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More. With a wide range of skill sets including 2d compositing and 3d animation. Cherry Hill New Jersey, United States 3D Post Production Film Rebel Production Associates 3D Animation HD Post Production Post Visual FX Experience: 2001-Present I have run my own, small commercial art business, Rebel Production Associates, successfully for the last 16 years. I have produced television commercials, feature films, and multi-media content for Forman Mills, Stopain, Sealand Chemical and Dupont, just to name a few. These days, most of my work is done in front of a computer on my desk. I have complete control over my hours and I find that I have an awful lot of time on my hands. I seek outside employment for the further benefit to my life and business. After this 2 years i went to an other post prodution house called StratoStorm, where i worked as compositor pulling keys, color integrations, match grain, match movement, background aplication, rotoscop and clean-ups More. Kissimmee Florida, United States 3D Film Alexander Placide 3D Animation Motion Capture Post Visual FX I have been training under Disney animators for 2 years doing stylized animations. My ongoing work with industry professionals has taught me how to use many production standard programs. I am well versed in software such as Maya, Mudbox and Motion Builder just to name a few. Working with other artist from different departments has opened my eyes to many parts of the entertainment pipeline. I am always looking forward to working on the next project that comes my way! More. Sant Just Desvern Barcelona, Spain Cinematography Film Post Production Cinema Digital RED ONE Post Visual FX Editing Experciencia as director and editor Dit, Camera operator and one of the network steadycam. More. Scottsdale Arizona, United States Film VFX HalvaradoArt Post Visual FX Matte Painting Rotoscoping Summary Specialize as an advanced photoshop artist. Matte Painting, Photo Correction, Photo Manipulation. Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina Animation Film Matias Lavarello Motion Graphics Post Visual FX 2D Animation My name is Matias Lavarello and I'm offering services of video post-production and animation.

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r. Singh said that the Amit Shah has proven his administrative capabilities by making the BJP as the largest party of world in terms of primary membership and under his strong leadership the party has expanded and strengthened its organizational base to every section of society. He added that Smriti Irani has also risen in the party just like Amit Shah on the base of her hard work. He said that she has time and again proved her commitment towards the discharge of her duties in every office, she has held till today. The both leaders will leave no stone unturned to raise the voice of public on every platform, he added. The prominents who accompanied the MLA included Gopal,Rajinder Gupta, Vinay Gupta,Chaman Lal,Ravi Singh, Rajesh Nischal,P. . upta and Raj Kumar. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that the contribution of the Christian community in the process of nation building is immense. e said that the Christian institutions have played a crucial role in the field of quality education and also other fields like health and sports. The inhabitants approached many a times to Member of Parliament to raise their issue to the Ministry of Defense,GOI New Delhi. oday a deputation led by Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament,Senior BJP leader Nand Kishore Sharma with Mohan Mengi Ex-Sarpanch Kahpota met with Subhash Ramrao Bhamre Minister of State For Defense and narrated about the problems faced by the residents of Kanyala,Kahpota,Madin,Salaye and block Dansal. On 75th Anniversary of Quit India Movement Corruption and Terrorism Need to Quit India: Vibodh Our Younger Generation Must Know About All Historical Aspects of Quit India Movement: VibodhIn order to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Quit India Movement, today a programme was organised at Gujjar Mandi Rajouri by the BJP Rajouri unit. On this occasion senior leaders of the party paid floral tributes to the Martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Independence. Speaking on the occasion MLC Vibodh Gupta said BJP has decided to celebrate this day by organising programmes across the nation as a mark of respect to those who ensured that we live in Independent India. He further added that in the present circumstances we need to launch another Quit India movement when we have to resolve to expel corruption, terrorism, casteism, communalism, poverty and dumps of garbage we see wherever we go. Recalling those days when Quit India movement was launched Vibodh said that during those days country had strong and charismatic leaders who worked with great zeal and commitment and the result is that today we are proud to be leaving in a free and Independent India. Similarly in the present era also our country is proud to have strong and visionary leaders like Narinder Bhai Modi and now we must rest assured that corruption and terrorism have to quit India. On this occasion district president BJP Rajouri Sh.


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It’s like Navy Seals Hell Week at the House of Black and White. I think many of us are just sick of Arya getting wacked up side the head with that damn stick. It is interesting that she’s tasked with killing “Cersei” (who’s on her “list”) though, and I’m wondering what’s gonna come from that. I don’t mean that in a rude way, it just impacts how best to respond. I suspect she’ll flee back north when she finds out (from Jaime) what LF is up to and also that the Tullys can’t help. But she’ll perhaps be ambushed on the road and hung for collaborating with the Lannisters- in which the sword will serve as proof. At the last minute, Brienne changes her mind and chooses the sword. When it comes down to it, I don’t think Brienne will be able to kill Jaime, but she’ll be breaking her vow in doing so. She may even take down LSH, the lady she had sworn herself to. I wasn’t following those spoilers too closely but I thought I read he was going to be at odds with her after getting fed up with her crap. I guess there’s still time for that but the trailer and episode preview is showing something different. I really thought he was more of a main character in the book, right. I tried to add a line but knew the timer running out and went too fast. I would be a little happier if I knew Jon was going to be included in this coming episode but from the looks of it maybe not at all. If I’m feeling down seeing his face always cheers me up. Seriously, ya know how we all have a bad day here and there. At work mostly, and not just for myself but co-workers too. Since in the books, she isn’t with Sansa or Arya, I am talking more about how the show has brought Brienne into Sansas fold with a sword that clearly “belongs” to the Lannisters. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Brienne doesn’t know the sword was forged from Ice.

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She’s been mentioned several times over the course of the show’s run, but this is the first time we’ve seen her portrayed. I don’t think Lyanna was portrayed as well as young Cersei was back in Season Five’s premiere, but the scene was still effective. Also, the reintroduction of Benjin could prove important to Season Six. Though this was a fun reveal for viewers when it happened, we now know that this was simply setting up a more significant (and more tragic) reveal later on. Ned wanted to find his sister, Lyanna, but Ser Arthur Dayne and the other man had orders to guard that tower. A fight ensues, and everything the many characters of Game of Thrones (including Jamie Lannister, Ned Stark, and Barristen Selmy) have said about “The Sword of the Morning” proves true. He takes out all five of the men with Ned and disarms Lord Stark. But before he can finish off Ned, Howland Reed (who was taken out but not killed earlier) shoves a knife into his back. Ned hears screams coming from the tower and races up the steps of the tower, but something temporarily stops him (Was it the wind. Or was it Bran’s voice that he heard? before racing back up the stairs. A scene book readers have read and theorized about for over 20 years (the first book came out in 1994) was finally taking place before our eyes. The first was seeing Arthur Dayne as the bad ass he truly was. There was also the relationship between Howland Reed and Ned Stark, which would be one of the main reasons Howland’s children (Jojen and Meera) would come to Bran’s aid on his journey to find the Three-Eyed raven. As we know now, young Ned was not hearing the wind when he turned to face Bran. He heard Bran’s voice, an important element for two of three flashbacks we saw in “The Door. . We also learn Lyanna was screaming in the tower when Ned finds her. The shape surrounding the Weirwood Tree is the same shape the Whitewalkers have made with various mutilated body parts throughout the whole entire region north of the wall.


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Christian would be the first “official” Vampirella model to represent the legacy in the convention circuit in the early 90s, though she never appeared on the cover of Vampirella. She did, however, score a role as the model used by Topps for their very first Vampirella trading cards from 1995. Strain’s image, as well as illustrated versions of the bombshell, appeared widely in the magazine. Her portrayal of Vampirella was also used to create a small series of Vampirella-themed action figures put out in 2000 by Moore Action Collectables. What started out in 2015 as a way to reconnect with lost friends and half-remembered acquaintances from her own teenage days soon developed into a richer, broader, far more important history of the lives of women (and men) raised in SoCal and beyond. Working on Veteranas and Rucas made me realize how important this subculture is. . They make solid a person, a moment, a feeling, or some shared event of deeply personal significance. They capture the space within which these fleeting moments take place. Rosales documents many of these neighborhoods which have been lost with the rise of the behemoth urban gentrification devouring and repopulating these once mainly ethnic and working-class areas. She moved to New York where she witnessed another kind of gentrification taking place in the city. This led Rosales to gradually reconnect with the friends and people with whom she had grown-up. The band, comprised of Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Janice, Zoot, and Animal first appeared in 1975 on The Muppet Show pilot “Sex and Violence. . Using clean, crisp vectors, negative space, and few colors, I wanted to keep them as simple and stylized as possible; reminiscent of retro posters from back in the day. His website seems to be currently down, so I’m not sure if these are available for sale. Passions jump off wheezes, Dashed at the holdall’s flames. Breath-sucks gyrate the room.

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Looking at your phone during a meeting can be rude, but glancing at your watch is definitely more discreet. The first is through audible alerts, which I immediately turned off. The second is through what Apple calls the Taptic Engine, which is really just another term for haptic feedback. In other words, the watch gently vibrates whenever you receive an alert or a notification (and also when you press down on the display). It feels a bit too gentle at first, but once I got used to it, I found it to be just the right amount of force. I like that you don't receive notifications on the watch when you're using your phone, which would be redundant. I never missed a notification while wearing the Apple Watch. I enjoyed feeling a buzz from the watch, then scrolling through an incoming text. Writing back, however, usually didn't happen until I was able to pull my phone out. You can also add customized responses of your own, but while testing, I didn't have a single experience where a pre-written message would fit. You can dictate a message by voice, which worked very well, but I never found this to be a practical solution. So instead, I would read a message on the watch, then pull out my phone to reply. It's fine if you're waiting for an incoming message, but it never really saved me from reaching into my pocket. You can send your heartbeat, which is rather unique. The watch reads it through your wrist, and delivers it to someone else in the form of haptic feedback. Or you can send a sketch by dragging your finger across the display. Or, like a Facebook Poke brought to life, you can simply tap a few times on the face of the watch and send that. Each of these options are fun, but ultimately, gimmicky. I often use speaker phone at home, just so that I can carry on a conversation and still be able move around my apartment.


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