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Neither Estrada nor Lim actively targeted criminals for assassination as Duterte has encouraged. During his first state of the nation address (SONA), Duterte ordered the police and the military to “Double your efforts. Triple them, if need be” and do “not stop until the last drug lord, the last financier, and the last pusher have surrendered or put behind bars or below the ground” ( Rappler 2016b). Adding to this spectacle is coverage by radio, television and newspaper reporters of these police operations. The police classifies these killings as Deaths Under Investigation (DUI). They were killed by hired killers, policemen who become vigilante killers and persons involved in illegal drugs. 75 persons were found dead with placards wrapped around their necks: “ estapador (a person who embezzle money), tulak (drug pusher), akyat bahay (a person who breaks into houses), pamilya pusher (a family of drug pushers)”. This method is similar to past victims of vigilantes in Davao, who were found with multiple stab and gunshot wounds, wrapped in plastic bags and adhesive tape, their hands and legs tied with wire, and bodies dismembered with their heads cut off. 11 When a placard is placed on a dead body, it serves two purposes: first, to shame the person and his or her family; and second, because he or she had been shamed, to justify the person's death before a closer investigation can take place. During the Senate inquiry in August 2016, PNP Chief dela Rosa confirmed that, indeed, they used these placards as evidence that the person was either a drug dealer or a user: “ kasi nakalagay doon eh, may karatula (It was written there. There is a placard)” (Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights 2016). The police use these placards as explanations as to why the victims were killed. Killings are carried out in public places and placards would be put on the person's dead body after the shooting. There is no clear link yet regarding whether those who place placards on dead bodies of those killed in war on drugs are police officers. 12 11 In Davao, in 2005 the bodies of Felix Alagao (39), Mark Alagao (39) and Pedro Chavez (in his 40s) were dumped in a ravine in Sta. They were “hogtied using barbed wire while their mouths were covered with masking tape” (CASE data set, see note no. 3) (on file with the author). On 11 February 2011, the bodies of Noland Matimatico (19) and Yasser Oder (23) were found in Mintal, Tugbok Ditrict. One of the victim's hands was hogtied and another was handcuffed.

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Finally, Ben compares the Blue Ray Drive of both systems. In comparing both drivese, Ben gets an answer to why there’s no 4K support on the PlayStation 4. After lamenting the lack of 4 K blue ray support on the PS4, as compared to Xbox One S, he opines that 4K is a gimmick. After all a lot of big budget movies are still mastered at 2K, and many digital theater projections are just 4 K as well. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for all my video updates. IF YOU’D LIKE TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING LINK TO DONATE: Cudzndrips Steelbook Groupbuys - Cheers for now Big Pauly aka Cudzndrips. SUBSCRIBE: This video is dedicated to Oreo, my Guardian Angel. Airheads Blu-ray (OOP) - As Good As it Gets (OOP) - Chungking Express (OOP) -. I have been collecting these since Day One, and it’s time to show them off. Buy Arrival in 4K: Buy Hacksaw Ridge in 4K: Buy Passengers in 4K: Buy Planet Earth II in 4K: Buy Kong Skull Island in 4K. By using these links you can help support my channel in a very small way. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like reviews, hauls, rants, vlogs, unboxings of movies, music, comic books, video games. See links Below: Clark's Ark (David's Cousin) Oh My Sophii (formerly Ultra Girls Cosplay) Smallville Comic-Con Kal Power Cosplay. Welcome to my channel about Movie Locations and Movie Talk. Please like, comment, and subscribe for more videos. I’ve got it all, Criterion, Steel-books, Digibooks, boxsets, so sit down and enjoy a random teenager on the internet say the name of all his titles. I love making and watching collection videos so I hope you do to. My Complete blu-ray Collection 2017 My latest video. That means it's time for another blu-ray haul and more.

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Basically as many projects as we can get our hands on, and then mixing everything live by moving the projectors, by jelling them and then adjusting the volume. Maybe sometimes masking things out, because many of the times you have multiple projections, and so you want one thing—so, it's kind of like live effects. And I want to just prompt you if you're open to reflecting on that reality, that you were in your prime and your close friend and collaborators are also dying. I just have no words to express, and I think the denial itself becomes a defense. You're seeing them waste in front of you, and it's just so much that this kind of ridiculous, impossible optimism happens. Harry saved it, and we thought we were going to be the ones—like, with the support and partnership of Visual AIDS. But Sur did some research and had gotten word that it was all lost in a flood, that his partner was dead. It was transferred. It was given to someone else who had no idea what it was and left in some basement and was all destroyed in Sandy, the storm Sandy. It's certainly been a large part of my creative practice. But art, and art-making, and memory, and art practice, is the closest thing that I have to proof. My dad died maybe 15 years ago, and my brother asked if he had any wishes for his remains. No—he died, Brian died, in New York, on 47th Street, and Brad and Susan were with him. Somehow his cremation—or maybe I'm just conflating the fact that I wasn't there. And so, you know, then you're left with humor, you know, like with this dark humor. So it's all kinds of odd, contrasting responses and emotions. And also I think it gives us a lot of space to move forward tomorrow in thinking about maybe how your art practice sustained creativity in response, in this moment, you know—was something that you continued to develop. I was very moved to bear witness to your first half of the oral history. I just want to say that on the record to start the day.

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