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Big night? In a sign that he may not have won Sophie's heart, Jarrod arrived home looking somewhat worse for wear Carrying the essentials. Dressed in a simple white T-shirt and black pants, Jarrod was seen clutching to his boots and a blue and white plaid shirt It could be evidence that Jarrod doesn't eventually capture the affections of Sophie Monk, as the former Bardot singer is currently holidaying in Thailand. The 37-year-old has been staying at a luxurious resort with best friend Oliver Gordon after placing herself in 'lockdown' so as not to accidentally be spotted with the winner. Also pointing to Jarrod being back on the market are reports that he is active on dating app Bumble. Not the one! Jarrod is one of the suitors trying to win the heart of Sophie Monk (left) on this year's season of The Bachelorette Sophie is heavily rumoured to choose millionaire publican Stu Laundy, 44, who was introduced into the competition as an intruder. Jarrod has been a controversial character this season on the Network Ten show, with fans mocking his 'intense' pursuit of Sophie. The Victorian-based suitor was quick to fall for the star and even gifted her a his-and-her love plant as he tried to win her over. Smitten! Jarrod was quick to fall for Sophie Monk as he vied for her love on The Bachelorette Unusual present: Fans mocked the vineyard owner after he gifted Sophie a 'love plant'. Yes you can sniff suboxone films. This can be a negative experience for one that is already dependant on shorter or even longer acting opioids from heroin, pain pills to methadone. Sniffing a film should only be done if currently using suboxone although not recommended. To do this one would dilute in a teaspoon of water and suck up into a syringe without a needle point or with a baby dropper. This is also done by plugging up the anus for effects like that of injection. Do many people snort Suboxone rather than taking it under the tongue. How do you flush Suboxone from your system?

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Itu masalah Serba salah serah Tumpah darah merah Geli jadi gelisah Benci pun jadi marah Mengaku salah takpa, SEDAR. PRE CHORUS Terbang terbang Terbang melayang seorang Jangan biarku seorang Kalau suka aku boleh ulang Haaa dia macam slow tapi ada beat EDM sikit, tapi layann. Susah nak describe. Sebab taste muzik setiap individu kan berbeza. By the time aku menaip entry ni, klip video lagu Terbang sudah mencecah lebih 3 juta tontonan. All the best! Looking forward lagu seterusnya pulak! NISA KAY. David Rosenthal: Certificate Transparency Cache Translate Page Today is 2018's World Digital Preservation Day. It might appear that this post has little to do with digital preservation. In this post I'm going to look in some detail at Certificate Transparency, an important initiative aimed at improving security and authenticity on the Web, and relate the techniques it uses to those underlying the LOCKSS system. In the next post I plan to ask how these techniques could be applied to other areas in which authenticity is important, such as in the software supply chain. Certificate Transparency How do I know that I'm talking to the right Web site. Because there's a closed padlock icon in the URL bar, right. Mozilla says: A green padlock (with or without an organization name) indicates that: You are definitely connected to the website whose address is shown in the address bar; the connection has not been intercepted. The connection between Firefox and the website is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping. The padlock icon appears when the browser has validated that the connection to the URL in the URL bar supplied a certificate for the site in question carrying a signature chain ending in one of the root certificates the browser trusts. Browsers come with a default list of root certificates from Certificate Authorities (CAs).

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But it also means that time starts to speed up, even on shows that are generally rigid about its passage. Game of Thrones might seem particularly egregious in this regard, since everybody’s using inherently slow medieval-era transportation, but it is by no means unique. HBO releases new behind-the-scenes 'Game of Thrones' series. Game of Thrones: why time suddenly seems to pass so damn fast. Game of Thrones why time suddenly seems to pass so damn fast. Game of Thrones ’ season 7 finale has the potential to redeem - Vox. Game of Thrones season 7: Cersei Lannister is about to get - Vox. How much time has passed in Game of Thrones between season. How much time passed in Westeros during Game of Thrones Season 6. When does Game of Thrones season 8 premiere? - Vox. What impact has Game of Thrones season 6 had on A Song Of Ice And Fire readers awaiting The Winds Of Winter publication date. Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale Review: The Winds of Winter The Real History of Game of Thrones: The War. Should book readers wait, perhaps years, until both the final volumes have been released in order to enjoy the series in the format through which they originally discovered it. Or should they enjoy the series, knowing that the books will be slightly different anyway, and that the chances of avoiding spoilers when the show is as huge and all-conquering as it has become are almost nil unless you want to move to a cave on Mars with no wi-fi. But where exactly does season 6 leave us book readers. Has it laid out all the significant future developments from the books to the point where nothing can surprise us any more. Or has the series become such a different beast that the two are barely relevant to each other any more.

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pirits are very very real. have had my share of both good and bad spirits and its what a person has gone through in their life. IJS. I'M JUST SAYING). Kitty Cat TRM 4 ? ? 6:04 I think that was a human person going to his room apartment. She's in the elevator. HH! TH-the hell? Kim Dupervil 7. You do know that you're not supposed to look at the lady right. But whatever most videos like this are so who cares. But think about it, i feel bad for they're moms dads and kids out there who might visit or living at the hotel. Ahmed Amz 7 ? ? How the f did jake not see her the first time like jeesus Indra Riyadi 7. That has to be fake because she does not look like that plus I did it in real life and wrote it on my hand or that could be someone dressing up without you knowing.

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Specialized diets aimed at minimizing these reactions have been en vogue over the past couple of years, but food allergies and food intolerances are medical conditions that may require professional intervention. “I see a lot of patients who have tried to self-diagnose allergies, and that’s a mistake. Many of those people may be restricting nutritious foods from their diets unnecessarily, and others may be unknowingly doing their bodies harm by continuing to eat damaging foods,” said Ryon Parker, M. D. Chief Medical Officer at Parker Medical and internal medicine physician at Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center. Knowing the difference between these conditions and being able to identify whether there’s a problem is integral to health and well-being. “A true food allergy triggers an immune system response. Essentially, your immune system goes into overdrive attempting to fight the allergen,” Parker said. Because of this, food allergies come on suddenly, and even a small amount of the food can cause a reaction. In rare cases, some patients may experience a delayed reaction to the allergen, not presenting any symptoms for four to six hours. “While every patient is different, and any food can cause an allergic response, 90 percent of food allergies are caused by eight specific foods,” Parker said. They are: Tree nuts, shellfish and fish, wheat, soy, milk, eggs and peanuts. People with food allergies must avoid contact with that food. Allergies can evolve and change; sometimes, exposure to the allergen can elicit a mild response and other times it can cause a severe reaction. Because symptoms can vary so greatly, it’s important for anyone with a known food allergy to avoid the food and have an Epipen on hand in case a reaction occurs. “Patients need to be very careful when reading food labels, and always be sure to talk to their server when dining out to ask questions about the menu. Don’t just ask about the ingredients, either; ask about how the food is prepared,” Parker said. Some patients may not have the enzymes needed to properly digest certain foods, whereas other patients may be reacting to toxins in the food, such as different preservatives.

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Clap. Share on Facebook Pin it HBO Share on Facebook Pin it HBO Share on Facebook Pin it HBO. nd got the Three-Eyed Raven killed. But not before we learned a bit of crucial information about the Children of the Forest. Share on Facebook Pin it HBO Legend tells of a pact struck between the First Men and the Children thousands of years ago, to share the land and never to fight again. Eventually the Children died out, leaving behind the godswoods and other relics of their existence, and the First Men were invaded by the Andals and their religion stamped out -- except in the North. Share on Facebook Pin it HBO As the episode revealed, with their forces near extinction after years of battle with the First Men, the Children turned to dark magic to help them -- specifically creating the White Walkers from men. This confirms a lot of Game of Thrones fan theories. Share on Facebook Pin it HBO In Braavos, Arya's still dealing with being part of a assassination cult. Same old, same old. Share on Facebook Pin it HBO Her latest assignment: Murder the actress playing Cersei Lannister in a parody theatrical performance of Westerosi politics. Same old, same old. Share on Facebook Pin it HBO In the North, Littlefinger -- who stands to make a killing selling the lords and ladies of the realm his teleportation technology -- stands before Sansa Stark and has to face the fact that he left her to be raped and brutalized by the Boltons. Sansa stands up for herself and for the first time to Littlefinger, but could that portend her doom. Share on Facebook Pin it HBO Not much time to discuss it though: The rest of the Stark Rebellion needs to figure out how to crush the Boltons, and it won't be easy. Share on Facebook Pin it HBO As Jon Snow rightly points out: They don't have enough men to beat the Boltons. Share on Facebook Pin it HBO Sansa willfully holds back information -- that Littlefinger offered the knights of the Vale -- from Jon Snow, a move we know is stupid as soon as the words leave her mouth. Share on Facebook Pin it HBO After last episode's insane, wig-testing pyrotechnics, Dany bids farewell to Jorah Mormont for the moment.

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In Babel, Biggs confounds the conventional geometry of vision. The installation Parallax also challenges the supposedly homologous relation between vision and self by creating a collective and interactive visual experience, effectively interspersing the behaviour of virtual objects in the screen with the multiple movements of inter-actors within the installation space. Armstrong? essay is valuable in that it demonstrates that aesthetically working through the design of embodies and networked interfaces can also produce a theoretical and practical framework for artists. Although we may have heard quite a lot about the ubiquity of audience and the disappearance of the gallery with respect to online art, nevertheless exhibitions, installations and institutions stubbornly remain in all their localisation. Yet as Vince Dzekian points out, art galleries are increasingly both virtualised (their Web presence often producing entirely different aesthetic and cultural modes of engagement) and their infrastructure digitised. What, then, does this mean for the site-specificity of such institutions. Rather than take an online gallery as exemplary of such forces of distribution, Dzekian gives us a detailed polemic that brings distributed aesthetics into contact with the National Gallery of Victoria. Here we get a sense of the ways in which an institution wrestles with the experience of being dispersed between informatic and physical space and how its curatorial practices might negotiate this tension. In her article ? eshaping Spectatorship: Immersive and Distributed Aesthetics. Edwina Bartlem challenges the notion that immersive VR or VE art and distributed or networked art are of a different experiential or perceptual order. Both immersive and distributed aesthetics, she argues, provide the conditions for a mediated yet fully engaging telepresence, which can effectively shift our understanding of art spectatorship from passive to performative mode and transform how we interpret and experience community, the human-technology relation and our own corporeality and consciousness. Susan Ballard is also concerned with a thorn in the side of new media theory, albeit a somewhat older one ? entropy. Resonating with a problem that is of concern for other authors in this issue. Ballard argues that entropy is not the downside to information being pushed around a space. Rather than the decay of signal, art that harnesses the material forces of leakage and dispersal might actually constitute a kind of networked experience.

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EEA membership offers access to the EU market, but members must make a financial contribution and adopt most EU legislation as well as allow for the free movement of people to and from the bloc. Scots push case for special Brexit deal in Brussels dailymail. o. k Yaskawa sees short-term Brexit gain from lower labour costs dailymail. o. k. Insurers would have a tight deadline of a few months to decide to stay in the law's marketplaces in 2018. During the first two weeks of the current enrollment season, more than 1 million people signed up. On the day after the presidential election, 100,000 joined the program. Politico notes President Barack Obama's administration estimated that 13. million people would be participants in the current season, which ends around two weeks after Trump takes office. Republicans have said they would use reconciliation, a process that requires 51 Senate votes, which would keep Democrats from blocking the plan. However, that method only blocks the parts of Obamacare that are linked to federal funding. According to Politico, it's likely that lawmakers could not toss the part of the plan that does not discriminate against preexisting conditions — a part of the plan that Trump has said he likes. Insurers would have no guarantee that Congress would set up a replacement for the program, Politico reported. Insurers could exit the program even sooner if Republicans remove funds to provide cost-sharing with low-income customers. A clause in the Obamacare contract allows insurers to cut off coverage if the government eliminates those subsidies, according to Politico. Republicans' plans to repeal Obamacare could be more disruptive than the law itself latimes.

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An alphabetical list: Aarde (2005), Aarda Brush Ability (2009). Calligrahic African Elegance African Gold (2007) African Jazz (2005) African Jungle (2007) African Patchwork (2008) African Pattern (2004) African Shield (2005). Patterned after the cow-hide shields of the Zulu tribe. Made by Anton and Merle Scholtz Afrimod AfroFlare African Textile (2007) Ala Kazam (2015) Always (2010). A fantastic swashy calligraphic face, and its multiline sister, Filigree, 2010 Amaboxi (2007) or Amabokhisi. White on black Amanzi (1999) Aplomb (2008) Aqua Casual (2008) Arabesque (2009). A flowing calligraphic typeface Archivo (2011) Art Nouveau SCF (2008) Asakire (2006) Assegai (2007) Bad Girl (2008). Grunge Bakuba Baluba and Baluba Snake Banquet SCF (2007). Brush script Baobab Black Tie (2007) Blackout SCF (2008) Blythe (2009). Connected script Bongo Bongani (2008) Brazza (2008). Informal hand Button (2008) Buzz (2008) Camy (2009). A script, followed in 2013 by Thaun Doorn (1998), Doorn Body, Doorn Display DragonFyre (2008). A classy breezy connected script Excalibur SCF (2007). A type family for wizards FadedRose Figment (2008) Filigree Fracture (2008). Glaz krak style Fragrance Gatsby SF Genevieve (2007). A flowing connected script Giraffe Skin (2007) Girl Script (2008). A 17-style decorative and romantic typeface Gossamer (2011). A connected brush type Grunge Formal (2007), Grunge Piazza (2007), Grunge Standard (2009) Hard Rain (2007) HiTone.