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But Sharon finds little peace as she is haunted by daily unwelcome visitors, an apparently possessed tape player, and nightmares of her own peril. Whether by virtue of knowing that Sharon Tate will actually be murdered or the emotional uneasiness of her suspicions that her husband is having an affair, this film never allows the audience to relax. We’re ever on edge because something is always off, and that may be the film’s best quality. From scene to scene her performance quality felt passable yet quite inconsistent; at times working noticeably too hard on nailing every syllable of Tate’s accent and high society cant, others she felt convincingly desperate and terrified. Put simply, she performed better when summoning vital or emotional stakes to her character. And animal lovers ought to beware imagery of brutalized pets with waves of oscillating maggots erupting from their wounds. But what really caught me off guard (or perhaps impressed me) was what I’d describe as “practical violence”—not some theatrically glammed up violent flair, but the simple desperate pragmatism in freezing scared and then scrambling for a porcelain toilet cover and breaking it over someone’s face or the awkwardly clumsy unproficiency of wielding a shovel as a weapon. Yes, we’ve seen it. It’s not a special film, but it’s a decent movie. And whereas I mentioned Duff’s performance was “passable,” this very performance leaves me optimistic of her potential in future dramatic roles. Likewise, Daniel Farrands is finding his feet as a horror filmmaker (including The Amityville Murders ) after his significant success as a horror documentarian. We’re big fans of Francis Lawrence’s Hellblazer adaption, so we read copious articles, listened to the DVD commentaries and found some great stuff to share with you. We still can’t believe he got Tilda Swinton, Peter Stormare, Rachel Weisz, Djimon Hounsou and Keanu Reeves to appear (and look awesome) in this movie.