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ecent emphasis in the literature has underscored the difficulty in managing this fracture fragment, suggesting standard volar plates may not be able to adequately stabilize the fragment. This article reviews the current literature with a special emphasis on fixation with a specifically designed fragment-specific hook plate to secure the lunate facet. Case Descriptiona? n extended flexor carpi radialis volar approach was made which allows access to the distal volar ulnar fracture fragment. Once provisionally stabilized with Kirschner wire fixation, a volar hook plate was applied to capture this fragment. Additional fracture stabilization was used as deemed necessary to stabilize the remaining distal radius fracture. Clinical Relevancea? he volar marginal rim fragment remains a challenge in distal radius fracture management. Use of a hook plate to address the volar ulnar corner allows for stable fixation without loss of reduction at intermediate-term follow-up. We present a rare case of unusual pattern of injury, involving dorsal dislocation of four ulnar carpometacarpal joints, associated with fracture of the trapezium, a burst fracture of the trapezoidA bone and an extra-articular fracture of the third distalA of the radius.

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Titi nginung adalah nama samaran arswendo atmowiloto ketika menulis opera jakarta (1985), yang lalu jadi film terakhir sjuman djaya. Kumpulan film laga lk21 terbaik sepanjang masa, streaming film layarkaca21 dan dunia21 gratis dan tanpa buffering dengan kualitas bluray. Action, film indonesia, 33 film bioskop terbaru 2016 paling ditunggu box office. Film Bioskop Streaming Nonton film semi kumpulan film bokep barat terbaik. Kumpulan sinopsis, alur cerita, atau plot hasil nonton streaming, download gratis atau nonton bioskop. 33 film bioskop terbaru 2016 paling ditunggu box office. Berikut ulasannya untukmu. 20 film action terbaik sepanjang masa 10terbaik film. Namun, beberapa film action terbaik tentunya juga menyuguhkan jalan cerita yang sangat bagus. Bagi kamu yang mencari film action terbaik, kami telah merangkum 20 film action terbaik sepanjang masa, film action dengan rating tertinggi dan pastinya tidak akan mengecewakan anda.