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oung singers from all across the region participated in the event and special focus was on the visually challenged artists who performed very well on the stage. he winners of the event would be selected by the Mh1for national level program. udhvir lauded the efforts of the organizers who had arranged the Sangeet Sandya and called for promoting young talent of the state. Sadiq Khan, in consultations with Sat Sharma and Munish Sharma, has nominated District Presidents of Minority Morcha. Dara Singh as District President R. . Pura, Zakir Hussain as District President Bani Basohli, S. Fauja Singh as District President Samba, Syed Ahmed Shah as District President Kishtwar, Mohd. Irfan Khan as District President Ramban, Ikhlaq Ahmed Wani as District President Doda, Imtyaz-Ul-Abrar as District President Reasi, Mohd. Maqbool Wagay as District President Shopian, Gulzar Ahmed Dar as District President Kulgam, Mushtaq Bhat as District President Anantnag, Mohd. Zaid as District President Rajouri, Bhupinder Singh as District President Pulwama, Ashrad Ali Bhad as District President Budgam, Habibullah Mir as District President Srinagar, Farooq Ahmed Rather as District President Ganderbal, Ishfiq Ahmed Khanday as District President Bandipora, Mohd. Sadeeq Khan as District President Kupwara, Abdul Hamid Sofi as District President Baramulla and Irshad Ahmed Bhat as District President Poonch. They mentioned the welfare schemes initiated particularly for the farmers and the rural areas. They said that the Central government has announced to double the income of the farmers in next few years and it will itself be a revolutionary achievement in the history of the country. Bansi Lal and Senior leader Pardeep Sharma, led the yatra from Kuniar to Kanater and covered five panchayats. owshera District President Capt.

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DVD Copy. Update: Jan 31, 2013. Thankfully, there's plenty of free software available to do just that, and as long as you stick to ripping discs that you legally purchased, you're not doing. We (and others) think that, if you own a DVD, you should be able to override its copy protection to make a backup copy or to convert its content for. But HandBrake doesn't include the software needed to decrypt commercial DVDs, so you also need to install libdvdcss, an open-source library that can. So, having said that, if you do have a DVD that you have the full rights to Rip the content for, all you need is software that will import the files. DivX, Roxio and a host of third party internet programs can help you there. Ebuyer does not endorse or review these programmes so check with an external source. I can bark off a queue of DVD programs out there that are fit for the task; however, there's an easier way to accomplish this without using any auxiliary software. There's no need to download spyware suffused software or procure specialized programs such as Nero or Roxio. Wanted to Copy an OLD DVD and facing problem, then WinX DVD Copy Pro is the perfect software for you. The software not only helps in copying old but also useful in many scenarios which are discussed in the post below. The software offers lots of options such as: Remove DVD Region Code; Remove. Hi, If the PC is making no attempt to to connect to the camera, i. . no indications on the taskbar that anything is happening when you connect the device: 1.

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1945 in Algeria). Belgian- based fi lmmaker of Algerian descent. Worked as an actor in the 1980s, including playing one of the 44 Dictionary of African Filmmakers leads in Mehdi Charef s Miss Mona. Studied fi lmmaking at the Institut des Hautes tudes Cinmatographiques (IDHEC) in Paris. From the 1970s edited some of the most signifi cant Algerian feature fi lms. Two fi lms as director. Arrived in France at the age of 4 and retains Al-gerian nationality. One short fi lm. Stands apart from his more socially committed contempo-raries. Studied sociology and then fi lmmaking at the Centro sperimentale di cinematografi a in Rome. Worked as assistant director in Italy, including on two fi lms by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Head of the Centre Cinmatographique Marocain (CCM) from 1986. Has his own production and distri-bution complex, Dawliz. His later features are big- budget international co- productions, unlike any other Moroccan features. Studied at the Institut des Hautes tudes Cinmatographiques (IDHEC) in Paris. Indian director of one fi lm included in some lists of South African feature fi lms: Th e Making of the Mahatma (English, 1994) Benguigui, Yamina (b.

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A surprising and ambitious trip from ambient to cosmic paths. The music was played by a band of 6 members with traditional rock instruments (electric guitars and basses, drums, synthesizers, percussion, effects, vocals, tape loops) in vein of industrial psychedelic ambient (resembling sometimes Kraftwerk, sometimes Lustmord) with massive fragments of chtonic radioactive Sludge Doom (sometimes sounding like good old Cathedral). This monumental work which lasted from 2010 to 2013 year will be released in the sixth birthday of the project: September 10-11 2013. The album contains 5 compositions by Ilia Belorukov that are united by one idea and performed as a trio with Mikhail Ershov and Alexey Zabelin. Monotony, meager growth and micro changes of a composition structure coupled with hidden surprises and sound changes from one part to the other - these are the basic properties of Act 5. Boring, tedious, interesting, entertaining, long, short, loud, quiet, fast, slow, why, how, what, where, who, whom. With iridescent paints from jazz, noise, electronic, ambient and even shoegaze pallettes the sound of WRIST stepping down to the cellar remain authentic and recognizable. The album has been conceived and composed during the series of travels to the Balkan States made by Michael in the period of three years from 2009 to 2011. It is dedicated to all the victims of local wars happened in former Yugoslavia territories in the 90-es. The album contains 7 tracks in typical Ritual Front neofolk style with some addition of New Wave elements which look a bit surprising but really fresh and cool. Advanced edition: original Serbian brojanitsa (a national beads, a kind of prayer rope), 8 full colour postcards with photos made by Michael A. Anekkyy is the landscape of America, swallowed by our souls. The vacuum in the rocks, the silences in the last waterfall, the magma overwhelming when they hatch the eagles, the loneliness of man-made desert. Collaboration between the Basque Country based musicians Miguel A. Garcia - Xedh (Valvula Antirretorno, Mubles) and Jon Imbernon (Ximel, Ura), their encounters are always collisions of love and violence in the path of the desired ignorance. Anekkyy is its first long, designed to widen the time and to know what they don't want to.

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The WDL will begin offering content on its site in late 2008 or early 2009, Billington said, with the ability to “rapidly ramp up” as countries digitise their archives and make them available. The site will have a few hundred thousand items to begin with, officials said. The Library of Congress holdings, which include millions of items from around the world, will form the backbone of the initial WDL collection, with other digital content provided by six other libraries, including the national libraries of Egypt, Brazil and Russia. WDL officials could not estimate how much it would cost to fully fund the creation of their site, but they said they hoped much of the money would come from private sources. The United States has often been criticised, particularly here in France and in the developing world, for its dominance of the Internet and for the global spread of its culture. But WDL officials called the project an example of how the United States could use its vast resources and know-how to bridge those differences. As it happened, BJP leaders were coming out after meeting the EC members when the Congress delegation comprising Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, senior party leader R K Dhawan and some ministers were going in. Dhumal came up with a metaphor that caused some frowns in the Congress camp. “Hum aa rahe hain, aap ja rahe ho (we are coming and you are going), he quipped as the two sides passed each other. But Earth Sciences Minister Kapil Sibal has got Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy to promptly promise additional land in the city for the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services, in order to set up more facilities. The demand for additional land was put to Reddy after he arrived at the inaugural function of the tsunami warning centre. As Reddy indicated his willingess to accept the demand, Sibal pitched in to get the commitment reinforced. He told the assemblage that Reddy had already taken a decision to provide additional land within minutes and that was leadership of a high order. She stressed that the organisers had at the last minute changed the topic of her speech as well as the format of the scheduled programme.

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What Parents Need to Know Parents need to know that The Little Rascals is a 1994 remake of the '30s classic serial. The good news here is that the cast is integrated and it's less racist than the original. But there are things that would scare younger children, including thunder and a large Doberman that jumps on Alfalfa, knocking him over. The clubhouse catches fire and the kids put it out by themselves. Alfalfa drinks dish soap and bubbles come out when he sings -- parents may want to warn kids that this prank won't work as advertised. This movie lacks the magic of the original Little Rascals which it tries so hard to copy that it is drained of almost all humor. Furthermore, there is a minor amount of foul language, some crude slapstick moments and some sexual innuendo which warrant discernment for young children. Review: In THE LITTLE RASCALS Spanky calls a meeting of the “He-man Woman Hater’s Club” members who vote that Alfalfa will drive the club’s racer in the upcoming go-cart derby. However, Alfalfa is off singing love songs to Darla. When Spanky and the gang find out about Alfalfa’s interest in the opposite sex, they proceed to sabotage his romantic lunch with Darla, turning it into a disaster which sends her into the arms of Waldo, an obnoxious rich kid. They all enter the big race, with Waldo driving his go-cart with Darla as his navigator. Darla finds out what a louse Waldo is, and all ends happily ever after. Although there are some very good lessons in THE LITTLE RASCALS, the problem is that these kids, who are well directed, cannot capture the magic of the original Little Rascals. They seem to be spending too much time trying to recreate the originals, draining the movie of almost all humor. Furthermore, there is a minor amount of foul language, some crude slapstick moments and some sexual innuendo. In the final analysis, THE LITTLE RASCALS warrants discernment for young children.