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How would Tyrion learning that he is Aerys’ son have any effect on his development as a person. We can pretty much bet that Jon is going to be in a position where he has to choose one dishonor or another, and that thinking of what Ned Stark did for him is going to hugely affect Jon’s decision. Tywin did not spare Tyrion despite knowing that Aerys was Tyrion’s father: if Tywin had even suspected that, then he would have killed Tyrion. Tyrion will not owe anything to any choice that anybody made concerning this truth: there is no Ned Stark analog, and it is much, much too late to introduce one. It lacks is the essence of story: identity crises that create real doubt about whether protagonists should do X or Y. The only “doubts” this would offer are tactical ones: will A or B best lead us to victory. There never are any questions about why the individuals are trying to wage or win the war, and that is what would be needed for it to be a story. GRRM sketched out plenty of character journeys in those novellas that would work very well as outlines for a TV show. Indeed, that he enjoys writing stories in Targaryen history shows that he sees quite a lot of story there. Tyrion even has more hints that he’s a potential dragon rider. Jon literally has zero hints or foreshadowing of any dragon riding.

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With Absentia, Oculus and Hush, he’s already shown himself to be one of the more exciting voices in modern horror. Here he takes his first stab at the mainstream, and does a strong job without compromising his artistic integrity. There are also some genuinely horrific moments scattered throughout, mostly in the third act, and the movie relies on cheap jumps much less than its predecessor. Aside from one scene, that blatantly apes Insidious, the imagery is unsettling and reasonably free of cliche. Many of the still shots are held longer than usual too, which really drums in the suspense. The 60s setting is also excellently brought to life, from the detailed sets and great soundtrack down to cigarette burns in the screen corner. In short, Ouija: Origin of Evil really is a technical achievement. But the first two acts still feel a lot like a haunted kid box ticking exercise: Doris nonchalantly speaks to imaginary friends, does weird things with paper and appears from nowhere. It’s refreshing to see an ethically dubious protagonist, who’s more than happy to mislead punters with trickery. Yet it stretches credibility with how readily she and Paulina carry on with their lives, as if there were no obvious source of danger in their home, undermining the family values message. By the end of act 1 it ought to be clear there’s something wrong with Doris.

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