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Early in 1995, one of us (MH) distributed to all general medical practitioners in the city of Sheffield a questionnaire asking them if in the whole of their medical careers they had seen a patient who had complained of ill-effects owing to stage hypnosis. A total of 53 (16. %) replied, none of whom had ever seen such a patient. Only 6% indicated that stage hypnosis should be prohibited by law, while 70% believed it should be regulated by law. Also in 1995, the Home Office set up a Panel of Experts to study evidence for the alleged dangers of stage hypnosis. The report and recommendations of this panel were announced in October 1995 (Home Office 1995). It concluded that stage hypnosis does not pose a significant mental health risk that would warrant its prohibition. After consulting a wide range of people, the Panel of Experts brought out a revised set of Model Conditions (Home Office 1996). We shall summarise our own opinions on these matters at the end of this chapter. Let us stress here that it cannot be said that the safety or otherwise of stage hypnosis has not been taken seriously in Britain. Newspapers, magazines and television programmes have shown no reluctance to allow claimants, professionals and stage hypnotists to present their side of the 33: EVIDENCE FOR BENEFITS AND ADVERSE EFFECTS OF HYPNOSIS 483 story. Experts and would-be experts have engaged in discussions on this matter. And claimants and appellants in nearly all of the above civil actions, not to mention their lawyers, have received the generous benefits of the legal aid system. POSSIBLE RISKS OF HYPNOSIS FROM INADEQUATELY TRAINED THERAPISTS In certain countries, including Israel, Austria, Norway and, at the time of writing (though deregulation may be in the offing), South Africa and certain states of Australia, there are statutory regulations concerning who should employ hypnosis with members of the public, and who should offer psychotherapy generally. In Britain, as in some other countries, there are no such restrictions. Indeed, the number of individuals offering private services as 'hypnotherapists' in relation to those designating themselves as 'psychotherapists' or 'counsellors' appears to be disproportionately high. This does not correspond to any need in the population for 'hypnotherapy' as opposed to any other form of treatment.

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For the most part, the film concerns an upper middle class family dealing with a pervasive death drive while everyone around them is just trying to get by. Jean-Louis Trintignant plays the declining elder patriarch of the family in an alternate reality version of his character from Haneke's Amour. His pragmatic view of mortality is that life is best left to those who want it or are able to appreciate it, no doubt a projection of Haneke's own depressing personal philosophy. At one point describing the horror of experience, Trintignant muses to Harduin that seeing death and violence on TV doesn't seem to bother one as much, but in person it's enough to make your hands shake. Most of the violence in Haneke's oeuvre occurs off screen, around the corner, from a distance, or on another screen within the film. In the final moments of the film, the girl resorts to her phone to witness such a Happy End. As I exist in a liminal space between audience member and critic, I would like to speak on behalf of both demographics and point out that the enjoyment factor of this film is inversely correlated to one's intelligence quotient. I'm sure Bright would be stimulating to a cat or someone with a preschool reading level, and I can appreciate that someone is still making movies for those audiences. However, you don't have to be all that sophisticated to notice the botched racial allegory and overall lazy writing inherent to Bright. Written by notable hack and obnoxious YouTube personality, Max Landis, the movie plays exactly like any of his proposed twist scenarios based on preexisting IPs. Lord of the Rings gets superimposed on Training Day. Will Smith acts tired and is a cynical jerk to everyone, and absolutely no one is having any fun shooting each other, cursing voraciously, and exploding magic things because everyone is a racist in this ultraviolent, grim-dark fantasy. And who better at the helm than the director of Suicide Squad himself, David Ayer. That's great because it clears up any speculation that a director's cut for that seizure-inducing, comic book PowerPoint presentation would have fixed it, as Bright bears testament. What both films share in common besides Ayer and Smith is a disjointed narrative pockmarked with plot holes, and in this case it is a plot that doesn't warrant analysis for fear of a stroke. That just leaves the racial allegory, and I'll tell you that it makes no coherent sense whatsoever. Somehow, institutionalized bigotry against orcs still hinges upon the orcs following an evil elf who was defeated by a proactive, good orc.

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Seeing that the man was dead, they thought that they would be hanged for murder, so they leaned the body against a farmer’s shed. So it continued, until two rogues, also thinking they had killed the man, tied the body to a wild horse and sent him on his way. (quoted in Ashliman 1987, 264) The difference between AT 1536 and AT 1537, according to the Aarne and Thompson typology, is the emphasis on the disposal of the corpse (AT 1536) rather than the shifting of the blame (AT 1537). The two films under consideration in this chapter, Weekend at Bernie’s (Ted Kotcheff, 1989) and Weekend at Bernie’s II (Robert Klane, 1993) are film versions of AT 1536, “The Disposal of a Corpse” anecdote outlined previously. In Weekend at Bernie’s, two young insurance adjusters, one hardworking and dedicated to moving up the corporate ladder, the other immature, slovenly, and apathetic to anything other than having a good time, discover an error in the books. Rich and Larry are anxious for Monday to arrive so they can bring this to the attention of their boss, the jet-setting Bernie Lomax (Terry Kiser), and, they hope, receive a much overdue promotion. Bernie is thrilled with the discovery and invites the boys out to his mansion in the Hamptons for the Labor Day weekend as a reward. He has been using the company to launder money for the mob, and Rich and Larry have just discovered Bernie’s dirty little secret. In desperation, Bernie consults mob boss Vito (Louis Giambalvo) for help and requests that Vito arrange for Rich and Larry to be killed while at Bernie’s. Vito agrees, and Bernie retires home to arrange an airtight alibi. Vito, however, thinks Bernie is getting to be more trouble than he is worth. Added to that, Bernie is having an affair with Vito’s girlfriend, Tina (Catherine Parks). Vito, instead of arranging for Rich and Larry to be killed, has Paulie (Don Calfa) go and murder Bernie before the boys arrive. The next day, when Rich and Larry arrive on Hampton Island, they discover that Bernie is dead, apparently the result of an accidental drug overdose. Before they can inform the authorities, a “floating party” of rich neighbors arrives, and suddenly Bernie’s home has turned into “Party Central,” with no one noticing that Bernie, propped up on the settee, is dead. He gets seduced and propositioned and even ends up posthumously conducting business deals with his completely oblivious friends. The next day, when Rich and Larry are once again going to attempt to contact the authorities, they discover Bernie’s plot against them.