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It's good to know that scientific progress is being made on Westeros. Pred rokem Swiffisback By the way I killed your son lmaooo epic moment Pred rokem WILTALK Cersei is not that smart. She just knew that she needed the gold and resources that High Garden held and she had the generals to ( Tyrell and Jamie ) to plan and carry it out. It was the only logical move available to her and Tyrion should have known that. The smartest move for Dany would have been to follow Yara's advice and if not attack Kings Landing, lay siege to it. Any attempt to reinforce the city could have been handled by either the Dorthraki or the Dragons. It would have put them of the defensive and taken away any options she had left. Unless there is some being out there who feeding info to the warring parties with the capabilities of the three eyed raven. Pred rokem briscoejr1 Hoping we hear from Arya and the Hound's group next ep. Also. Hoping Jorah gets with Dany next ep so that they do better in military encounters. Pred rokem victoria dk Sexual tension between jon and dany. We can hate Cersei all we want, but this is good acting and she is really making this interesting. I didn't see you before, where were you ? lol. Pred rokem Valkyrie Sardo Never saw Dany go soft before.

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i really like her,when shes in even cried been hurt, but still ask no more for good. rue love waits. Iceeeeeee. I damn like this movie,. was impressed,. niceone. I've watched it for more than 20 times but still. iNDi NAKAKASAWA:). I like Nam! She's soooo simple, cute and knows what she wants. I wish you would show it again in ABS-CBN, 'coz I'm not able to watch it every weeknights, because I'm having a hard time for my studies. BTW your movie is very beautiful it hooks me already. I'm always watching it in youtube forr several times especiaaly the ENDING of the movie. Just watched the movie the day b4 yesterday and i think its great. really love Mario Maurer. Hope they get to work together again in another movie.

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And arrived just in time to get the woman out of the shower. Dripping, she came down the stairs in her dressing gown and told us which cupboard in the kitchen we could find the Hula Hoops in. I was mortified, I’d never felt so anal in all my life. I’ve worked my way up to being an hour and a half late, and God willing, I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I can manage an entire two hours. And then all traces of my time in England will have disappeared. First published in Irish Tatler, May 1999 235 Psycho Magnet Since I’ve passed my driving test I don’t go on public transport so often, which is a terrible shame. ? omething strange happened to me on a Thursday night recently. It was about eleven o’clock and I was waiting to get the bus from Blackrock in the suburbs into the middle of the great metropolis of Dublin. I waited the regulation twenty minutes and wondered why it wasn’t raining. Eventually, a bus turned the corner and lumbered toward me. It was a number 45, the bus that plies the route between Bray, County Wicklow, and the city of Dublin, and I marveled in wonder. You don’t see these beasts often, they’re almost like 46A’s in their shyness and elusiveness. (A sure sign that someone is going bananas is when they often talk about getting 46A’s. I flagged it down and, to my great surprise, it stopped. My experience is that Dublin bus drivers have a great sense of “fun.

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Joe films and has a third in development. The same can’t be said for the I. . that underlies other movies Hasbro has in development — Monopoly and Magic: The Gathering — or for those it is reported to have tried to develop: Candy Land, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Furby, Play-Doh. Set off the coast of Hawaii, the film tells of an American Navy crew’s fight against extraterrestrial invaders. It wasn’t apparent until well into the third act how the film was actually related to the game. Everyone uses them. Unlike board games, emojis don’t have rules to play with. Or mythology. They don’t even exist in the real world. Each has to make the same expression every time they’re summoned. And what would happen if emojis were wreaking havoc inside other apps than their own? ’ Leondis told me that production moved along at a breakneck pace — it was two years from pitch to release. In his search to find a writer for his Fruit Ninja project, Tripp Vinson reached out to every major talent agency in Hollywood. In March 2016, he was introduced by an agent to the writing duo of J. .