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The surviving cast members saw this as especially hurtful, in light of the fact that director Penelope Spheeris had previously made a point of including Buddy Ebsen, from the original Beverly Hillbillies, in her 1993 feature film adaptation of that series. The plots for both shorts were reused for the film. In addition, the scene where the gang ruins Alfalfa and Darla's lunch date, as well as the scene where bubbles come out of Alfalfa's mouth while he sings, were borrowed gags from Hearts are Thumps. Alfalfa sending Buckwheat and Porky to deliver a love note to Darla was borrowed from Mail and Female. The gag in which Spanky (Travis Tedford) winds up on a flying water hose was originally used with Farina in The Fourth Alarm. Mickey Daniels and Johnny Downs attempted to dress up as Santa Claus with this gag in the 1926 short Good Cheer. Farina and Pleurisy tried this routine in the 1929 short Election Day. Stymie and Dickie Moore tried it in the 1933 short Fish Hooky, while Spanky and Alfalfa tried pulling it off in both the 1935 short Teacher's Beau and the 1936 short Two Too Young. The costumes that the duo wear are exact replicas of the costumes that the original Spanky and Alfalfa wore in Rushin' Ballet. The gag in which Alfalfa gets a frog loose in his clothes was originally used in the 1937 short Framing Youth, where Spanky was trying to convince him he had a frog in his throat. The gag in which the kids' car causes several adults to leap into the air was also borrowed from Hi'-Neighbor! and also appears in One Wild Ride (1925), Free Wheeling (1932), and Divot Diggers (1936).

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Hence phrenology, although it is now understood to be a pseudo-science, was thought to be a credible enough discipline by our forebears. Careful measurements of people's skulls were made in an attempt to ascertain their mental condition. Only over time, and through skeptical enquiry, did it eventually become clear that the shape of a person's head relates very poorly indeed to their psychological make-up. We can trust that any measurements taken were accurate and extensive, but the data was informationally useless when applied in pursuit of this supposed science. The measurements could never validate the phrenological method, irrespective of their quality and quantity. Today it is dismissed as the relict superstition of a bygone age. Simply put, an abundance of metrics, irrespective of the precision with which they might be taken, cannot cheat a fundamentally weak correlation between hypothesis and data. The descendants of yesterday's “bump-readers”, however, can still be found in the board-rooms and management offices of large corporations today. With many people under their assumed control, they demand standardized measures of productivity by means of which employees might be compared, punished, and rewarded. Any straws may be grasped at as long as they can be counted. Estimates proxy for value in this grotesque dystopia. The actual provision of value to stakeholders is ignored as a quantity too difficult to measure, and so cock-eyed metrics are appropriated in compensation.


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The mathematics are a little intricate, so you will just have to take my word for it. Since we have no control over Cathy’s actions, we assume that she is following her instincts and looking for you. I have never denied my human limitations; but it is ungrateful of you to refer to them. Marvin had to be content with that, since he didn’t think he could find his way back to the city unaided. So they marched on through the mountains, and they sang many folksongs, but it was too cold for logic. The wind whistled and screamed, tore at their clothing and tugged at their straining fingers. Treacherous honeycomb ice crumpled under their feet as they struggled for footholds, their buffeted bodies plastered to the icy mountain wall and moving leechlike up its dazzling surface. After all, he had known Cathy only for less than an hour. Spears of ice, shaken loose from a high dokalma, whirled and flashed around them. Marvin thought about Cathy and found that he was unable to remember what she looked like. It struck him that love at first sight was overrated. Forward, my friend!


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Band prices. ypoed somewhat but came are 'One Night in Lisbon at the ere on fifth showing in as many too late. Majestio (Fay) (2,200; 28-39-50)— 'Blood Sand' (20th) and 'Beauty's Sake' (20th). Carlton (Fay-Loew) (1. 00; 28-3950)— 'In Navy' (U) and 'Scotland Yard' (20th) (3d downtown wk). Sophie Tucker-Devil Dogs M; h Frisco; My' Mild San Francisco, June 17, Golden Gate is grabbing oft the cream with Sophie Tuclcer on the and reissue of 'Devil Dogi of the Air' on the screen, a heavy combination which has the manager fitage grinning. Much exploitation on 'Million Dol lar Baby' at the Fox, including teaser ads, radio tieups and a lucky-girl contest with trip to Hollywood, got the film oft to only a mild start. 'Kane' holding fairly well at Geary, being urged here to exwith tend the run beyond the four weeks. Other new entry is 'Out of the ReFog' which is only average. Working toward Blonde' (20tb) (3d wk), hot release (RKO). Last week, 'Pot o' we team, currently signed for 'The Marines Are Ready. Studio Is dickering with 20th-Fox to clear titles to the characters of Sergeant Quirk and Captain Flagg, which clicked in 'What Price Glory' ' back in 1926.


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Ini dipanggil Intelligent atau Akal, inilah yang membezakan manusia dan Haiwan. Manusia boleh berkomunikasi dengan bahasa yang kompleks, boleh berhubung menggunakan komputer, kan pelik tu, binatang mana boleh berhubung guna komputer ataupun I-Phone, canggih betul manusia ni. Zaman nenek moyang kita dulu, kalau berutus surat pun dah lebih canggih daripada haiwan. Ini Intelligent, Ini Akal. Sekarang kamu dah tahu apa itu Intelligent atau Akal, maka jika kamu adalah makhluk seperti lembu, kamu tiada daya ke-Khalifaha-an yang dikurniakan kepada manusia yang mempunyai daya meng-Eksploitasi (mempergunakan sesuatu seperti memprosesnya atau menggunakannya untuk satu tujuan seperti kenderaan dsb). Kamu hanya boleh eksploit rumput dan pucuk-pucuk daun sahaja untuk dijadikan makanan, tidak lebih dari itu. Maka jika menurut tafsiran Sami Zataari daripada ayat diatas, Makhluk ini adalah berakal, tidak pasti sama ada kurang atau lebih dari kita. Maka sudah tentu mereka merupakan Khalifah kepada makhluk di BUMI mereka sendiri. WALLAHUALAM. Kesimpulan daripada huraian Sami Zataari terhadap ketiga-tiga ayat diatas tadi ada dua iaitu:- (2A) memang wujud makhluk lain diluar BUMI ini dan (2B) makhluk ini termasuk yang tidak bijak seperti 2A diatas dan juga YANG MEMANG BIJAK, mungkin seperti Jin dan mungkin juga BERAKAL SEPERTI MANUSIA. Namun segalanya terpulang kepada anda untuk menilai. Sehingga kini masih kurang jelas mengenai kewujudan Makhluk Asing sama ada yang tidak bijak seperti kuman atau yang bijak seperti Jin atau yang berakal seperti Manusia.


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Tune into Drennan Live at 4:30 today to catch CIFF Shorts Programming Manager Paul Sloop talk about CIFF Shorts. But there’s so much nostalgia about this girl and her life. She listens to Heroes of Silencio, dreams of being the girl across the road who has a family and more freedom, sadly Vero has to get up and get her adorable little brother and sisters ready for school everyday, being a surrogate mother to them while their mother works all hours at the family cafe, and a the pivotal moment in the film starts to lose her best friend to a popular girl and boys. Her friends abandon her, the events in the basement of the school freaked them out so much and with the allure of young hot men and parties they turn their back on Vero, she’s just a creepy girl who has to look after her siblings, not all that exciting. This information is broken to Vero by her best friend in a cold and heartless way, I kinda wished she went back to her Ouija board and made a pact with the devil and sent the entity after her “friends” but alas she remains a noble woman until the bitter end. Much like Demon House (2018) the intricate details or the original case is clearly ignored, this isn’t an documentary just a reason to make a scary movie with some basis in reality to freak out those fans who do research. Shadows creep along walls, protection spells are burnt to a crisp and deadly hands start attacking the children in the night. This coincides with the idea that maybe the film is dealing with a troubled teenager, and that Vero is doing all of this herself. Much like Pandora she’s opens the box and lets something terrible in, but with only a few occult magazines and some rudimentary knowledge she does her best to protect her family. The results are catastrophic and with some slick camera angles and adept effects Plaza manages to deliver yet again into the world of demonic possession but with a different flavour and hopefully he’ll continue to contribute to this terrifying subject. The Annabelle films and Ouija films have more in common than just being current horror films. Even worse than the first Annabelle (29% on RT), Ouija was a colossal disaster (7% on RT).