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Join Philip, Chris, Cory, Jimmy and I as we broaden our gaming horizons and avoid stabbing each other in the process. In this episode, the players create their characters (aka themselves) prior to jumping into the adventure (some better than others. . Want to send feedback to the show. Plus, we stomp on a few crappy kickstarters and come up with a few bad ones ourselves. We talk about my playing of World of Warcraft again, table top RPGs, and show down in another round of SUPERFIGHT. Hear all about the crazy things we got ourselves into and the things that we saw. The teen had returned home from Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City on January 31, the day before her 17th birthday, after spending 467 days hospitalized. Zei died “at home, in her bed, in my arms,” her mother, Brie Kerschen, wrote on Facebook. I've barely had a chance to breathe, let alone play some board games but in the midst of GenCon packing I got a few moments to sit down and record an episode for you guys. Listen as I talk about my experiences playing the Firefly board game, what I'm looking forward to playing at GenCon, and walking Chloe through her first tabletop RPG with the Pathfinder Beginner's Box. This podcast is an Obsessive Comics Disorder production. Please visit ocdcast. om for more great videos and podcasts, such as the main Obsessive Comics Disorder podcast, making fun of comics and all the other geeky things we obsess over.


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To the horror of everyone the deed was committed at her residence by two of her faithful Sikh bodyguards called Satwant Singh and Beant Singh. Shock turned to anger towards the Sikh community and over the following four days, thousands of Sikhs were killed as arson, violence and looting erupted on the streets of Delhi and outside. The issue simmered with Sikhs demanding justice for the victims of the anti-Sikh riots and the progress of Punjab. The Demand for Gorkhaland State-Darjeeling unrest The Nepali-speaking population in India had issues of their own. They desired ethno-linguistic rights and official recognition as Indians. Way back in 1907, during the British rule, the people of Darjeeling had demanded a separate administrative unit. In 1917, the Hillmans’ Association of Darjeeling submitted a memorandum (the first of many unheeded ones) to the governing bodies centred in Calcutta for a separate administrative unit for Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri districts. In 1947, memorandum was submitted to the Constituent assembly of India’s interim government demanding Gorkhasthan. The series of memorandums continued to successive Indian Prime Ministers demanding separation from Bengal. The selfish attitude of the politicians hurt the sentiments of the Gorkhali people who decided to continue their fight for recognition nevertheless. By 1988, the issue gained momentum to blast into a violent agitation demanding the state of Gorkhaland. In 2007, a semi-autonomous body called the Darjeeling Hill Council was granted for certain areas in the Darjeeling district. In 2011, the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration also a semi-autonomous body was granted replacing the DGHC, but no statehood. On April 7, 2014, the Bhartiya Janata Party mentioned in its manifesto that the party will “sympathetically examine and appropriately consider the long-pending demands of the Gorkhas”.


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What gets privileged is work that can be cast into problem, method, solution, rather than poetic or rigorous investigation. Morris, Sha) and the technologies of memory; non-anthropocentric ecology and economics, which comprises a seminar on Spinoza, Bateson, and Guattari, and the Plant Life Support System project for semi-automating the watering and sensing of plants. Work may not be exhibited or cited outside TML until it has been published crediting the authors and TML in a peer reviewed journal, or used in a public, juried event of sufficiently international stature. The object is to build reputation capital to help everyone who affiliates with the Topological Media Lab over the years. This process acts against the “thermodynamic equilibrium dilemma” in which too rapid diffusion of knowledge and skilled people kills the incentive for building up rich relationships and knowledge bases that can yield significant distinctions, and that instead diffuses energy and innovation to a uniform level of mediocrity. Compare this with the companion essay on the yeast cell model and Coase’s theory on why firms exist. However, accessing the research and programmatic infrastructure of the academy incurs institutional constraints. Public institutional context: research creation in Quebec, Canada People Modes of understanding in practice What does an atelier-lab produce. Political economy, knowledge and reputation capitals work ethos, building social capital Dissonances and assonances. Descombes, Vincent. 2001. The Mind’s Provisions: A Critique of Cognitivism. Architectural Body, Modern and Contemporary Poetics. Tuscaloosa: U of Alabama P, 2002.


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Kathreen Khavari plays Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, a superhero fan who suddenly gets super powers. Tyler Posey plays Dante Pertuz, aka Inferno, a teen with fire-based powers. Milana Vayntrub plays Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl, an optimistic hero with the proportionate abilities of a squirrel and the ability to call them to her aid. Kamil McFadden plays Rayshaun Lucas, aka Patriot, an inheritor of Captain America’s legacy. How sad that Norm did not live to see this collection released. Norm’s art looks even better to me today than it did when I was lettering it. Il comico parla anche dell'ascesa in politica di Beppe Grillo. Quando il suo bersaglio erano malcostume e vizi degli italiani, aveva tanti registri diversi. Who's That Hiding in the Dark by John Townsend Cache Translate Page You'll never guess who I might be. Our narrator is a little cagey about what he is --although, for the sake of a rhyme, he says he's not. a mouse! Yes, dear reader, you are going to have to go into that scary house, through that spooky door, through those thick and creepy cobwebs, and see who's hanging around inside, besides that big black spider. Oh, you might spot a rat, but he's not running from a big black cat either.


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