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In the ensuing melee, Brandon accidentally leaves his Ouija board behind, and Linda breaks the cardinal rule of spirit contact by playing with it by herself over the course of the next few days. At first, Linda and David carry on harmless conversations, but when Linda starts to behave erratically, Brandon brings in a medium named Zarabeth ( Road House ’s Kathleen Wilhoite) who discovers that Linda has not been contacting the innocent ghost of a young boy named David, but the evil spirit of a demonic murderer named Malfeitor (J. . Luebsen from Witchtrap ). When the death and destruction start to pile up, Jim and Brandon have to put their differences aside and work together in an attempt to keep Linda from being possessed by Malfeitor. The film was written and directed by schlock horror master Kevin S. Tenney ( Night of the Demons, Pinocchio’s Revenge ), and it boasts a seamless and compelling story, even if the dialogue and acting are a bit strained. All of its flaws just serve to give the movie character, and truth be told, it does have its fair share of legitimate scares. In spite of its inherent campiness, or possibly because of it, Witchboard is a bona-fide eighties horror classic. From Linda’s poofy hair, rocker makeup, and tasteful asexual headwear to the guys’ almost-mullets, frosted tips, and high collars, everything about the actors’ appearances just screams eighties. The character archetypes are there, as well; Zarabeth the psychic is the epitome of an eccentric punk rocker, and Jim’s low-life work buddies are typical jocular stoner dudes. Because of the very limited amount of bloodshed, none of the details of the deaths will be spoiled here, just let it be known that the kill scenes draw influence from classic movies such as The Exorcist and The Omen, and they look to have had an impression on the ambiguous antagonist films that have been made more recently like It Follows and the Final Destination series. Witchboard is that kind of a movie; it’s more supernatural than splatter.

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The books sure as hell aren’t going to have the Night King riding a Zombified Drogon, the “Three heads of the dragon” are a huge part of the endgame. This alters the balance of power between them, so he kills him to ensure he inherits everything. The show frames it so at first we’re not sure which one of them has stabbed the other, because it’s plausible that Roose might decide to strike first. I’m your son until a better alternative comes along. Waiting until they were alone would have been more prudent, but Ramsay wasn’t going to take the slightest risk that the second Roose was out of sight he was going to renounce Ramsay again, or (as you say) even have him killed. Then he would be able to take appropriate action if necessary. It was a lavish, massively impactful episode, and at least half of it was dedicated solely to the resolution of the long conflict in King’s Landing that finally sees Cersei having seized power and the other factions of Westeros finally rallying against the might of the Lannisters. Here you toss these names out as if the show just casually mentioned that they had died offscreen. Unless you think scenes like Tommen leaping to his death were just half-assed body-count padding. The High Sparrow charging the Queen Regent with incest is a Wham. Loras being taken by the Faith Militant, mutilated and denied his claim to Highgarden is just as Whammy. I don’t think it was shot brilliantly however, it was actually pretty comedic the way it was shot. Westeros has different sexual mores than Earth, USA (or wherever you live).


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Documented on film, the process of recording minute insects to lions, wolves, engines and foley performances culminated in a much- lauded performance at the birthplace of musique concrete, the GRM Theatre in Paris. From Amon's own voice gender-modified to the sound a of a creaking chair mutated into a string ensemble, ISAM directs an academic approach in audio manipulation to a purely emotional musical context. This contrast is central to the album and represents a pivotal moment in Amon's personal musical development. ISAM Live is a hybrid of interactive cinema and a concert experience in which sound determines a narrative. Much like the album, the live show adapted existing and emerging technologies to new contexts. Projection mapping, which had up to then been largely the domain of static mostly corporate visual showcases, was configured for the first time to narrate the musical performance of an entire album. More recently, the famed London Metropolitan Orchestra performed selected works from a cross-section of his musical repertoire at the Royal Albert Hall. Sound design techniques previously used in film, as pioneered by the likes of Ben Burt (Star Wars, Wall-E) were utilized along side new ones Amon developed specifically for ISAM and applied in an unprecedented approach to music production. The specific nature of the album demanded new thinking in terms of how to present it live and this in turn lead to an entirely new kind of music performance. A giant cubic structure was built housing a control booth from which Amon could perform while providing an intricate canvas on to which a story was told as an audio reactive, three dimensional visual interpretation of the music being played. ISAM Live reshaped audience's expectations of electronic music concerts for years to come selling out the worlds most prestigious venues. RYAT enjoys working with many different kinds of artists in all mediums to create futuristic sound and visual experiences. For 2015, RYAT will be debuting the first piece from her working Orchestral and Beat album, entitled “Pando,” with The Echo Society Orchestra Film composers event March 12th.


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