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The supporting acting by Frey, Randyll Tarly, and Lady Crane was outstanding. Excited for the return of Blackfish, Bronn, and potentially the return of The Hound. I need Ian McShane to deliver the Broken Men speech. I would ask you where was the salt in Dany’s pyre moment. If you want to go on believing that Dany is every single prophecy rolled into one, go ahead. You probably think she is the song of ice and fire too. Swipe that sword. Now, how on earth is Sam going to hide at the Citadel. It’s not like daddy doesn’t know where he is headed. You’ll be even better. or something along those lines. I don’t think it has been done before, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they could do the series finale as a major motion picture. Imagine what they could do with a motion picture budget. I was really thinking that he genuinely cared for Arya (as much as a faceless man could) and wanted to help her. He knew what had happened to her family and that she wanted revenge. This would really bother me to know that he has truly turned on her. The FM are like the Terminator, they won’t stop until she is dead.

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Would she have had a successful career were she not as Hot as Hades. The remake had the same Director, Robert Rodriguez and starred Antonio Banderas. I was disappointed afterwards because I liked the pace of it before the twist but over the years I have come to like the twist. The opening sequence shows flashbacks of the original films ending. The only musical I like is Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (and perhaps, Rocky Horror if I'm pissed). A British film about children raised at a country boarding school for a sinister purpose in a society that has seen life expectancy greatly increased. But part of me always felt like he wasn't the right casting for the role. I think it's just his 'pretty boy looks' that makes me doubt him, but by the end of the movie he had earned a bit more acting credibility points from me too. A group of US prisoners who get along like a house on fire, will try anything to escape. But they become suspicious when their attempts are foiled too easily, suspecting a traitor. Including when one of their own is taken and becomes tortured, who they then try to help escape. Graves in one of his earliest performances pre-Mission Impossible and Flying High. This genre pretty much doesn't exist anymore, you either get dead serious dramas or outlandish comedies. Whilst Depp was very good, I felt he was miscast in this. Fantastic direction, cinematography and scenery, as well as stunts. But yeah, this instalments plot, execution and at times confusion affected my score. With the bloke standing out the front saying all the different types of 'pussy' on offer.

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I don't mind consensual sex scenes at all (as long as they're not on the stupidity level of Pod-in-the-whorehouse, which they seem not to be). I read so much about some fans flooding GoT's twitter and facebook page, wanting ALL THE BOOBS back, that I was actually a bit worried. Or maybe that's just the way how Peter interpreted it. So far I'm not worried about some love triangle of doom happening. I do find the thought of Tyrion and Jorah standing in a corner with gloomy faces while Jon and Dany are smiling at each other kind of hilarious, though. It could be that it's just how Dinklage is playing the character, though, and nothing that was explicitly written in. Like I said, I don't share the sentiment, but I see where people come from. Also LF? lol! I am almost starting to feel sorry for him - he is coming across as a comedy villain. How is he going to last for 7 episodes at this rate? Mostly a set-up episode like all premieres but lots of stuff happening. If Jon is in actuality a Targaryn, does this mean he could also have the blood of dragons and has some ability with them. It seems to be a logical question that I haven't seen asked or answered. Ergo, perception will always be skewed against her regardless of what the actual facts state. Jon gets the same complaints and it is the same for me, while I don't necessarily agree with them, I can see where they come from. I'm not sure those are real, though the Cersei's line to Jaimie sounds like something she would say, and it makes much more sense that only Sansa wants to punish the Kastark children, and Lyanna doesn't, because she clearly worshipps Jon.