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But a small band of people has survived for centuries inside an invisible shield that keeps the robots out. They don't know why the robots can't get inside their colony; they just know that going outside means risking life and limb at the hands of predatory robots. It's not a perfect movie, but for vision alone, Blame. All said and done, this is a supernatural crime horror thriller, better known as one of those supe-cri-ho-thros you're always hearing about. James Franco headlines The Vault as the assistant manager of a bank that gets knocked over by a group of petty thieves. When Franco leads this heist gang down into the underground vault, they get more than money. You won't end up rooting for the thieves, like Don't Breathe, although it does open them up to empathy eventually. And you definitely won't be chuckling at James Franco's silly antics, because he's a stone-faced, mustachioed man on a mission once things really get rolling. What The Vault lacks in such departments as characterization, script, and suspense, it more than makes up for in ghosts. Bunches of ghosts. If you love ghosts, you'll easily tolerate The Vault.

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. Fla. . Nate Silver shows Barack Obama with a 91. % chance of winning today, and a projected electoral college of 315-223 votes. This guy, of course, still believes that Romney is way ahead and has been the whole time. We'll see, right? This week I used up some of my remaining Paid Time Off days. While I was out of the office, I decided to take a break from the obvious regimen of improving at video games, to visit a local phone bank. They were held in volunteer's houses, and each day 20-30 volunteers would show up, chat about politics, get some free food, and bring their own cell phones, laptops, and chargers to sit around for hours making calls to (in this case) voters in Florida. I of course love technology and politics, and am delighted to get to see the two working together.


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Doublecortin-positive newborn neurons of the subventricular zone appeared to migrate into the cerebral cortex via the radial migratory stream. Cell proliferation in the telencephalon of adult female S. This is the first demonstration of proliferative activity in. Nurses' awareness of patients ' perception of care dependence is crucial to enable them in helping the dependent persons. This study aimed to describe adult patients ' experience of nursing care dependence. A metasynthesis was conducted to integrate qualitative findings from 18 studies published through December 2014 on adult patients ' experiences of care dependency. Procedures included the Johanna Briggs Institute approach for data extraction, quality appraisal, and integration of findings. The experience of dependence revealed the concept of the embodied person, particularly in relation to care of the physical body. The relationship between the individual and nurses within the context of care had a major impact for dependent patients. When the care relation was perceived as positive, the experience led to the development of the person in finding new balances in life, but when it was perceived as negative, it increased patient ' suffering. Care dependence is manifested mostly as bodily dependence and is consistent with its relational nature.


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M. Young operationalized these existing models, and experimental work with the resulting systems provided further support for the psychological approaches while also posing new questions about the cognitive processes involved. 4 What Do We Mean by Science. In thinking about Horswill’s question, I realize that its a question to which we should give much more consideration. As an initial framing, let me draw from the on-going discussion in the computer science (CS) community about the scienti? nature of CS research. How does the computational narrative work done in our community align with these characteristics. First, I don’t think that anyone would argue that narrative is not a pervasive phenomenon. And it should be clear that the work done by the computational narrative community is, to a great extent, a communal e? rt to understand, exploit and cope with narrative from a computational perspective. There are clearly many people working to address natural and arti?


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In this episode, he talks about his experiences working with agencies vs. He's an author of Creative Confidence, The Art of Innovation, and The Ten Faces of Innovation. In this episode, he explains the true definition of innovation and what it takes to build your creative confidence. In this episode, he walks us through the story of how Material Design came out, what's involved in building your own design system, and the importance of investing in your design culture and how you grow talent. It is that simple, we want to hear these two beautiful ensembles on the same evening, and we want to sit down for a fireside chat about how they make music. Eventually, the quintet would attract the attention of The Decemberists guitarist, Chris Funk, who offered his production skills for the band's first studio recording. He has lived and studied extensively in Andalucia, Spain. Still, her family kept her immersed in flamenco music while in Mexico. In Andalucia, she has studied with Belen Maya, Miguel Vargas, Juan Ogalla, Soraya Clavijo, Mario Maya, and Cristobal Reyes. In this episode, he discusses leading a team that designs for nearly 2 billion users, how he got to his position, and what role he thinks design plays in such a contentious political climate. In this episode, we discuss how he turned RISD into the best design school in the country, why inclusivity is the secret weapon on design teams, and why design is ultimately about the customer not just the user.