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Anything that tends to go wrong in a Fulci film does here, and often, which undermines some of the finer points that he's attempting to make. Hell, even the ending, as obvious a conclusion as they get, feels like an attempt of self-sabotage for the sake of making an obvious joke about the very nature of the story that they're dealing with here. It's not a bad film, really; just one that feels like a colossal missed opportunity. Thompson is on screen (seriously folks, he starts at an 11 and never turns the volume down, especially during his kill scenes). Self-reflexive horror films would be better served just a few years later from the likes of Wes Craven, who managed to stay on message while also having a lot of fun being able to play around with his classic character, which makes Fulci a pioneer as far as horror is concerned, if hardly the pinnacle. It's a crossover of two other film franchises that I had never seen before, but don't worry like half the movie is recapping both of those movies to catch you up to speed on that. Then the main hero, Dollman, is literally a doll sized man who is like what maybe 12 inches and his foes are evil toys that are trying to resurrect their dead god, it's a strange bizarre movie that I hard remember. Some things, I get change over time like Igor being Fritz and Henry being his first name instead of Victor. But I always thought that Frankenstein was a mad scientist with grand ambitions and he kind of is, but he creates the monster and realizes it was a mistake within like the first act of the movie. After that he turns into a fairly rational man who is devoted to getting his life back to normal.

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After the subtle understatement of First Blood, there is moon-bat action aplenty in the sequel, with Rambo sweating his way through two head bands, and baddies who wear the wrong color camo in the jungle. It’s a cheap and cheerful way for screenwriters to ratchet up the tension. But Rambo says (rightly) that “the mind is the best weapon. . They make all kinds of macho patter when they could’ve easily cut Rambo’s throat rather than subjecting him to a mud bath of leeches. And under his tight direction, we get something pretty glorious. The couple kill him with the closest household item at hand, a cast-iron skillet slugged over his skull. On his person they find a wallet-full of cold hard cash. New York Magazine suggested it was a spoof of the American ideal of entrepreneurship, although who knows how far their pitch would take them on Shark Tank. He’s the button up PBS pledge drive type and she’s the leggy supervixen.

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It sounded intriguing and it was a Booker winner, among which I found a few gems. After skipping quite a bit I have the following observations: 1. WARNING! Do not attempt to read this novel if you do not read poetry. It is full of it, chapters of it, and it would be a pity to do as I did, skip them as they add to the plot. I tried to read the first ones but after a few chapters I could not be bothered anymore. 2. The language is quite pretentious. It may be annoying for some and extraordinary writing for others. I enjoy beautiful writing but this time I felt like the author tried very, very hard to write smart.

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May 4- The Orioles are all set to intentionally walk Vladimir Guerra of the Angels, so he goes up to the plate with a wiffieball bat. Vlad swings anyway, at a pitch three feet outside, and hits a 450-foot opposite field home run. May 21- Celery Clinton drops out of the presidential race after news breaks of her affair with Spike Tyson. July 5- David Beckingharn gets deported for sucking. July 23- Barack Obama throws the ceremonial first pitch at a Cubs game and burns in a 92 MPH fastball, so the Cubs decide to let him pitch. Obama balks after the jersey co 1es off, bringing in the winning run. The Americans make 36 dunks but no other field goals. August 20- In a shocking tum of events, Pope Benedict XVI wins the gold medal in Guitar Hero, although Kim Jong II convinces the North Korean people that he was actually the champion. August 22- The DUMSL jock strap department actually allows students to enter through all the doors at the Markie Mark Center. Visit Career Services to register by Tuesday, AprilS, 'Holey War' in DUMSL jock strap department By SCOOT LIVESTOCK Freeballer The DUMSL jock strap department has been conducting a massive investigation tn recent weeks over the mysterious appearance ofnumerous holes in the Markie Mark Center bleachers.

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