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One of them is in the Fabio-starring sex comedy Dumbbells, and Nick Dent (who I think is the same Nick Dent who is friends with the awesome Amy Seimetz) has been in various mostly-Oregon based productions such as Chillers 2 from Cheezy Flicks associates Trionic. Another regular of Oregonian stuff, Vince Kublick has been in the Librarians TV series and the likes of Cold Sun with Marianne Bourg of Gun Woman and the Asylum's Road Wars, and Avengers Grimm's Brian Gilleece, directed by a promising looking young filmmaker named Isaac Medeiros who like me has been quick to make friends with various film types like Irish filmmaker Terry McMahon as well as the likes of Branch and Jeff Scott Taylor. Medeiros has also made films with Dan Hewitt Owens, who has been in Race with Devil, Parks and Recreation, Last Vegas. etc. lassroom-6 Vince Major, a costar of Jeremiah Benjamin appears in this, the Glendalian Classroom 6. Last edited by madeleymade on 9:45 AM - Sep 07, 2016, edited 89 times in total. The same director of Demon's Odyssey made the offensively-titled Irish Car Bomb with Troma's Bob Freville. The films share the same producer as Aussie flick Wyrmwood,-Brainslav Tatalovic. arrero was also in the Last Chicana, a near-future comedy with Asylum's Bermuda Tentacles' Blanca Blanco. Buddy Howard has made several indie films regionally with the likes of Travis Ammons (a friend of my FB acquiantance, comic artist Bill Hughes). Ammons has directed films with From Dusk Till Dawn's David Maldonado. Howard has worked with the likes of Texas Chainsaw's Arlene Miller and Machete Kills' Crystal Martinez. The Quest for Sizeable Truth is a doc by 30 Rock's Vinny Anand with Connie Giordano, star of Mr Hush - the post-porn comeback for Fright Night's Stephen Geoffreys. With Lethal Weapon 4 extra Victoria Horn in her second role and one of the actors of Ibid ( ) and Indieflix's Person of Interest (not the Ariztical one or the one with Empire's Tobias Truvillion), he looks set to conquer if he can get released. He's friends with Sharknado's Jeffrey Decker, a friend of my fellow Daily Grindhouse contributor Paul Freitag Fey. EDIT: I now know Gerren Hall through my friend Julian Lowenthal. Gerren Hall seems to have done mostly Mormon horror such as Penance and Mission Apocalypse, Four Square with Discovery channel host Beth Hagendorf, and Mission Imposter - a fan film guest starring Peter Lupus not playing his old character from MI but President Bush opposite the guy who plays Obama in the new Barbershop film. There is little info out there about Penance, but director Dante Moran and I share a friend in Andrew Leavold so I may inquire. Some of the same cast of Mission Apocalypse appear in Whitefire (and its sequel - A Harlequin in Darkness) Also in Whitefire is Alexandra Mason of Danny Trejo's Bro'.

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Million Dollar Baby Stepmom World Trade Center too. Grave of the Fireflies The Secret in Their Eyes (2009) Waltz with Bashir 5 Centimeters per Second Barefoot Gen. Excellent concept, brilliant acting and impressive direction and story. Hachi or Hachiko: Really beautiful movies, both the original and remake. Here are few dog movies which are tear jerkers: Old Yeller will make you cry, I also felt bit sad. Beautiful movie. The Fox and the Hound: It is not exactly overtly sad like Hachi or Old Yeller, but there are few emotional moments. Where the Red Fern Grows: Probably the saddest movie of all dog movies, although not as iconic as Old Yellee, still it is really sad. Marley and Me: This is like a whole life story of a dog, so you will connect with the story likee not any other dog movies and probably be most sad in the end. Lassie series: God that dog is cute, and I hate dogs. Frankenweenie: An animated dog, this movie is probably the best Tim Burton made since Ed Wood. Excellent movie with right amount of emotions and comedy. I am Legend: Not exactly an out and out cry fest, but the ending will leave many sad. Up: Beautiful movie, one of the best animated movie ever. Miracle in Cell No. : If you don't feel sad after watching this movie, you are a jerk of the highest order. Now lets move to some adult type: Green Mile: just watch John Coffey and you will feel sad. The movie is such a well made gem, emotional to the T. Trust me on that.


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A larger army is further south-east following the Ice Dragon with the Night King. The Wights reach Castle Black and the battle begins. -Bran is at the godstree on the weirwood. He asks the Maester how long he has been in Vision. He says that he may have been thrown out of the vision and something is wrong. -Jon, Daenerys, Jorah, Tyrion, Varys, Brienne, the Hound and some soldiers ride to the gate of Winterfell. Sansa, Arya and also belated Bran comes to the inside of the gate. Jon, etc. ride by. Jon is happy to see his siblings, but on closer inspection he seems depressed. Tyrion realizes that the Northmen are reinforcing the castle walls. Sansa greets Jon. She asks Jon how he managed to bring Dany and Cercei to peace. Jon hugs her and answers bleakly that it's not that easy. Sansa tells Jon that Bran's situation is hard to explain. Arya answers Jon quite relaxed that she has executed him. Jon looks sad again, then Sam comes and greets Jon. Dany looks pleased. Jorah notices this and his gaze goes to the lords standing around, who look at Dany with disbelief.


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Sansa less so because the SanSan angle never really took off but I wouldn’t mind a nod to his offer to her back in the beginning. The only two he ever willingly looked out for, the Stark ladies, have to play a part in his endgame in some way. So while I would hate to lose him, if he goes out heroic, I would be (somewhat) satisfies. In Season 7, she spends much of her time preparing Winterfell for the full brunt of Winter. Sh e has learned how to govern and how to be cunning and play the game of politics in Westeros, more so than most of the characters on the show. Hmm, what could Arya get up to with Jamie’s face on. I think Bran, Sansa and Arya are likely to make it to the end, but obviously be changed in ways that can never be healed. The Starks took most of the early punishment in this story as far as the great houses went. They’re not doing so badly compared to some who are now all wiped out, but GRRM started his story with them as the lead protagonists and I think he is done torturing them (and us). Some days I am convinced he’s going to make it and then the very next day I’m in pre-mourning. He’s even my favourite character for quite some time now and I really am dreading what is going to become of him in this final season. Today I’m in a Jon will love mood, so I am going to lean slightly more towards survival. I think the biggest plot armour he has right now is the fact that his identity as the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna has been one of the, if not the, biggest hidden secrets in this story, that has been hinted at from the earliest possible opportunity. And then there is George testing David and Dan before he would agree to let them do the adaptation: Who is Jon Snow’s mother. GRRM adores his Targs, I don’t feel he has it in him to extinguish them and I actually see Jon as the perfect next level evolution to the Targ dynasty. I have come to love Dany’s Character more and more as the years have gone on and she is probably my second favourite now after Jon (Tyrion being knocked of his second place spot), but I feel she has more chance of dying. I hope not. Her vision in the house of the undying, where she walked up to the throne, but crucially did not touch it after she reached for it, and instead headed north of the wall to meet Drogo and her son, seems massively important. I thinks I’ve read that they only included that because they loved Jason Momoa so much they wanted an excuse to bring him back, so maybe it means nothing, but I feel her not touching the Thorne is hugely significant.


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