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Cam is a creepy thriller built around a case of stolen identity and a protagonist with a fresh perspective. The man in question is Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens), estranged son of a wealthy family, who finally returns home when his sister is kidnapped and held for ransom by cultists. Thomas journeys to the desolate island where the cult makes its home, pretending to join so that he can search for traces of his sister. As he plumbs the community’s depths, he slowly unravels the mysteries of the cult and their disturbing practices. Apostle is a galloping, gruesome ride, with the ominous atmosphere of the island village eventually exploding in gore and brutality. It might not be the most cerebral exploration of religious horror, but it is thrilling. The segments include The Box, a creepy tale of a young boy who sees something horrifying that changes him; Don’t Fall, about a group of campers who run afoul of a monster in the woods; and Her Only Living Son, the story of a woman whose teenage son displays increasingly disturbing and violent behavior. With anthology films, the quality of the various segments tends to vary, and that’s true of XX as well, but the tales are wildly different, and at under 90 minutes in total, it’s a breezy collection of scares. Both films follow mothers caring for troubled children while supernatural forces torment them. Under the Shadow begins during the war between Iran and Iraq in the ’80s. Shideh (Narges Rashidi), a former medical student who had to abandon her career after the theocratic government took power in the Iranian revolution, became a housewife, living with her husband, Iraj (Bobby Naderi), and their daughter Dorsa (Avin Manshadi) in an apartment in Tehran. When Iraj, a doctor, is sent to the field as part of the war effort, Shideh must care for Doras alone. After a missile strikes their building, Dorsa begins behaving strangely, convinced that a spirit is haunting the building, and as strange events unfold, Shideh must confront the possibility that something supernatural is happening. Under the Shadow is a moody movie, as much a study of Rashidi’s disenchanted housewife as it is an exercise in terror.

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Ten people have been arrested by police in Pakistan investigating the flogging of a transgender woman. A Pakistani officer says police have arrested 10 members of a criminal gang who flogged a transgender person and posted the incident on social media. Lil Wayne has had plenty to be cross about over the past months, but it appears he is finally having a good time playing in front of fans at Flog Gnaw. In the early hours Saturday morning just before the fifth annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival opened its doors, Tyler, the Creator tweeted to his followers a bit of advice in. Transgender people and gay activists from across Indonesia have defied a wave of hatred against sexual minorities to crown a Miss Transgender at a national pageant held in. Pakistani police arrest 10 for flogging transgender woman cbsnews. om Video of transgender woman being whipped goes viral, Pakistani gang arrested — RT Viral rt. om Pakistan police arrest 10 for flogging transgender man news24. om 10 arrested in Pakistan over flogging of transgender woman independent. e Pakistan arrests 10 for flogging transgender woman cbs46. om. May was making her first major foreign policy speech Monday night at the annual Lord Mayor's Banquet in London, as the British government tries to build bridges with a U. S. president-elect whose victory has surprised many European politicians.


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Jeff Daniels was fine as the doubt-filled Washington, and Roger Rees portrayed General Hugh Mercer, with Nigel Bennett as General Horatio Gates. Rene Ohashi’s photography won the American Society of Cinematographers Award, and the film was bestowed with a Peabody Award. Having done well by one American Army commander and future President, Harmon directed a show about a similar trying time in Dwight Eisenhower’s military career. This was the general’s apprehensive spring of 1944, when he planned, ordered, and launched the DDay invasion of Normandy. Tom Selleck starred as Ike, with James Remar as Omar Bradley, Timothy Bottoms as Walter Beddell Smith, Gerald McRaney as George S. Patton Jr. and Ian Mune as Winston Churchill. Ike was nominated for six Emmy Awards, including for outstanding movie and Harmon’s direction. Parker novel about a big city cop becoming a small-town lawman pursuing a serial killer. Gotti was the expert telling of the life, times, and prosecution of New York Mafioso John Gotti. Armand Assante won an Emmy Award for his portrayal of the mob kingpin, and the cast included Anthony Quinn, William Forsythe as Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, Richard New York Television Theatre: Yes Is for a Very Young Man (1966) Gertrude Stein’s 1946 play features an ensemble including Burris DeBenning, Paul Benedict, Harriet Richards, and Josephine Lane. Movies: The Big Rip-Off (1975), The Return of the World’s Greatest Detective (1976), Dear Detective (1979) Hargrove is primarily a writer and producer of TV movies featuring Raymond Burr’s Perry Mason and Peter Falk’s Columbo. Hargrove produced and sometimes wrote at least a dozen TV movies featuring each character. Hargrove wrote and directed one theatrical feature that starred former Dead End Kids Gabriel Dell and Huntz Hall with Jackie Coogan, Will Geer, Barbara Harris, Nicholas Colasanto, and stand-up comic and director Howard Storm in the nearly unheard-of slapstick detective send-up, The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery (1975).

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Especially with Narcos being lauded as one of the greatest TV dramas of all time around here. But it's still nowhere near the quality level of HBO. Narcos was a thoroughly mediocre show but because it's a netflix original it seems to get crazy amounts of praise. Narcos could work on broadcast TV, in a one-a-week release schedule just fine because the endings are so compelling and the story runs so fast. It's very slow burn, with lots of character development and a very deliberate pace. Then something would happen that was just enough to make me click play for the next episode. By episode 5 or 6, I was hooked, and the ending was really satisfying and I was so glad I stuck with it. Do I think it's better than their current dramas like The Leftovers and S2 of True Detective? Absolutely. Sad to read how she got screwed out of Criminal Minds. Though she did get replaced with Jeanne Tripplehorn so at least they didn't just replace her with a younger prettier actress. I didn't know they lost their showrunner at the same time but looking back I think I can see some of the affects of it. She was my favorite character there and I always resented her a little bit because I was sure she got bored of the role and just decided to quit. Apparently Paget was just super game for whatever questions he threw her way, going so far as giving him her cell phone number so they could finish it up.

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I guess GRRM has conditioned me to always expect the worst. I think they’re talking after Ramsey’s surrender and they turn around because Wun-Wun is just trying to get in to have Jon’s back and he can’t fit. Jon will be like “It’s cool Wun Wun. Then they go back to talking. I do not want some torture fantasy of someone flaying him or something, this is not a series where Jon or Theon or someone can just kill him in battle and I think Roose can not kill Ramsay either since Ramsay probably will kill Roose. Littlefinger killing Ramsay for hurting is Cat-replacement would be fine by me as well. Unless it is a siege type situation, and Ramsey escaped the battle and barred the gates. Are she and Jon captives after a battle in which Jon loses to Ramsay. The Giant could imply that: Giants are with the wildlings, and wildlings are with Jon. Cersei gave him Winterfell if he can defeat the Boltons and take Sansa, but King’s Landing has little hold over the North. Realistically, Littlefinger can’t hope to hold the North, so has no motive to harm Sansa, as she’s his best hope for control. So if he arrived with the Vale men to help Jon, you’d think odds would favor Jon’s side, especially with casting that implies a bunch of other northern lords will be involved, too. Have the Walkers launched some kind of an attack against Winterfell, forcing Boltons, Littlefinger, Jon, etc. to fight together?

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Thanks so much for showing the people behind her. She’s definitely got a sense of urgency, and she seems frightened too. I wanted to say that I was noticing the lighting in the Crypts and it’s candles. But in the scenes of Arya running it seems like there are screens around the candles. I think the people we see behind her are chasing her. The Red Keep primarily has pedestal fixtures and “basket” fixtures on the floor. Which only proves that the story is going some totally unconventional way. I think most people have been assuming that the NK mainly just wants to “kill all humans” and perhaps head to the Gods Eye for one reason or another. He says that the NK has a single living individual that he’s going after to kill. That would be frightening for that person to know. He didn’t head for the Wall before when he may have had a vision that Bran would be coming, then when he found out where he was he made a bee-line for the cave. Although, the NK also had a chance to get her last season, but he went for Viserion instead, so maybe it’s not her either. He seems to have quite a few representatives in the game. I think he wants to kill one of the magic characters not a ordinary human.

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don't believe it's possible to go wrong. ian Li-Lin is a Daoshi priestess; it is her job to exorcise spirits from the streets of Chinatown. She has strong martial arts skills and is gifted with her peachwood sword, she writes spells and burns paper talismans and all around rocks as a protagonist. But she is also cursed with yin-eyes: the ability to see supernatural beings even when she isn't in the spirit world, and for some reason this brings shame upon her family. It's a damn pity too because Li-Lin is pretty badass. Okay she gets conned into entering the spirit work to help a malevolent ghost in the first chapter, but she bloody well sorts herself out. Narrowly avoiding possession, she makes good use of her magic and martial arts skills, navigating her way through the spirit world on the run from her ghostly pursuer. Once I'd done that, I'd return to my body, find Mr. Liu, and make him pay. I think it was the best part and I found it so incredibly inspiring. Based on Chinese folklore, it features a whole bunch of spooky and weird spirits, which are incredibly cool to read about. And though it paled in comparison to the world building, it wasn't half bad. It focused on Li-Lin's status as a young immigrant widow with yin-eyes, her relationships with her father and the spirits she encounters, her desire to seek revenge on the con artist that violated her, and hopefully bring a bit of honour to her family. Though he risked and sacrificed an awful lot for her, Li-Lin often feels like there is no love from her father, and he only sees her as an instrument to further his reputation, or at least keep it intact.