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There's no Retrospective this week, but we still have new releases, what we played, and reminisce about the 90's. Oh, and Mike finds a way to make a strange Sega Genesis much, much stranger. Roger, Blue, Mike, and Christian discuss the winners, losers, surprises, and disappointments that have already provided us with a rollercoaster of emotions this year. We hope you enjoy! We'll be back next week with another brand new episode. We also chat Castlevania, Castle Crashers, Bethesda's E3 plans, and Nintendo's next direct. We also talk this week's releases, what we're playing, and Mike takes one for the team by covering Superman 64 in our Retrospective. Plus the crew review Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption and The Lost Light of Sisu. We also talk about the Sega Genesis Mini, the Pokemon Direct, and play everyone's favorite guessing game - NPD. Plus the crew is joined by Christian, as they review Evoland, Resident Evil 2, and Arcade Spirits. The crew also goes through your video game news, including giving a fond farewell to Reggie Fils-Aime. We dig deep into the bevvy of announcements from last week's Nintendo Direct. We also go over Respawn Entertainment dropping the ban hammer on Apex Legends cheaters, and the unfortunate layoffs at Activision-Blizzard. Plus the crew goes through your video game news, including our thoughts on the Nintendo Direct.

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What Faith looked like before she left Portland What Faith looks like now. Last season we added the new auto pilot, a new fresh water driven toilet in the forward head, a new water heater, the new arch with two more solar panels and a wind generator, a new seat cushion in the cockpit, a variety of small improvements and the use of our XM radio, along with other smaller adaptations. We are taking down several LED lights to experiment with for the cockpit and salon. There are things that will be put off for a bit too but we likely will need a fresh coat of bottom paint and, hmmm, probably a few things that I cannot foresee at the moment. We picked up a new handheld VHF radio too and we may be able to have the old one repaired when we get to Guaymas. Arch in process at the welder's shop At haul out May 2014 Where am I going with all this. Even though our list is shorter this year it still involves doing a number of things. Last season, at the tail end, we had an incident that forced us to have work at that time too. We had replaced the motor mounts and a carrier bearing for the propeller shaft (oh, didn’t I mention that before? and it led to a problem on the last day. When we sailed into San Carlos we had anchored, finally, in a bay just outside the marina entrance (long story over on Sandy’s blog about that) and backed down on the anchor as we always do to set it. In the morning we got set to leave and take our slip in the marina in preparation for hauling out. As I raised the anchor Sandy put the boat into gear and raised the throttle on the motor fully expecting to go somewhere. It turned out that the propeller shaft was not connected to the transmission.


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If the Wall falls, Winterfell might be the only place left that is actually safe. There is still that situation of Robb’s will that is floating around somewhere in the Neck perhaps. A collaboration of the Northern Lords seems likely, the question is just to what degree. That was emphasized by the scene where one of the Northern houses (Mormants, I think) has a response from a child about Robb Stark being the one true King in the North: if the Northern Houses are so decimated that their lords are now children, then there is not much left to them. This is another difference between literature and screen. It is akin to the difference between studio and live performances of rock songs. However, the live performances always end with a bang on some particular chord. Extended “outros” are (or can be) fine on studio performances or in books: but they (almost) never work in live performances or on screen. Pretty much everything is there but I’d left out this bit because I didn’t think it was that significant when I was summarizing the casting breakdowns- only now I realize it is another clue. I was pretty sure that this was Arthur Dayne anyway, but that’s one more clue. So, if Jon is dead, then the show will not reveal who Jon’s mother is. These things would almost certainly have been the nature of Harry’s scar and the “why” of Snape. So, if GRRM got any similar clauses, then this would have been it. However, it’s 2015 and Winter still is not out: and we have to accept that there is a very high probability that it will not be released before the series ends, never mind by next year.


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East Sussex, West Sussex, Brighton - Cannon, Muskets, Gun Powder Storage Boxes. They ended up cooking and cleaning for the caliphate. - The Washington Post. Beyond Coin Mixing, General Guidelines And Research. Through magic or science or (probably) the combined efforts of hundreds of dedicated, talented people, films about comic book characters have become consistently entertaining, frequently awe-inspiring spectacles of storytelling and CGI light thingies coming out of people's hands. Because of this, the last decade has seen an enormous shift in Hollywood's power dynamic, often revolving around the question of who owns the rights to which costumed vigilantes. As great as the onscreen tales of America's mythology have become, a lot of the time, they let us down hard. The film that exposed Peter Parker's dark side, a persona so vile and degenerate as to border on just being kind of a jazz club dweeb. It can be easy to forget that the relatively self-contained Sam Raimi Spider-Man films were some of the most popular movies of their time. Along with X-Men, 2002's Spider-Man is credited with starting the modern comic book movie boom. While filmmakers like Tim Burton and Kevin Smith failed to get a new Superman movie off the ground, pictures like Judge Dredd, The Mask, and The Phantom came out with astonishing regularity. It featured an iconic '90s anti-hero and all the grisly action you could shake a hellfire-engulfed chain at. Its pioneering use of CGI looked corny, its writing was abysmal, and all of the scenes featuring the Violator stank of the director clapping and guffawing while he let John Leguizamo do whatever he wanted. There's also a shockingly enormous amount of fart humor for an R-rated trip to the theater.


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om. Oregon Ducks, Oregon State Beavers, Portland Trail Blazers, and more. Every week, host Alex Schmidt brings together comedians, authors, scientists, and Cracked staffers, to celebrate the awesome truth that being alive is more interesting than people think it is. Fill your week and your brain with hilarious, mind-blowing revelations that’ll make you the most interesting person in every room you’re in. I have always felt that horror comes not from the amount of gore in a film, but in use of light, sound and suspense. Its clear that the former is very provident in mainstream horror these days. I was quite suprised with this movie, I wasnt sure what to expect, but it ticked all three boxes of what I like to see in a horror movie, so many false starts, no background music, which makes the use of silence really nice at points, and all in all, a slow build up of suspense. With the supernatural elements getting gradually stronger over time leading to the big climax. Not only that, but the movie used a good premise that all audience would be familiar with, bumps in the night. Something that everyone can relate to and I can imagine a fair few people remembering the movie whenever they hear a creak in bed or whatever. Thats not to say the movie is perfect, it had plenty of problems. Such as the slightly amused feeling I got about halfway through when I noticed the movie uses so many little cliches SPOILERS Creaking door, tv turned on, footprints from an invisible presence, the ending. Which I am not sure what to think about, without giving it away, its a very hollywood ending, though I should say the buildup immediatelly before it was excellent, and I will greatly compliment that half of the actions in the ending are seen off camera, which was done very well. But the ending just seemed very corny, and since hearing it was changed upon entering cinema, I am curious to see the original endings just to see how it fares.