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Tattooing is a practice in numerous cultures, for a variety reasons. Sometimes tattoos are proof of social status or are given as a rite of passage, to ward off evil, or to identify membership in a group. Skin creations represent fundamental beliefs to the individual wearer or group. Tattooing is practiced by cultures from east to west, by both men and women, and by nearly all ages. The attraction is obvious: To decorate one’s body with permanent art is a powerful statement, not easily erased or altered, so the act itself is almost as intriguing as the image itself might be. It has even been voted the best nightclub in Hollywood by Boutique Design, which is not a title to ignore. The main room hosts the dance floor and the DJ, for anyone who enjoys a high energy party. There are two lounges, each with their own bar and particular ambiance, one more relaxed and the other more social. And there is the outside garden space, which is inviting and relaxing. It really brings a soft, flattering light into every corner of the club, showing off the decor without ruining your photos. The wallpaper actually stands out, which is very rare for a club, but it is gorgeous, with exotic plants, stunning prints, and beautiful animals. Whether you go for some of their signature cocktails or pop a bottle, you are going to keep coming back for more drinks at one of the best nightclubs in West Hollywood. Look forward to amazing beats by Yo Gotti or DJ Rush, for example. The beats are amazing, although you will probably prefer the house and EDM tunes to the hip hop, due to the layout of the venue carrying these sounds better. Naturally with celebrity appearances like these you should be expecting the very best crowds. Expect to run into celebrities on most nights, and A-Listers every once in a while. The venue does not have a strict dress code, and you can probably get in wearing anything, so long as it is clean, hip, and well put together. Don’t expect to get in wearing a suit and sneakers, but a hip hop look with sportswear shoes and jeans can work very nicely.

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UFC Free Fights. ADIHC1; videos; 1,, views; Last updated on Jun 18, UFC Free Fights. Play all. Share. Loading Save. Watch UFC Fight Night 87 Overeem Vs. The UFC typically streams their pay-per-view events on UFC Fight Pass and Showtime may offer a stream on YouTube, albeit not for free. After paying for a six-month subscription, or for each fight individually, you can watch live UFC fights online with FreeCast. How to Watch UFC On Kodi Free Live Online Without Cable. There are other In this way, UFC users can legally live stream UFC fights. Last Post: Aug 9th. To watch UFC Cormier VS Jones 2 Live online through PPV or free, you need to have a VPN because the channels broadcasting UFC Everything you need to know to watch UFC, including the rematch preliminary card, and can be streamed for free on Fox Sports Go. Here's all the info you need to watch UFC live on TV from Brazil on Saturday. As a free trial of the standalone Showtime streaming service and CBS All. McGregor fight on SHOWTIME, including ways to watch, fighter stats, bonus videos and more. September Watch UFC Online Using the Official Fight Pass. Conor McGregor emerged victorious at UFC in his rematch against Nate Diaz. Don't miss McGregor go for the lightweight belt against.


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Cruel fate in the form of Littlefinger elevated the comprehensive failures Jon Snow and Sansa Stark over you, but we’ll never forget or cease to be inspired by your example. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the dragon action was done. I’m interested in seeing the S7 battles to see how much Sapochnik was missed. It was great when Dany’s other two dragons burst through the wall and joined Drogon to bring fire down on the master’s fleet. The way that whole scene was acted out before the dragons appeared was brilliant. The masters believing that Dany would surrender and leave Meereen and then all that changing with the arrival of the dragons. I’d no idea that was real and presumed it was all green screen with CGI later added. Kit Harington must have been shitting hot bricks at the time. A fitting end to such a brutal character, but I’m sure we’ll all miss Iwan Rheon and his superb acting all the same. I was cheering at the moment Dany says, no I will be queen (mmmm words that effect) before drogon arrives. Blackwater cured me of that, and Castle Black made me realize how much goes into the choreagraphy and direction of something like this. But BOB was over the top glorius to watch (my DH happened to be in the room and said, wait, you can watch this but not come to a movie with me if its too violent. But we’d have a very different story and a much less interesting battle. She was about ready to strike from within with her band of rememberers then suddenly, out of nowhere, the WF castle was vacated to fight the good fight. Alas, LD and her rebels were reduced to simple bystanders. Forget the frustrating lack of zig-zig or Jon’s lack of discipline, Ramsay strangely not participating shirtless or Sansa’s wild card strategy, it was an amazing ordeal. Jon’s true rebirth from the bloody darkness, face-eating Tormund, Wun-Wun in beast mode, Davos attempting to command, the phenomenal cinematography on the fields. I’m so glad Dany was riding Drogon during the scouring of the slavers ships.


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There are two biographies on ThedaBara. Both of them (kind of weirdly) were published in 1996. Eve Golden’s Vamp is the livelier read, and it seems to pop up in a lot of bibliographies. But there is also ThedaBara: A Biography of the Silent Screen Vamp, with a Filmography by Ronald Ginini. Vamp has one of the most famous photos of Bara on its cover; I believe that photo was one of the ones taken by Jack Freundlich, as discussed in this episode. A great source on Fruendlich’s work, with Bara and beyond, is Still: American Silent Motion Picture Photography by David S. Shields. Still was an important background resource for my own book on Hollywood still photography, Hollywood Frame by Frame. Do You Read? by Chris Zabriskie “Ball and Biscuit” by The White Stripes “Surprise Ending” by Helium “Baby Vampire Made Me” by Helium “Rub ’Til It Bleeds” by PJ Harvey “Benbient” by canton “Ceremony” by New Order, covered by Galaxie 500 “Damned if She Do” by The Kills “Gymnopedie No. 3” by Eric Satie, performed by Kevin MacLeod “Rock My Boat” by DNTEL. In the early 1950s, MarlonBrando became the first post-war mega-movie star, redefining screen acting and heralding the end of the star system by refusing to sign a studio contract. But as the studio system fell apart in the 1960s, and a new generation of moviegoers rejected the previous decade’s movie stars, Brando acquired a reputation as box office poison. This is the story of how, with two movies shot in 1971 — The Godfather and Last Tango in Paris — Brando turned his career around. He then spent his regained celebrity capital on an act of social activism that simultaneously drew attention to a good cause, and put Hollywood’s culture of self-adoration in its place. Show notes! Today’s episode features excerpts from a conversation between myself and Austin Wilkin, the archivist for the MarlonBrando Estate. I’ve quoted liberally from Brando's own autobiography, Songs My Mother Taught Me.


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If you are unique or a gay man, RealDoll offers male best sex doll as surely. The right chemistry (and money) could amount of these things couple much further. Pay no attention that his wife is always bruised and appearance scared - means zero. Pay no attention that his kids look shell shocked all time and often live in mortal terror of their father, ya know, the guy whose bruised wife just trips a lot, the right way? BS! That screaming and moaning coming from the inside of his property is just everyone having a lot of fun playing Twister, right partners? American presidents are going to be the snarling Rottweiler, straining at the leash, looking to defend their own her charges - may well be we the people and the media. No, he's excessively nuanced and post - EVERYTHING to ever perform the job anywhere like the previous 43 men who held the actual did. Anyhow, many members makes a so what out from the whole 'family oriented' website page. They didn't want cussing, or any of your naughty stuff because most members have kids. God forbid little Junior get access and watch F word or S word in print in shape. Heck, some members even blew a gasket when Victoria Secret banners were popping up all in the site. They didn't want kids seeing half naked chicks on banners while mommy wrote an evaluation on nail polish. Truthful Jesus Christ - maybe someone should inform him of factor. System the symbol of a Creator's will off this rock. As with all high end sex dolls, the dolls are anatomically correct, with skin that feels like real come. If she would've done a magnificent job, just how many people would've raced onto their computers to discover the replay. Even so, the government cannot safeguard your child or teenager while they surf the world wide web and browse via every tinnitus is created sites and chatrooms accessible there.


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The possibility of an outbreak of ethnic violence has been a concern because many Kenyans vote along ethnic lines. President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was declared the election winner, is a Kikuyu; opposition leader Raila Odinga, who alleged vote-rigging, is a Luo. More than 1,000 people died in ethnic-fueled violence following Kenya's 2007 election. Odinga was the losing candidate in that vote, and was later made prime minister in a power-sharing agreement designed to defuse tension. 4: 25 p. . The office of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta says recent protests over the country's disputed election have been violent and unlawful. The election commission denies the allegation and has declared that President Uhuru Kenyatta won a second term. Police say they are aware of the shooting death of a 9-year-old girl in a Nairobi slum and are investigating. The force says it is being targeted by false allegations designed to escalate tensions. Violence broke out in some areas in Kenya after opposition leader Raila Odinga said the election was rigged. Odinga on Sunday spoke to a crowd in Kibera, a Nairobi slum where opposition supporters have battled police who fired live ammunition and tear gas in past days. Violence had broken out after Odinga said the Aug. 8 election was rigged; Kenya's election commission, which declared President Uhuru Kenyatta had won, says its voting process was fair. He is also promising a major announcement on Tuesday. Pastors delivered sermons appealing for calm in the Nairobi slum of Mathare, where rioters have battled police who fired live ammunition and tear gas. The pastors asked congregations to help rebuild and leave matters to God even if they feel they have been victims of injustice. Outside the churches, made of little more than wood frames and tin roofs, children played soccer, darts, checkers and other games.