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Certain foods gain extra details in their textures, with the sausages themselves looking like real objects that you can touch. In fact, the move to high-dynamic-range makes everything look more realistic (while still keeping that stylised animated look). Sure, there are better-looking CGI animated films available on this blossoming format (just look at our Trolls entry in the family movies section), but Sausage Party still looks good enough to eat. For fans of the film, this is as good as it's ever going to look. However, much like how the first Planet Earth series was a showcase for the Blu-ray format, Planet Earth II proves to be an astounding demo disc that easily highlights the 4K Ultra HD format's greatest strengths. With numerous locales spread over six episodes, Planet Earth II gives the viewer a whole lot of variety in the eye candy department. In the first episode alone, the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean are juxtaposed against the volcanic majesty of the Galapagos islands, offering lifelike HDR visuals at both ends of the color spectrum. Creature close-ups are astonishing in their sharpness, exhibiting high detail in faces and fur. Just as impressive are the series' signature drone shots, which give you a bird's-eye view of various landscapes, including mountains, jungles and even cities in the final episode. A major selling point of Planet Earth II is that it was all captured in Native 4K and is presented here exactly as intended by its creators. Add to this the otherworldly feel attributed by the use of slow motion photography, and what you have is the definitive 4K Ultra HD disc to make people's jaws drop. Blue Planet II is the second such documentary (after Planet Earth II, above), and focuses on the wildlife that can be found in our planet's oceans. The whole documentary is stunningly presented, with the sheer richness of the ocean's colors a sight to behold. The HDR10's wide color gamut is put to fantastic use with the rich hues present throughout each episode, and we were particularly fond of the HDR highlights found on the show's florescent deep-sea creatures. Other discs might offer technically superior visuals with mastering of up to 4,000 nits, but for us nothing will compare to the raw beauty of nature captured in uncompromised 4K. Plus, get up and running quickly — see what’s new since your last version, discover fun things to try, and get inspiring ideas, help, and tutorials. Pricing is available only through the online Adobe Store. OEM, education and volume licensing customers are not eligible. This offer is valid in the U.

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Rolston: And there is the degree to which the Elder Scrolls games now have a life online where people are interested in that setting in a very deep way. They’re immersed in the factions and the relationships of what they do, so my sense is, looking back at the Arena game and the Daggerfall game, they were important models that I could use. Just as an example, the creation of books in a game that you could read, they can be used in a lot of different ways, they can immerse you in the setting, they can simply give you flavor, or they can give you skills and therefore you don’t care about the contents of the books, you just want to collect every book. So the more junk you put into a game that nonetheless seems, at least at one moment or another during running around, to seem logically connected to another thing. Whether you actually give a shit about that or not is not what’s important. It’s the illusion that it all makes sense that makes it a more immersive game. Wawro: Yeah something I -- This is relatively unrelated, but I think Bryant and I were talking about it offline earlier this week. Some games do a really excellent job of giving the player just enough room to hang themselves narratively. Insofar as a game like Destiny from Bungie will give you lots of proper nouns. It will give you lots of like “The Traveler” “The Last City” “The Covenant” or “The Kabbal. Those in a very meaningful way are sort of vague but evocative pieces of storytelling that give the player room to kind of fill in the gaps on their own. I think what’s interesting about these games is they do that in a very physical sense. There is just tons and tons of stuff in this game that you don’t have to see, and maybe isn’t fully explained, but gives the player fodder to sort of tell their own story. Francis: I’ll springboard off of Alex’s observation to ask, Ken, you mentioned earlier when you were writing that bible for Morrowind, you were starting to write about all the places where all these intersections would happen, right. And all these elements, “This character is of this faction or is of this mindset, so they would be in conflict with this thing. Once a game like this starts getting big or even just medium sized. Even a medium-sized RPG would have trouble with this. How do you keep track and organize and focus making all those intersections happen. I guess that’s maybe more of a Morrowind question since you said you weren’t that in the thick of it on Oblivion.

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g; sugars, 4. g; salt, 0. 3g; fibre, 16. g A serving of this aromatic soup provides one of your five a day and, thanks to the chickpeas and lentils, it has 10. g protein and is high in fibre — providing more than half the RDA. There are enough calories for this to work as a light lunch on its own. Spinach is also a source of vitamins A and C and iron. The prospect of a nominal fee being imposed per cup was dismissed by Dr Therese Coffey MP yesterday. Instead, the Government signalled it will rely on voluntary measures by chains such as Costa, Caffe Nero and Pret a Manger to reduce the blight. Most people are unaware of the fact that just one out of every 400 cups issued by coffee shops ends up being recycled. This is because they contain a plastic coating that means they cannot be recycled along with other paper waste. As a result, 2. billion are thrown away in the UK alone every year and end up going to landfill where they take up to 30 years to rot away. Academics, environment groups and the Lib Dems are among those calling for a 5p charge on the cups to encourage alternatives that can be easily recycled. Last year, the former Conservative environment minister Rory Stewart expressed some support for the idea of a 5p cup charge after the issue was highlighted by waste campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. However, Mr Stewart has since moved departments and his successor, Dr Coffey, appears to have rejected the idea. In a letter to the Lib Dems, she said the firms have a legal duty to recover and recycle 'a proportion' of the cups they give out. This mostly relates to those left in their own bins. Dr Coffey said some companies are taking voluntary measures to cut down on the number of cups given away.

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Relentlessly active, he is isolated by other children and brings homemade weapons to school. One night, Amelia allows her son, Samuel, to choose the bedtime story and he decides on the decidedly strange children’s book, Mister Babadook. The book terrifies the young boy and he becomes convinced that its eponymous monster is coming after him. Much of this is down to writer-director Jennifer Kent (remarkable that this is her first feature), who intelligently utilises cinematography, score, sound and set design (the house is essentially a character in itself) in order to ensure that this creepiness persists. Due to this effectively lingering sense of dread that unsettles greatly, Kent allows herself significant restraint when it comes to portraying the titular being. Moreover, the slow build-up that Kent implements makes his first appearance genuinely terrifying, while the creature himself allows the filmmaker to incorporate touches from German expressionism. Her performance is extraordinary, effortlessly convincing no matter what side to Amelia she is portraying, whether it be the stressed-but-caring mother, grieving wife or disturbed woman. Similarly terrific is Wiseman, who like Davis, perfectly sells his character in conveying his various sides, managing to be hugely irritable in one scene and deeply sympathetic in another. It is deeper, more affecting and chilling than any such movie could hope to be. Kent is a director thankfully uninterested in cheap tricks and instead concerned with creating a piece of work that contains as much substance as style. In doing so, she has delivered what is easily the best horror film in years. The Babadook is different; it first approaches like a cold hand on the back of your neck, causing the hairs to stand up, then it creeps under your skin, slowly eating away at you and refusing to go away. Fun for LEGO and DC Comics fans of all ages, this CG animation look pretty super on Blu-ray and comes equipped with a suitably dynamic DTS-HD MA 5. soundtrack. However, when champion player Jonathan E. (James Caan) threatens to become too popular and powerful, the secret cabal that runs the sport decides it's time to make an example of him. A tense thriller, The Killing tells the story of a group of thieves who come together with the perfect plan to rob millions from a race track, only for human foibles to bring things crashing down around them. Returning to her home in Montreal, this reluctant predator proceeds to unleash a terrifying plague across the city that transforms its victims into murderous zombies. Equipping himself with a camera and police scanner, and prowling the nocturnal streets of L.

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However, there's something about the movie that makes it oddly watchable, and the ending was kind of creepy. IF IT'S TUESDAY, THIS MUST BE BELGIUM Low-key, sardonic humor about a group of American tourists bussed through Europe in a 9-country, 18-day tour. The film is about the characters: a grouchy couple's daughter is infatuated with a British youth, a man wants to re-live his glory days from WWII, another man is nervous about meeting Italian relatives, yet another man loses his wife on another tour and tries to be reunited and a very odd kleptomaniac takes something from every motel they stay at. The main story thread is about the tour guide who tries to bed Susan Pleshette, and when continually rebuffed by her, begins to fall in love. Loads of second-stringers here, including Mildred Natwick, Murry Hamilton, Norman Fell, Peggy Cass, Marty Ingels, Luke Halpin as well as John Cassavetes, Joan Collins, Ben Gazzara and Anita Ekberg. VEGAS VAMPIRES When a millionaire's daughter goes missing in Vegas, a police detective agrees to look for her, not know that she has been kidnapped by a vampire cult. The detective's step-son is also in Vegas, looking to get a famous Vegas drive-through marriage, while ex-cops Richard Roundtree and Bernie Casey are also on hand for some fun, until the lot of them run afoul of the bloodsuckers. For example, Level 1 means you're a vampire but you can be killed by a bullet. While that could have made for an interesting film, the movie is shoddy in its direction and the green screen effects are really sub-par. It's a shame to see Roundtree and Casey wasted like this. Daniel Baldwin is also in the film in what could be the world's smallest supporting role. ELVIRA'S MOVIE MACABRE: GAMERA, SUPER MONSTER The Mistress of the Dark is in fine form here, as she takes the movie to task on its many flaws during her commercial breaks. This is the film that capped the first series of Gamera movies, mixing superheroes, STAR WARS and lots and lots of stock footage from all the Gamera films from GAMERA VS. BARUGON on. The story? Yeah, there was one, right. Evil aliens in oddly familiar star cruisers approach Earth with the intention of conquering it. Even Gamera's attack on Japan gets re-cycled before the Little G gets fed up and goes after the space ship in what is intended to be his certain death. When I watch the original Gamera films, I do so mainly for the fights, but having them consolidated here was still tiring, and the trio of wonder-women didn't raise my excitement levels.

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He should also have the right to be free and to get on with his life. And you forget there are 10,000 Palestinians held in Israeli jails many without charge, including women and children. You talk of Hamas’s crimes, but can you tell us how many they have killed. They cover the period from 29. . 000-26. 2. 008 so presumablydo not include those from Cast Lead, ie another 1,500 deaths. Does anyone know the totals since Al Naqba in 1948. Until his return (probably in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners) he should not be treated cruelly and inhumanely. As to the number of Israeli casualties you can find it on the same B”tselem website. The side with the most casualties wins the argument. If you have suffered more casualties does that mean your cause is just. Thousands of Palestinian civilians have been abducted from inside the West Bank and Gaza by Israeli intruders, so I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make. Is it OK for the Israelis to abduct people but not OK if Palestinians do it. There are several independent reports of torture in Israeli jails. It makes me laugh when Israelis know exactly how many home made rockets have been fired by Hamas but never say how many state-of-the-art missiles, shells and bombs the Israelis have launched into Gaza. We should also add the many tens of thousands of other Arabs killed by Israel in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt. Shalit was captured in a Palestinian raid on a IDF base near Kerem Shalom, inside Israel.