Didn’t think I would learn so much about fruit today. Yes, I know that the execution wasn’t that great but it did make the waiting for season 5 so much easier (for me anyway). Or will we be starved of spoilers for the next 6 months. The MoD is the British government department that implements defence policies. Its probably just a play on words by Emilia as she is British and it can also stand for Mother of Dragons. Too bad, the Irish spies need to step up, I was so used to the leaks. Of course, I haven’t frequented those parts —I’m Basque; I hate heat—, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt. It’s just funny to me when tourists come to the North and expect to be served sangria. Jaime is a pretty common name here, although its pronunciation is completely different. Okay, here’s a clue for anglophones: it pretty much sounds like the word “hymen” —without the “n”, of course, and a harsher “j”. Do the Basque have a traditional red-wine based drink. Or are you more likely to have some kind of alcoholic coffee as the “regional drink”. You’ll find it everywhere, especially in younger crowds. Most of the few who dislike it think the Coca-Cola ruins the wine —I happen to believe the wine ruins the coke. Then there’s txakoli, a dry white wine low in alcohol; and Patxaran, a sloe-based aperitif pretty high in alcohol volume. And, last but not least, the famous saragardoa, our own kind of non-carbonated apple cider.

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1252-1. Unlike other investments a plaintiff might hold, where innumerable comparable products might exist, here, where one holds a product tied to LIBOR, the purchase of an easily obtainable swap is plausibly the most appropriate mechanism for shielding oneself from exposure to that rate. B. Directors Financial Group In LIBOR V. We also granted leave for DFG to amend to set out its portfolio more specifically, id. 2015 WL 6696407, at 13, 2015 U. S. Dist. LEXIS 149629, at 79, as it had not pleaded this information in its complaint. Identidade. 2015 WL 6696407, at 2, 2015 U. S. Dist. LEXIS 149629, at 50. In its First Amended Consolidated Class Action Complaint, DFG describes four loans it originated and sold. First Am. Consol. Class Action Compl. 182 14(a)-(d), ECF No.