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He gave no indication of when, or even if, Paris might withdraw its forces. “I came to Bamako today and went to Gao last month to show you that France will remain engaged as long as it takes,” Macron said in a speech before the French community in Bamako. “Thanks to our engagement, we aim in the long term to accompany and support the national and regional forces,” he added. Paris faces a significant difficulty, in that it confronts a budgetary crisis. France is therefore forced to ask for financing from its imperialist allies, principally Germany and the United States. In the final analysis, the imperialist capitals plan to put the costs of this neo-colonial escalation on the backs of the workers—which Macron made clear by calling for multi-billion defense spending increases while eliminating the special tax on large fortunes. Austerity and slashing cuts to social spending aim to boost financing for wars like the G5 operation in Africa. At the same time, Macron is demanding that the G5 countries, which were already among the poorest in the world even before being devastated by the wars during this decade, to provide large quantities of cannon fodder. The claim that these sacrifices in blood and treasures are necessary in a struggle against terrorism is a shameless political lie. The crisis in the Sahel flows from the bloody war for regime change that NATO waged against Libya in 2011, relying directly on Islamist militias as its ground troops. After the fall of the Libyan regime, Tuareg forces that had fought inside the Libyan army returned to northern Mali and backed local Tuareg fighters, including the National Movement for Liberation of the Azawad (MNLA) against the Malian army. This provoked a major crisis in Bamako, where a coup toppled President Amadou Toumani Toure in March 2012. Initially, Paris tried to remove the military junta of Captain Amadou Sanogo, which it forced to hand over power to an interim government. But finally Paris decided to back the Sanogo junta when it launched its own war in Mali in January 2013—which it nonetheless presented as a war to protect democracy from Islamism. Since 2013, the French war in Mali has aimed neither to fight terrorism nor to create democracy in Mali. Rather, amid increasingly sharp international rivalries, Paris is preparing major new wars in Africa to protect its imperialist interests, including its control of the region’s vast uranium mines that fuel France’s nuclear plants. These successive wars have devastated the G5 countries. Even Malian officials kept in power by French troops now feel compelled to confess that the war in Libya had horrific consequences for the region.

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You can also see the direction of show, supernatural and super powers become more important. Dragons have gone bigger, magical and powerful, so has Bran and Knight King, those elements will play important role in final chapter. Come to think of it, they were naturing and building up these super natural characters(Dragons, Bran, Knight King) all those six seasons, show runners wanted to take them to climax. Also, there are only two really evil characters left in the show Cersi and Little Finger, everybody else were never that evil, most of villains are dead, Little Finger will be dead soon. don't remember Varys was ever an evil person, he was political, smart and understand strategy game but never had evil intentions or doing something that can be classify as such. ame can be said about Tyrion or Jammie, I never found them to be evil people. You cannot say same things about Cersi, she is one of the most destructive person on the show. Both Varys and Little Finger have done their job, they will be pretty useless in fighting the white walkers in the next season. Little Finger was mastermind behind so many historic incident, now plotting a fight between sisters:)), the writers are just trying to add drama in the north otherwise there is nothing to really to show in the Winterfell. Benjen was in the process of turning into a wight when the Children found him, they didn't reverse it, just stop it from spreading and taking him over Are children of the forest dead. That is still a theory though slow and steady they are, win the throne they will. So will recommend to just wait for a better quality leak or official release instead of wasting time downloading the current leak:yk Audio is a bit bad but other than that it's watchable. Unbelievably good episode I see various torrents claiming 1080 and 720 pixels. We are lead to believe that Gendry's raven went from eastwatch to dragstone, and than Dany flew from dragostone to eastatch all in roughly a day. It was too much The show could have handled it a lot better using Bran. IMO this could have been the first instance where Bran started giving people visions in their dreams like the orginal three eyed raven did to him. Bran should have sent visions of Jon Snow in trouble to Dany while she was asleep, and that is what urged her to go. Would have made it far more emtionally powerful than a simple scroll, plus it removes all the travel ambiguity.

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lukhman is right koi akela nahi kyo brhmand ke bare mai duniya log ek bal jitana hi janati hai. hindu darsan mai bahut kuch bataya gaya hai. Nikesh Kumar 6 meses atras Shayad tu athanki hey Tarun Chaudhary 6 meses atras Asia ka sabsha bada moll noida par video do Delhi Belly 6 meses atras Tarun Chaudhary gip mall. Tarun Chaudhary 6 meses atras Asia ka sabsha bada moll noida par video do plz bhi Jaan Asha Shukla 6 meses atras nice narration by both of you. Ansh Choudhari 6 meses atras Luqman, aap Sahi hain. ahan par PK ki shooting hui thi. Agar hum Allah and bhagwan pe believe karte Hain to ispe bhi karna chahiye. We can't deny the fact at the same we can not even confirm it. Marqueurs tumorali igaoa del sangue. 41899 dorabella shaver lake ca. Achieves the gist song. 800m record du monde femmes. Achieves the gist song. 66120b poche assy centre. Yes, if it isn't Disney milking it's Pixar and Classic Animation for all it's worth with 3D re-releases. Yes, after Jurassic Park 3D comes Top Gun 3D, and one assumes after that Jingle All The Way 3D. Eventually, we'll have enough movies to simply re-release and no new movies will ever have to be made again. Well, twenty years after Top Gun 3D, expect Top Gun Holograms and then after that the Ghost of Tom Cruise will perform selected scenes right in your living room.

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Cast:William Marshall, Denise Nicholas,Vonetta Mcgee, Gordon Pinsent, ThalmusRasulala, Emily Yancy, Lance Taylor,Sr. Charles Macaulay. In 1815 theAfrican prince Mamuwalde is cursed byDracula and sealed in a coffin doomedto be tortured by an unquenchable lustfor blood. Two decoratorspurchaseBlacula's coffin and unwittinglyrelease him and become his firstvictims. 93 min. Online Access through LFLFC. Cast: TamaraDobson, Bernie Casey, Shelley Winters. lassic blaxploitation potboilder. Except where otherwise noted, this work is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4. License. Published at: Feb. 3, 2015, 4:28 a. . CST by headgeek. It starts off with a bang, and ends with one helluva great film this week. As usual, all the images and links will take you to Amazon, where if you want to learn more or order the disc, you can go right ahead. That also helps support the best efforts of this column, now in its 11th year. Check all the reviews out at PicksAndPeeks.

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I took it with a grain of salt because it seemed that the 2 non-GRRM authors were writing fan fiction and conjecture about far flung places that would not show up in the series, along with some oversight and contributions from George. I know he wrote parts, but I just saw it as a companion piece with great artwork. On another note, I was checking my notifications last night and didn't see anything recent from your channel. I've heard people talking about this happening for a while now, but I didn't seem to be affected. I have notifications turned on for you guys and only a handful of other channels. Now I've got you bookmarked in case it happens again. Good to see your subs are otherwise taking off; it's much deserved. He was asked what religion he follow if he was in Westeros. He talked a bit about the seven and then the Lord of Light, but after those 2 he talked about the faceless men. He didnt say the many face god, he just said Valar Morghulis. So the god of death must be a really powerful gods that we may want to look out for. I always assumed that was the reason, and it still makes sense to me. The Order of the Green Hand Hace 2 anos possibly. ut her ability to do it consciously with an animal other than her wolf seems significant BLUE ICE DRAGON Hace 2 anos how did you come to the conclusion that they only use the faces of Wargs. BLUE ICE DRAGON Hace 2 anos The Order of the Green Hand. I guess when you put it like that it does make sense. But I don't really get why the faces would have to be from other skinchangers to work, and I really doubt Pate was one. Maybe the faces in the hall are just the ones that haven't been used yet - it seems that they can wear several faces at once (maybe even hundreds?