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€ť. Jorah, who feels lucky to have escaped death once again, reveals his plans to head back to Dany’s side. I can’t imagine how he would fit into her entourage anymore. She has Tyrion now and Jorah just feels like a third wheel at this point. Also, an unexpected and beautiful meeting happens between Sansa and Bran, who’s finally arrived back at Winterfell. He tells her how sorry he is about her marriage to Ramsay, and she seems startled by how much he knows and for bringing up such a terrible memory. He is the three-eyed Raven now and it is difficult to explain to her what that means. Does anyone else want to punch this man in the throat every time he speaks. The Lannister army is in Highgarden, home of the Tyrells. And Euron’s ships destroy most of the Unsullied fleet. She poisons Ellaria’s daughter and locks them both in a room together. Cersei might still be the super bitch in town, but Dany has dragons. After taking Highgarden, Jaime grants her a merciful death: poison in a glass of wine. But after chugging the poison, she looks him in the eye and reveals that she was the one who orchestrated Joffrey’s death and she doesn’t regret it one bit. Every time she was on the screen you were bound to laugh out loud or gasp at all the excellent lines she got to deliver. Every scene between Dany and Jon Snow was a loaded one and seven years in the making. We want more of any type of scene with them together. Bran is not the same Bran from the first season who liked to climb.

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The awkward sex-scenes don’t do much to convince us of the central love and romance. Lots of silliness, some moving moments and mixed interpretations of gore. A fine central performance from Sands, in a look that occasionally invites unfavourable comparisons with 80’s wailer Michael Bolton; an array of special effects, sometimes convincing, sometimes not so much, and a strangely distressing ending involving a cavern full of heartbroken rats. We first meet two young sisters Beth (Emilia Jones) and Vera (Taylor Hickson, who was accidently scarred during production) as their mother Pauline (Mylene Farmer) is relocating them all to a sinister looking mansion full of dank corridors and creepy dolls. That very night, a gang of murderers breaks in and attacks them. Years later, Vera (now played by Anastasia Philips) has become a seemingly self-harming tragic wreck when visited by her equally grown-up sibling (now Crystal Reed). Except Vera is seemingly possessed by demons whose physical reality somehow stems from the attack all those years back. Or something like that: answers are not forthcoming, until a pretty monumental and punishing twist about half-way through the film which completely blew me away. Following this upsetting revelation, we get scenes of a relentless, punishing regime of torture and abuse at the hands of two figures (a wheezing, retarded, hair-lipped, perverse bald man and what appears to be a skinny, dubious transvestite). It gets uncomfortable to watch, especially as there’s little substance to it all. It is beautifully shot, whole-heartedly acted and genuinely harrowing in places. Horror is a strange genre to enjoy. I love it. But films like those directed by Laugier are different. They are powerful and disturbing and undoubtedly very cleverly produced, but truly harrowing - the one cheerful thing about this one is the appearance of a man who introduces himself as Howard, or HP Lovecraft to me and you. As things go, this low-budget horror is something of a roller-coaster. Normal conversations are punctuated with sudden moments of sullen anger, which immediately disappear, allowing the conversations to continue as normal. The outbursts, and reactions to them, come and go and then vanish.


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An effective band for the hair that is being worn in Paris is made of Kingfishers feathers glycerined mounted on filigreed metal. Laemmlo had made a picture of the last scene, and as an encore this was shown on a screen, the players singing their parts off stage. After an absence of seven years In England, Georgette E. She left this country in short skirts and with hair down her back and she returned nearly a grown- last up woman and a star as well. In the cast will be Dallas Welford, William Roaelle, Floronce Garrette, Eva Condon, Puree Benton, Vira Rial, Catherine Carroll and \ name house will be devoted entirety to ths production of musical plays, ths first of which will be a. The indorsements were given to aid the league's endownment fund. Dietrich, and will be brought to New York about the 2. An evening gown of black and silver cloth was gorgeous. Made plain, slightly draped round the ankles, the train in It includes Misses Fay Gateson and KathRobert Ober, Miss Maude Marjorle Salle. Lloyd has worked this in beauThe audience laughed fully hands. The Cleopatra costume had a skirt entirely of gold fringe with a girdle of brilliants. Ornaments of green beads hung from the A train was embroidered in waist. One of the Misses Wirth is wearing a new gown of white chiffon edged with blue panels of silver lace back and front. Miss Lloyd of is wearing a very attractive gown pink net over a foundation of silver at the Alhambra this week. The net was frilled each side, while straight panels starting from the bodice were A large flop ot iridescent sequins. Flowers made a pretty trimming around the waist sonations of dancers a black satin dress effective with chiffon each side as also was a cloak of silver and black metal cloth, the collar of black feathers, a will start lb Boston, made on The woman in Cooper and Lacey act was neatly costumed. For her imper- Mack and in the attractive gowns in it. A white evening dress was charming, straight lines, the skirt edged with ermine.


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om Judge delays Bergdahl trial by several months wral. om. Either way, the Golden State’s political leaders could be on a collision course with Trump if he pushes hard-line immigration policies enthusiastically backed by many of his supporters. The Times over the weekend examined Obamacare’s future in California, profiled the man who could be the next Treasury Secretary and covered the thousands of people taking to the streets to protest Trump’s election. Our team also talked with members of Trump Nation, who say they are being depicted unfairly as racist and ignorant. In other transition news, the president-elect’s lawyers want to delay the Trump University legal proceedings. George Skelton devotes his Monday column to the 2018 race, writing that this contest is unlikely to be a slugfest. As always, we’re tracking California politics on our Essential Politics news feed. Harris also said she plans to continue serving as California attorney general until she is officially sworn into the U. S. Senate on Jan. 3. Sanchez said she’ll take a few weeks to ponder the next move. Sarah Wire spoke with some strategists about what might be ahead politically for Sanchez as she packs up her 20-year career in Washington and looks toward the future. Southern California voters elected three Latinos to fill open seats in Congress, increasing the diversity of the state’s delegation in Washington and showing the growing clout of the state’s largest ethnic group, Javier Panzar reports. Though Democrats failed to win control of the House, Senate or the presidency, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus was strengthened by eight new lawmakers for a total of 31 members in the next Congress — when its size will be the largest in history. A few weeks ago, it seemed Democratic legislative candidates up and down the state were banking that tying their Republican rivals to Trump would pay big dividends. Now, with most election results in, it appears the strategy didn’t pay off as well as Democratic leaders had hoped.


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Ryan is a graduate of the American Conservatory Theater 's M. . . actor training program. Off-Broadway Credits include: Midsummer Night's Dream and Taming of the Shrew (New York Classical Theatre); The Tempest ( Pearl Theatre Company ). Proud member of Actors' Equity Association and SAG-AFTRA. Neuberger is a veteran actor of 46 years and counting. Broadway: original casts of Wicked, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Big, A Change in the Heir and the first revival of Gypsy in 1974. She has directed twenty-four of Shakespeare's plays, some of them multiple times. Recent regional credits include The Crucible at Olney Theatre Center and Lauren Gunderson 's Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley at Cincinnati Playhouse. Upcoming projects include Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra at Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. Humor, grace, innocence and improvisation distinguish this Broadway classic. North Coast Repertory Theatre is located at 987 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA 92075. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1940. As an Armenian American, Saroyan wrote extensively about the Armenian immigrant life in California. Many of his stories and plays are set in his native Fresno. Some of his best-known works are The Time of Your Life, My Name Is Aram and My Heart's in the Highlands. A veteran of over 250 theatrical productions including over 100 productions at North Coast Rep.


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His team has been involved in Zinda Bhaag, Extortionist, Rafina and Josh the film, as well as his own two efforts Morqaye and Downward Dog. Morqaye is an epic journey of a Pakistani railway station master and his family, while Downward Dog is a black and white film noir set in the Karachi of the future. Incredibly, the two films almost bankrupted the successful filmmaker before he managed to find producers for himself. After such a long wait though, it seems that the time for the harvest is nigh. They don’t have a lot in common in style or ambition, and are not part of some conscious social thought either. We need a new, larger-than-life action hero, we need a film that can amplify rather than reject our film tradition, we need a daring vision to be backed up by skilled creative personnel. We need all these things to create a cohesive sense of identity for Pakistani cinema, one that can create the bedrock upon which future, newer waves can crash upon. The journey is a long one, but Pakistani cinema is now beginning to walk down it. The upcoming film stars one of Lollywood’s and Bollywood’s most popular talent; Naseeruddin Shah. Alongside him is model Amna Ilyas, Khurram Patras, Salman Ahmad Khan, Zohaib and Manzar Sehbai. The movie follows the life of the man who won Pakistan their first cricket World Cup in 1992 and who wanted to build the first cancer hospital after the tragic death of his mother. Everything Imran Khan has done and achieved from winning the World Cup to the present day as a political leader is showcased. With the second trailer out, the hype surrounding the movie is high. He commented on current situation saying, “Whatever is required at this moment to rebuild Pakistani cinema, I’m willing to do it and I am willing to fight for it. €ť -Text by Safa Gangat. With a director like Shehzad Rafique, a movie that seems to depict a powerful message is not a surprise. Despite that, it seems the delays and obstacles were overcome and improved the film even more. The movie claims to change how we recognise and perceive events taking place around us.


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Chomsky, Herbert Wise, Buzz Kulik, Lamont Johnson, John Korty, Fielder Cook, Jud Taylor, Roger Young, Ed Zwick, Jerry London, Norman Lloyd, Lou Antonio, Hy Averback, Earl Bellamy, Paul Wendkos, Don Taylor, Boris Sagal, Waris Hussein, William A. Graham, James Goldstone, John Erman, Jerrold Freedman, Gilbert Cates, Robert Butler, Robert Day, Lee H. Heffron, Robert Markowitz, Leo Penn, Jackie Cooper, Mel Damski, Delbert Mann, John Llewellyn Moxey, Edward Sobol, Max Liebman, Lee Philips, Peter Markle, Peter Hall, Anthony Harvey, Glenn Jordan, Tom Donovan, Gilchrist Calder, Noel Black, Richard A. Colla, David Greene, Kirk Browning, Charles Haid, Robert Michael Lewis, E. W. Swackhamer, and Jerry Paris. This book collates the careers of the directors who made TV movies, miniseries, and specials, but it also details the anthology TV careers of Penn, Frankenheimer, Mulligan, Hill, and any film director who has 60-minutes-plus TV credits—Spielberg, Wes Craven, and William Friedkin, for instances. Mankiewicz, 1964), The Ages of Man (Paul Bogart, 1965), and so on. Aficionados might recall that luminaries such as Coward, Kanin, and Mankiewicz directed for TV, and did so with distinction. This book would call attention to their TV directing and resurrect the memory of such unique and offbeat events as Rod Serling’s twisted postnuclear war yuletide adventure, Carol for Another Christmas, which starred Sterling Hayden in a facsimile of Ebeneezer Scrooge, marked Peter Sellers’s American TV debut, and also starred Robert Shaw, Ben Gazzara, Eva Marie Saint, Richard Harris, Peter Fonda, Britt Ekland, James Shigeta, Steve Lawrence, and Pat Hingle. The general impression left by histories, profiles, and obits was that Mankiewicz was tainted by the ordeal of Cleopatra (1963) and Twentieth Century Fox all but went belly-up from its red ink, and the distraught director didn’t work for four years. In fact, the year after Cleopatra, Mankiewicz directed one of the most ambitious programs of the 1960s. Carol for Another Christmas aired once, on December 28, 1964, and presumably now rests somewhere in a vault. He was nominated for the Emmy for best actor for this performance, but was beat out by Lloyd Nolan in The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial on Ford Star Jubilee. But under Browning’s direction, Ferrer became one of the few performers to be nominated for the same part in all three performance media. While the directors are the central subject, this book, as a matter of course, mines from the vaults the memories of great performances and relates these events to younger generations. Like TV directors’ work, the great actors’ TV work has been forgotten, too, not mentioned in profiles or obits with their more well-chronicled movie or stage roles. But consider for a moment that John Frankenheimer directed Richard Burton, Maximilian Schell, and Sydney Pollack in Ernest Hemingway’s The Fifth Column on Buick Electra Playhouse in 1960; Delbert Mann directed Humphrey Bogart, Henry Fonda, and Lauren Bacall in Robert E.


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Although far from the most original concept, Boaz Yakin ’s sports movie is still a rousing and effective inspirational story. Based on a true story, Washington plays Herman Boone, a coach who leads a newly-integrated high school football team to victory in the 1970s. Manipulative? Yes. Historically inaccurate. Probably. But a crowd pleaser? Absolutely. Unfortunately, Richard Attenborough ’s film mainly focuses on Donald Woods ( Kevin Kline ), a liberal journalist who attempts to expose the police’s complicity in Biko’s death, making for another black-story-through-white-eyes drama. Yet that does little to diminish the power of Washington’s performance or the nobility with which the film was made. Washington lost the Oscar to Sean Connery (“The Untouchables”). Yet writer-director Spike Lee turns this into a powerful father-son drama with knockout performances by Washington and real life NBA star Allen. He stars in this Robert Zemeckis drama as an alcoholic pilot who saves almost all of his passengers with a daring landing while on the sauce. Unfortunately, playing a drunk didn’t lead to more Oscar-gold for Washington, who lost to Daniel Day-Lewis (“Lincoln”). Yet equally impressive is Washington’s turn as the homophobic ambulance chaser hired to represent him when he’s wrongfully terminated by his law firm. Sadly, Washington received no awards recognition for the film, but that doesn’t diminish the subtly with which he charts his character’s development from venal bigot to human right’s advocate. Directed by Ridley Scott, this biographical drama recounts the criminal career of Frank Lucas (Washington), a Harlem drug lord who smuggled heroin into the United States through American service planes returning from Vietnam. “American Gangster” is far from a perfect film: it spends too much time on the home-life of the New York City cop ( Russell Crowe ) charged with taking Lucas down.