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Asked how the government would intervene should the board ask Chan to stay, Yeung said: “When it comes to extreme circumstances that we think some board members could not play their roles. Police launched investigations into Hing Tak School last week after the government-subsidised school’s questionable governance record came under scrutiny. But Chan, the principal, had rejected these allegations, saying many absent pupils were cross-border children on official leave for family and health reasons. The Education Bureau also identified other issues under the leadership of Chan, such as its deviation from normal procedure in the firing of two teachers in June. The government had earlier appointed eight managers to the school’s board to sooth its operation and two more were expected to be appointed this week ahead of the scheduled meeting. The 16-year-old Park School student has seen it up close - at the edge of the Arctic. “It’s upsetting because we have the data to prove it does exist, ” she said. “I guess that lights a fire under me to continue this work. “This work” is a research project Park students have been conducting for a decade - traveling to northern Canada to investigate the melting of permafrost and possible corresponding changes to the lichens, moss and shrubs that cover the tundra. Connors, who has made the trip before, soon leave for another round of data gathering. They will spend nearly two weeks visiting research sites along the western shore of Hudson Bay, measuring how deep the annual summer thaw goes and recording the variety and abundance of vegetation on the surface. Baltimore students have been embarking on similar trips since 2007, and even more could join in the research in coming years. Park science teacher Julie Rogers said she hopes to convince U. S. government research agencies to chip in, too. It’s a rare chance for the teenagers to conduct science, rather than read about it in a textbook.

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Cosmic space lords Farflung's EP 'Unwound Celluloid Frown' contains 33 minutes of lysergic grooves and slamming riffs. The second album by The Sonic Dawn, one of the most remarkable bands to emerge from Denmark's current psychedelic wave. Hugely influenced by the darker sounds of early '70s proto-metal. For lovers of: Electric Wizard, Ufomammut, Unsane, Weedeater, 16, Church of Misery. Blue Cheer kidnaps Tina Turner and ties her to the tracks of the Grand Funk Railroad. Edition on CD. Deadsmoke is an Italian doom-sludge band that sounds like amplifiers buried in the deep, with down-tuned monolithic guitar riffs scraping the soil down to the core of the earth. Debut album for this quartet from San Francisco, one of the bands who are part of the actual Californian scene together with bands as Earthless, Hot Lunch, Wild Eyes, Joy, Loom. Featuring two ex-members of Scorpion Child, DUEL is hugely influenced by the darker sides of early '70s proto-metal. The debut-album by doom-blues band Holy Grove from Portland, Oregon. Edition on CD. The debut-album by doom-blues band Holy Grove from Portland, Oregon. HOLY GROVE VINYL HOLY GROVE BLU. 2016. Edition of 300 copies on coloured vinyl. GLITTER WIZARD VINYL HOLLOW EARTH T.


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I know you like them sullen buggers. I do like them, I like that the tank is at the back of the aquarium too. I fetch the steps and the cleaning wipes, they have to be used almost dry and it makes it hard to do a good job, but with patience the glass will come up well. The aquarium is almost empty and I make my way along corridors of fish, heading to the carp tank. In front of the tank is a bench and I sit down while I sort out the wipes, spraying them lightly with water before I start. I tell myself that it’s okay, that it’s just a visitor and I need to stop being so nervy, and fix my attention on the tank in front of me. I start in the far corner, working slowly in hypnotic circles, watching the fish who haven’t even noticed me, listening to the filters pumping oxygen or cleaning the water or whatever it is they do, a sparkling sound, a thrum in the background. The fish seem happy enough in their glass prison. Or unaware. It’s the carp tank, I don’t know why the bench is here, because these lumbering fish are grey and flat and move slowly around their space, far less interesting than any other tank, at least to most people. A boy, he looks about four, is running down the corridor; his dad is walking several feet behind. The boy taps his fingers on this tank, attracted by the colourful darts of other fish, or the creepy salamander. Even the fish are oblivious to each other, seemingly unaware as they bump sides, as if each fish only exists for itself, maybe not even as much as that. Mouths open and close, funnel-like as they suck up the floating debris. The boy is about ten feet away, gaping at the tank where the salamander lives. I can see it above the water-line, hunched on a log, with a black oily body and yellow markings it looks like some alien from outer space.


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Her and Jaime talk about Tywin. She says Jaime killed him accidentally through his own stupidity, and at least Tyrion did it on purpose. Varys speaks about his and Illyrio;s allegiances, since he remarks they are at his home. Sam chats with Gilly about Stannis, then a weakened Thorne comes out complaining about the weakness of the recruits. Melisandre comes down and tells Jon to meet Stannis on the Wall. Cue heroic shot of Stannis and Davos looking out over the Wall. Stannis says he wants the Wildlings to help him take back the North, and that Jon has till nightfall to persuade Mance to bend the knee, or he will be burnt. Second Scene. Jon pleads with Mance to consider bending the knee, but Mance refuses on the grounds that none of the Wildlings will respect him, and that it is against all he believes in. Mance says that Stannis would be a good King in this scene. Third Scene. Mance is led out. He tells Stannis “good luck in the Wars to Come”. He is burnt. Jon shoots him with an arrow before he starts screaming. She get’s mad at Pod for his questions, says she isn’t a knight, and that their are no Lords worth protecting anymore.


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Zombies awesome. Ninjas and Zombies? Double awesome! John Joseph Adams saw it and asked if I was writing such a thing. Zombies are a palpable, biting representation of our own mortality. When the convicted man saw the sword maker he said, “If I had known it would be you, I would have swallowed stones to ruin your blade! . The gate wasn’t manned but we only had to wait a few minutes before the guard walking the parapet got there, slung his rifle, and came down the ladder, huffing and puffing. The guard glanced at Richard’s pass and then up at his face. “Richard Torres? You look like your brother. I mean she’s gorgeous most days but for some reason, today she glowed. His free hand touched the opposite elbow. “Wow, Rosa. You’ve, uh, filled out. .


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And nothing is more poisonous to art than politics. Fortunately, black metal has evolved into one of the most expressive, complex, and dynamic genres of music there is, despite the prevalence of Mayhem-worshipping shit bands. Likewise, while I can’t speak for punk rock, because I don’t listen to it, I’m pretty sure there are a million and one bands out there that suck substantially less than Pussy Riot. I have no problem with artists inserting their political, religious, philosophical, etc. In fact, if there’s to be any depth to their work, be it music, literature, filmmaking, etc. then I think it’s unavoidable that those thoughts will inspire, and thus infiltrate, the work. And there’s nothing wrong with that, even if drawing attention to a socio-political issue is the primary motivation behind the work. But the focus has to be on creating art, not merely establishing a pulpit for one’s interpretation of “free speech. If you really need to get your ideas out there, but have no appreciable talents, then get yourself a blog. We live in the age of social media, and by some travesty of fate, blogging is somehow now a legitimate occupation. But if your guitar skills are akin to an epileptic grizzly bear scratching a slab of sheet metal whilst farting uncontrollably, don’t be a musician, even if you truly believe the world needs to hear your message. The novel just landed itself another stellar review, so my sincerest thanks to Brad for the very kind words. One of his talking points in the review, which seems to be garnering a bit of curiosity on Goodreads, is the frequent mention of religion in The Prelapsarians. Religion is a focus in The Prelapsarians because, being a character-driven novel, I wanted to hone in on the things that influence the characters’ actions and ideals. It isn’t because I’m a proponent of organized religion. I’m absolutely not.


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Peter Strauss received a Golden Globe nomination as an abused husband by his wife in Men Don’t Tell. JFK’s youth was scrutinized in Winer’s first miniseries, with Patrick Dempsey excellent in the title role, and Diana Scarwid as Rose Kennedy and Loren Dean as the ill-fated Joe Jr. Dempsey stayed in larger-than-life roles for Winer as the Biblical prophet Jeremiah. Damaged Care is a rather sharp-barbed treatise on HMO health-care systems with Laura Dern as a whistleblower. Lucky 7 has Kimberly Williams living out her deceased mom’s decree that she will marry her seventh boyfriend, even though she’s in love with number six. Infidelity places Kim Delaney at the adulterous vortex of a love triangle. HENRY WINKLER b. October 30, 1945, New York City Movie: A Smoky Mountain Christmas (1986) Winkler won two Golden Globes and received three Emmy Award nominations for his role as Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli in Happy Days. As a producer, he was partnered with John Rich as the driving forces behind MacGyver and other network series. Winkler directed the features Memories of Me (1988) with Billy Crystal and Cop and a Half (1993) with Burt Reynolds. Winkler’s series directing includes episodes of Clueless and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. A Smoky Mountain Christmas was a vanity project for Dolly Parton, who plays a country singer on a trip through the Tennessee boondocks, where she meets Mountain Dan (Lee Majors). Also on board for this sugarplum were Rene Auberjonois, John Ritter, Dan Hedaya, Anita Morris, and Bo Hopkins. TERENCE H. WINKLESS CHARLES WINKLER Movies: Rocky Marciano (1999), At Any Cost (2002) The son of producer Irwin Winkler and actress Margo Winkler, Charles Winkler directed on Baywatch, The Outer Limits, The Immortal, The Chris Isaak Show, and other series. His features include You Talkin’ to Me?


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Tanpa figur layak jual, maka Partai Golkar akanmenghadapi risiko gembosnya suara. Bahkan bukan tidakmungkin, suara Golkar akan lebih merosot dibanding 2014, ungkapPriyo. Mantan wakil ketua DPRRI periode 2009-2014 ini, mema-parkan, perolehan kursi Golkar terus anjlok dari pemilu ke pemilu. ada Pemilu 2004 kursi Golkar 128 kursi, pemilu tahun 2009mendapatkan 108 kursi, dan pemilu 2014 mengalami penurunan,yakni hanya tinggal 91 kursi. Kita tidak boleh membiarkan penu-runan suara Partai Golkar terus terjadi. Kita harus berani mengambillangkah besar untuk mengembalikan kejayaan Golkar, tegasnya. Itu artinya parapimpinan DPD harus bisa memilih figur fresh dan energik, tandasPriyo yang sudah mendeklarasikan dirinya sebagai calon ketuaumum Partai Golkar. (aya) JAKARTA (Waspada): PresidenJoko Widodo (Jokowi) akhirnyamenunjuk Arief Yahya sebagaiMenteri Pariwisata RI sekaligusbergabung dengan 33 menterilainnya dalam kabinetnya yangdiberi nama Kabinet Kerja. Penunjukan CEO PT Teleko-munikasi Indonesia Tbk ini sebagaimenteri pariwisata era Jokowi-JKperiode 2014-2019 sekaligus mengkandaskanmimpi 11 nama kandidat yang diusulkan dalamsejumlah kabinet bayangan maupun berda-sarkan isu yang beredar selama ini. Nama Arief Yahya sebelumnya sempatdisebut-sebut akan mengisi posisi Menteri Ko-munikasi dan Informatika (Menkominfo) karenaia memiliki pengetahuan tentang informationcommunication technology ( ICT). Apalagi diapernah mendapat gelar Master bidang Softwareand Telecommunications dari University ofSurrey, Inggris. Namun ternyata Arief justruditunjuk sebagai Menteri Pariwisata karenakeahlian pemasarannya. Jokowi punya alasan kuat mengapa akhirnyadia Arief Yahya menduduki salah satu pos menteridi kabinetnya tersebut. Menurut Jokowi, AriefYahya itu sosok yang mumpuni di bidangpemasaran. Dengan terpilihnya Arief Yahya yang meru-pakan orang Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur, berartiPresiden Jokowi mengubur stigma selama inibahwa menteri pariwisata itu jatahnya orangBali. Arief Yahya lahir di Banyuwangi, 2 Maret1961 adalah lulusan Teknik Elektro InstitutTeknologi Bandung (ITB).


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