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For those uninformed, Pieces is one of the bloodiest, hilarious, and over-the-top films from the 1980's. Everything from the blood-splattered matricidal opening, to the random jackie-chan rip-off, to the repeated shouts of BASTARD. It's cheesy fun encapsulated into a film, and is always a great time to sit down, watch with some friends and make fun of the dubbing. (Alcohol may or may not help). This. Following the hellish situation a woman is currently in. r is it more than one woman. Any way, she's dead. ait. s she dead, or is this simply a cruel act of a tortured subconscious mind? The simple fact that I'd had run such a fair string of halfway decent films led me to believe that my next view would be a turd. nd needless to say with THAT concrete prediction, allow me to introduce to you this little nugget of fecal wonderment: DEATH'S DOOR.

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Seems like the whole point of it was to give the Eeyire an excuse to march on the Boltons. He might have misjudged or gotten wrong information. This is the daughter of the woman he loved, and he said himself to Sansa that in another life, she could have been his daughter. He willingly gave her to a guy who could have killed her as soon as the two met, and this was all an elaborate plan and that Baelish somehow knew despite Ramsay's murderous history, wouldn't actually kill Sansa, and used that innate knowledge so that he could convince Robin to wage war against the Boltons. In the books it might be someone else, but in TV land I think it might be Dany with Tyrion as her hand. Though its possible he was planning to involve them anyway. Even Locke indulged in mulilation without remorse or consequences. Hard to believe the bastard son of such fine family traditions would be any different. Being immune to fire doesn't mean your lungs don't need oxygen. You saw Sansa’s reaction when she found out, but he did such a good job of grooming her that she trusted him and did it anyway. This would be a Plan B because he already had this happening before Robb’s marriage and the Red Wedding ruined it all. What happens after that I’m not sure, but he knows that the Starks don’t have any intention to rule Westeros so he’d expect them to roll back like after Robert’s Rebellion, so I guess he has some sort of plan to manoeuvre himself onto the Throne.

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I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to rewatch some of it again, if I’m honest. No wonder Jaime wanted to end the siege at Riverrun without bloodshed. I was scared for Tormund but I’m glad he’s so damn tough. And the horses were scaring me (though someone kindly explained how they train and CGI the horses in the open chat, good stuff to know! . I’m glad Sansa was present but that the dogs did the dirty work. I don’t care if it was foreshadowed umpteen times in the season already; it was so satisfying, I wanted a cigarette after. I’d love to see the man who hurt me be shredded by his own animals. I need to wait for next episode but honestly I would be extremely happy with either one of them. Its just jumped the shark and now the writing seems to be catering to the lowest common denominator. The battle, while a wonderful spectacle in the Hollywood sense, was banal and completely predictable. Forgetting about Jon losing it on the field and allowing his men to be flanked like that for a moment, its the Umber’s that really killed it for me.

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Bonus: being able to choose to charge things manually is great, too. I have no clue how it is that Apple was able to get this feature to be so damn perfect, but my eyes are eternally grateful for the fact that looking at my phone is now so much more pleasant. True Tone at first is somewhat disorienting — it looks totally different than what you're used to, and you keep wanting to change it back — but it means that I'm finally looking at a Retina screen with the level of brightness that it's supposed to have (and not just guessing based on some Yahoo. Reading has never been so pleasant on a mobile device — full stop. As someone who has always had relatively jittery hands, it's always been a bit of a challenge to get the perfect shot on the first try. As a result, I'm constantly having to go back and delete the 249 other versions of the photo that are slightly blurry before I'm able to isolate the perfect photo. No longer! The image stabilization definitely comes in handy (especially when I'm on the run, or want to take video) and let's be honest: every iPhone camera is successively better. The colors are brighter, the light is handled better, and frankly, I'm using a whole hell of a lot less memory. This is the one point on which I knew I'd be sold (I always am! , but it was still a pleasant surprise that I was as impressed with this latest camera upgrade as I was. Sometimes our role is to be brighter than the sun, and sometimes our role is to sit back and cheer on our friends as their gifts are on display.