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With this interlude between Grey Worm and Missandei, the show made a point of including a sex scene that not only isn’t rushed but is unquestionably, meticulously consensual. By allowing Grey Worm and Missandei to give in to seasons’ worth of simmering tension in this way, Game of Thrones did something completely unprecedented in terms of its history, which otherwise only tells stories about people of color in relation to how their arcs affect the white main characters (such as Dany). It let these former slaves — the two most significant characters of color the show has arguably ever had — find peace with each other, and only each other. This world has always been one that runs on ale and machismo, with men whipping out their (literal) swords to prove their manly worth, bragging about their many conquests to prove their manly worth, or, worse, raping women to inflate their conquest count to prove their manly worth. And when Euron Greyjoy promised the Ironborn toward the end of season six that he would sail the seas to plunder towns and give Daenerys his “big cock,” he was embodying the kind of swaggering, sexist bravado that’s fueled his men for centuries. After five seasons of Westeros running on relentless toxic masculinity, season six cleared the way for more women than ever to ascend to power, from Yara Greyjoy gunning for the Salt Throne to Sansa Stark reshaping the North to Cersei Lannister wiping out an entire city that wronged her. His torture at the hands of Ramsay Bolton left him a different man from the arrogant one he was before — and, not coincidentally, hinged on the particular humiliation of Ramsay cutting off his penis. Ever since, hardly a scene featuring Theon goes by without someone mentioning the fact that he barely counts as a man anymore, because what’s a man without his dick. For all his bravery, physical might, and demonstrated passion for doing what is good and fair, he was still terrified that the woman he’s come to love would see him naked and laugh in his face — or, maybe worse still, pity him. (Seriously, go back and watch Anderson’s astonishing performance here; every muscle in his face is so beautifully, nakedly vulnerable. .

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And the Greyjoy has enjoyed his time with the mother of dragons to its fullest, hiding under the face of Daario Naharis (ala faceless man): Back in Westeros, Dany wanted to quickly get rid of Cersei by burning King's Landing down (just a little bit). But as long as she was certain to win, she showed patience and listened to her wiser advisers. However, the second things turned sour and Tyrion got outmaneuvered by Jaime and Euron, she went back to her extremist thinking and was ready to burn it all in King's Landing. The only reason this did not happen and she moved on to burning parts of the Lannister army and their food provisions instead was because she listened to the irresistible charisma of Jon Snow. He clearly says its a theory, and many things can be adapted. In Attack on Titan Fandom we have similar theories as well, but you read it and you give it up after a few days hopin what the canon brings out. I think he constructed all the points with a lot of attention and reading and brought them to an end in a beautiful manner. People sharing their opinion is a good thing, even if they are negative. I am a bit of a fan of the series as well, and it satiated my expectation and hopes. The ending is something unexpected, and apparently not popular. But it is what makes the most sense for the story he has been trying to tell.

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The annual planning is for two events. The Sixes, played at the Kowloon Cricket Club, returns to Hong Kong after five years during which the tournament suffered from a lack of sponsorship. Cricket Hong Kong had previously tried to gain support from the Hong Kong Mega Events Fund but eventually decided to go it alone and find its own commercial sponsors. Watch: Glyn Davies interview from 2011 The Blitz was launched in 2016, although the first edition was heavily affected by bad weather. This year’s tournament was a huge success with five franchises playing over five days at Mission Road. We are the only ones successfully running a sixes event, which is already recognised globally. “It didn’ t seem that anyone is wanting to challenge us for that role. It’s heartening for our board that we are able to stamp our mark in world events. . The couple today disclosed that 14-year-old Antonio was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma - a rare form of the disease - in September last year. After several months of chemotherapy, their eldest son - now 15 - has now been given the all-clear.

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I find the show gets a lot of good will from me, even when it's kind of boring and the characters are saying some overwrought shit, the style and atmosphere and everything are still great. I think can forgive something for a lot if it has a pretty cohesive vision of what it is, while something like GoT is stepping more and more into generic fantasy for me and the level of the writing isn't enough to save it. True GoT got worse after almost all the political drama died out(literally). he heart were the characters and twists. But at least this season has been better than the last, more entertaining still worth the ride. I could see Sansa using him and even possibly in the long term cozy up to Robin, maybe having Baelish killed to make it easier. Basically, the writers can't let her accept his help yet, because it would remove any drama from the plot. But they also don't want to frame it as her making a mistake by doing so, even though when you think about it it makes much more sense to either pretend to still be friendly toward him to get his help, or kill him and tell the Valemen that the Boltons did it. Can't have that moment when she accepts the Vale's help right off the bat. Makes for a boring epic battle when the antagonist side gets crushed immediately. All will be lost as the winds of winter blow in the sand snakes.

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And he’s real; dia manusia biasa tanpa superpower yang benar-benar melakukan itu semua. Kalo hati kalian enggak terenyuh melihat adegan dia menggendong tubuh penuh luka dengan penuh tekad dan dedikasi, maka hati kalian pastilah ketinggalan di rumah. Tenggelam dengan khidmat oleh imaji-imaji dan segala pikiran tentang karakter yang baru saja aku saksikan. Hacksaw Ridge tidak meninggalkan satupun elemen emosi untouched saat menceritakan kisah hidup penyabet Medal of Honor tanpa menembakkan satu pun peluru ini, yang actually sangat menyentuh dan keren. Ini adalah kisah beneran tentang gimana hubungannya dengan keluarga, gimana ia bertemu dengan the love of his life. Ultimately, ini adalah cerita tentang perjuangan Desmond Doss meyakinkan seluruh dunia bahwa ogah memegang senjata bukan berarti dia adalah pengecut. Because, obviously, he was one of the bravest man that has ever resides on our planet Earth. Desmond Doss adalah seorang pria dengan keyakinan agama yang begitu kuat dan film ini menggambarkan pergulatannya dalam mempertahankan keyakinan dan kepercayaan tersebut. Namun tidak pernah sekalipun film ini mengatakan kita harus memiliki pandangan yang sama dengan Doss. Fokusnya adalah untuk memperlihatkan kepada kita keyakinan adalah sesuatu yang harus kita pertahankan, walaupun banyak tantangan. Mempertahankan apa yang kita percaya actually is a hard thing to do.

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Seeing Glen again, with shooting having begun, serves as further confirmation that we haven’t seen the last of Jorah Mormont. The second sighting at the airport today is more exciting: Joe Dempsie, who played Gendry for the first three seasons of Game of Thrones. The fan spotted him and snapped a photo of the actor. It makes sense that Euron would turn to Cersei for an alliance, since Daenerys is no longer in Meereen and probably not interested in his cock-and-quickly-built-ships marriage proposal. They’re a dangerous duo, and I’m excited to see what Cersei and Euron cook up in season 7. ell if he gets rid of a sand snake. I am almost positive that those four episodes were leaked by HBO themselves. I can’t tell you that for sure; that’s just my opinion, but it’s games; everybody’s playing these games. For one thing, the leak he’s referring to—which happened with the first four episodes of Season 5—was seen as one of the reasons HBO refused to release screeners for Season 6 episodes. If there’s any truth to this (and I don’t actually think there is) that means HBO played a long game on giving themselves an excuse to keep Jon Snow’s resurrection under wraps from every angle. Tim McInnerny, who played Robett Glover, the hard-nosed northern lord of Deepwood Motte in two episodes of season 6, will be returning to Game of Thrones.

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A solid PC port, offering great visuals and good performance. As is typical in Dynasty Warriors-styled games, from Hyrule Warriors to. Download Savage Warriors (also known as Warriors) for free now. Published in by Mindscape, Inc. enjoy a action game with arcade, fighting, versus. Want to dive into games like The Warriors so you can satisfy the brawler in you. Download Free Dynasty Warriors 6 PC Game Full Version - Bratz Games - Download Bratz Games. World of Warriors is a free game that was developed by Mind Candy and released into the Google play store under the role-playing category of. Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Action Trailer (Coming to Steam PC) I did enjoy a game called Bladestorm in the PS3 which was more like '1. Free Download Game Samurai Warriors 3 For Pc. 25 Mai Way of the Samurai 3 - XBOX 3.