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editor. TV Genres: A Handbook and Reference Guide. Rosenberg, Howard. Not So Prime Time: Chasing the Trivial on American Television. Sander, Gordon F. Serling: The Rise and Twilight of Television’s Last Angry Man. New York: E. . Dutton, 1968. Schaefer, George. From Live to Tape to Film: 60 Years of Inconspicuous Directing. Worthington Miner: Interviewed by Franklin J.

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Direct download: NoSleepPodcastS5E14. p3 Category: Podcasts. We have five tales this week featuring stories about reanimated romance, paralyzing predators, and military madness. Direct download: NoSleepPodcastS5E13. p3 Category: Podcasts. We have four tales this week featuring stories about creepy kids, ruinous romance, and divine devils. Direct download: NoSleepPodcastS5E12. p3 Category: Podcasts. We have five tales this week featuring stories about quantum quandries, bedeviled buildings, and alluring ladies. Direct download: NoSleepPodcastS5E11. p3 Category: Podcasts. We have six tales this week featuring stories about frightening forests, craving creatures, and paralysing possession.


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It was a genuine thrill to discover for myself just how much of a witty, warm. October 2, before a special midnight screening of Bride of Chucky at the. The movie was called No Small Affair, and I have to say that even then the movie’s medium-high concept-- nerdy photographer falls for slightly older rocker girl who becomes his best friend and has one night of sympathy sex with him before hitting the road, leaving said nerd with enough bittersweet memories to last at least through the closing credits—wasn’t the biggest reason I finally did see it. No, even at age 24 I was pretentious enough to tell myself that the real attraction was the fact that the movie was directed by Jerry Schatzberg. I ended up relating to the movie perhaps more than I cared to—I was still smarting from some unrequited love pangs myself, and the movie’s sad-sack wish fulfillment, topped with that bittersweet parting, felt familiar enough to me to make up for the fact that I hadn’t much interest in either of the actors in this would-be romance. There was one good thing that came of seeing No Small Affair, however. The supporting cast, though not always well used, was exceptionally good for a comedy of this kind—Ann Wedgeworth, Jeffrey Tambor, Elizabeth Daily, Hamilton Camp, George Wendt were all featured, as well as a young Tim Robbins, two years before Howard the Duck nearly sabotaged his future in movies and four years before Bull Durham assured that he would have one. But the real jewel in that ill-served supporting cast, the one hidden behind a giant perm and even bigger glasses, was Jennifer Tilly, making her film debut as Mona, the plain Jane (! friend who is obviously a better fit for Cryer yet who remains in orbit around his soft, chewy center while he misguidedly moons over Moore. Even having never seen Tilly before, it was obvious to me that the filmmakers were pulling a classic dowdy-down job on this actress. Made up to look like a more bookish, more fashion-conscious Ally Sheedy, Tilly never gets her take-off-the-glasses-and-let-down-my-hair-and-suddenly-the-lovestruck-hero-can-see-what-he’s-been-missing-all-along moment. Even someone as primed to buy into the movie’s mopey puppy love as I was couldn’t believe that Cryer didn’t toss Moore over at the first opportunity in favor of this obviously stunning girl with the baby doll voice whose adolescent hostility masks a heavy thing for him, even if she wasn’t the star of the picture.