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(21) (22) John met three congressmen and Bill three senators on Thursday. Conclusion This paper has shown that gapping and pseudogapping constructions with multiple remnants can be derived successfully by allowing the remnants to move together out of the constituent which will be deleted, VP or TP, before ellipsis applies. Although still tentative, the analysis proposed in this paper provides an elegant solution to problems raised by its predecessors. Thus, it will not be necessary to make nonstandard assumptions concerning, for example, the position of the verbal head or the projection of SpecFocusP. At the same time, the analysis presented here respects minimalist tenets such as economy and the uniqueness of Focus. Nevertheless, some details of the analysis are in need of refinement. Thus, it is not clear, for example, why the FocusP involved in gapping has to project in the left periphery of the sentence, whereas that involved in pseudogapping projects in the periphery of vP. It has been tentatively suggested that the answer to this question might be in the requirements of the E-feature, which might be different in the two operations. In Papers from the 37th Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, edited by Mary Andronis, Christopher Ball, Heidi Elston and Sylvain Neuvel, 133-148. Gengel, Kirsten. ? ocus and Ellipsis: A Generative Analysis of Pseudogapping and Other Elliptical Structures. PhD diss. University of Stuttgart, 2007. Johnson, Kyle. 1994. ? ridging the Gap. Unpublished manuscript, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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If you believe this to be in error, please check if the publisher's feed link below is valid and contact support to request the feed be restored or if you have any other concerns about this. The longest episode in Thrones history demands a meticulous breakdown of the episode and the ramifications these events will have going into season 7. Join us as we discuss the aftermath of the battle for Winterfell, Cercei’s trial at King’s Landing, Danny’s big move, and more. The Darr bros pulled their collective thoughts together on the many incredible games of 2017 and compiled them in one incredible podcast worthy of revitalizing the Looking for Group name. On the pod, Spencer and Joy discuss Elliot’s triggers, Kevin Mccallister snowmen, Darlene’s arrangements, Krista’s new patient, and a G2 global politics lesson. Spencer and Joy catch up on where our characters left off last season and where they seem to be headed next. Then we wildly speculate on parallel universes, infinite selves, and super-simulations. Was the showdown in the Dragon’s Pit worth the build up. Add a dash of Peter Dinklage praise and you got yourself the latest episode of Watchers of the Wall. Is Ballers pivoting to become a show about VR porn. Is Spence going to betray his friend, investor, and client Vern. We debate the merits of Arya’s drastic character turn, Snowcean’s 7 unforgettable hike, Dany’s quickening womb, and the White Walker dive squad. We will be back this weekend with our Baller of the Week (some SD cards have CTE). How did Jaime glide 900 yards downriver on one breath. But today we’re celebrating episode 3 of season 3 “In the Teeth”. We ask the hard questions this week: Is Siefert a mentor or nemesis. Our latest Baller of the Week standings will leave you stunned and a bit confused. Jump in to this week’s breakdown of Season 7’s third episode for the complete breakdown of who is winning, who is losing, and who is just trying to get their messaging strait. Also, Bran Stark needs some PR 101 because that was awful folks.

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Orang yang memberikan air minum segera kembali ke hadapan Harits dan Ikrimah, namun keduanya pun telah meninggal pula. The Trump Kiss Of Death: Republicans Learn To Lose In South Carolina Cache Translate Page Yesterday in this time slot, we looked at the most unexpected congressional win of 2018, Kendra Horn's in Oklahoma City. But there was an almost an unlikely a win in another deep red state: South Carolina. No one inside the Beltway thought he had any chance to win. Nate Silver's final forecast was a 9. % shot (not even 1 on 10. He gave Arrington a 90. % chance winning and the only public poll had her over Cunningham 49-42%. It's worth noting that much of what she raised had gone into the primary campaign against incumbent Mark Sanford. They didn't believe his race was worth investing in. Cunningham's policy positions were moderate (neither progressive nor conservative). No one in America should go bankrupt because they get sick. In the United States, no one should forego necessary or preventative care because they are unable to afford it. One of the many ways we can improve our current healthcare system is by encouraging the federal government to negotiate with drug companies to lower medication prices for people on Medicare, similar to how the Veterans Affairs Department does. Another possibility is allowing more middle class families to qualify for tax breaks to reduce their healthcare costs. The Blue Dogs ignored him and the New Dems put him on their watch list rather than endorsing him. But Monday evening the Post and Courier took a deep dive into how she could have lost in such a red district, a Republican disaster almost entirely of Trump's making. She beat Sanford because of Trump's last minute endorsement but she could never raise the money she needed to deal effectively with Cunningham and the NRCC refused to put significant resources into the race. The Trump-heavy messaging that worked for them in the primary stayed largely the same.

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The story was clearly going somewhere, with Margaery appearing to have a plan for deceiving the High Sparrow, and looking poised to have the last laugh. Nope, all semblances of an interesting plot go out the damn window as always, along with the loads of unnecessary deaths. They completely halted the actually interesting plots, and essentially cut it down to. When Season 5 ended, it was so bad that I couldn't have realistically imagined they could do worse. Character butcherings, plots that went nowhere, shock value deaths, and then Season 6 came along, and jesus christ was it bad. Feel free to discuss it in the comments below, this was long as fuck, and I have a load more grievances to share, Arya, Dorne, and other plotlines I could absolutely rip the hell out of (I'll release them later if its absolutely necessary); But I won't because this blog is far too long already. Also, Rap Battles of Warfare premiere within the next month is probable. Goodbye. The French Revolution will “cast a shadow” on the lives of the people in Cornwall in “Poldark” season 3, according to the official synopsis. The plot is set in 1794, and Ross will have to face battles both at home and abroad. Ross (Aidan Turner) will have the choice of wearing the uniform again this year, with the threat of the French Revolution engulfing the whole Europe. But leaving to serve the country could mean losing his family, perhaps more. We bear the burden of trying to sort it all out, and a man has mixed feelings regarding all of it. The jury is still out, because as it relates to Game of Thrones, the only fair way to judge is taking into consideration the entirety of the Season and we’ve got two more to go. But yellow cloak is nowhere to be found, and the Hound seems to be back to his old form. The search would continue, so let’s come back to this as well. Varys has decided to sail off to Westeros to rally support and perhaps find some ships. If only Yara and company had not stopped off at the Volantis whore store, this parting of ways could have been avoided. But just as they are getting into the Tyrion mood, ships of the Masters are shown arriving.

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Or maybe Bran can fill in the super weapon part. I should have stuck a winking face on it to make it clearer. In another thread HPL hoped for a photo like the one you mentioned but with Gwendoline and David in it, so I did a not very good photoshop with the original and was drawing attention to the fact that if you know what to look for it’s clearly been not-very-expertly altered. While Sansa isn’t one of my favorite characters, I certainly don’t think her dumb the way some seem to think her. I’m not making my guess with Sansa’s character development in mind, one way or another. Just speculating that Ramsay will be hanged based on the use of the word “tension,” and that a reason to hang him instead of behead him (as you’d expect from the Starks) could be to give Sansa the honors. Do you think she’d do any better than Theon with decapitation. While it isn’t much, she did something to help herself by taking that corkscrew and getting herself out of that room. Yes, she ran into Miranda, and Theon had to kill her, but that led to the jump, and if she hadn’t taken that corkscrew and freed herself from the room in which she was locked, she may still be locked in there. Good triumphs over evil despite the terrible horrible no good very bad odds. Sorry if that’s been suggested, didn’t read all 355 responses. Jon and Sansa have rallied the North to their cause and for some reason decide to try and talk Ramsay into surrendering rather than engaging in a battle which could kill hundreds or even thousands of men needed for the fight against the WWs. Sounds like the sort of thing Jon might do, although who knows what changes to his personality may have occurred since, well, being dead. J and S go to WF and give R an ultimatum, surrender to us before whatever deadline or we’ll attack WF, then leave. R, being the crazy person he is, says get stuffed and. Don’t know why there’s a giant at the door, don’t care either as long as he’s gonna stomp things. But the ending of LotR (in the book, not the film), with the scouring of the Shire, Frodo’s lost soul, Samwise’s proliferation, and the sea journey ahead, was the definition of bittersweet. Preferably right after Ramsay calls him Reek and he screams back, stabbing Ramsay all the way, “MY NAME IS THEON GRAYJOY. .