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A sem tam tam i neco relativne srozumitelne vysvetlej. A nejradsi mam ve Fringe tu druhou agentku FBI, jak ji pridelili k tomu profesorovi. A ta druha agentka je dobra, sice taky ma doktorat z kdeceho, ale budiz:-) Ale i tak je to o dve tridy horsi nez HIMYM nebo Big Bang. Tohle je technicky srovnatelne s tim, co slo predtim. A pokud to nikdo nezvladne, tak stejne by to nebyl serial pro mne:-). Slo o to, ze spadlo letadlo, ktere melo na palube lidi. Mozna to nebyli lidi, mozna to nebylo letadlo a mozna nespadlo. Na serial vyborny vykony, nadherne lokace, emoce, co chtit vic. A proc by nemohl byt konec dostatecne uzavreny a zaroven by bylo mozne navazat. Spousta serialu jeste porad umi civilizovane skoncit a potom navazat vcelku plynule. A v nasich podminkach to stejne nefunguje - tam je dulezita vlastne jen sila znacky a sentimentu. Ale to odbocuju. Zakladni predpoklad: Expert je clovek z ciziho mesta s barevnymi slidy. Jeden rozhovor s Naokim, ktery v ruznych zemich na zapade zil, me te iluze docela zbavil.

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When this news is combined with the prior casting call that included what appeared to be the description of a young Ned Stark, I think we may be seeing a significant part of Bran’s arc this season come into focus. In addition to whatever greater training that the Three-Eyed Raven puts him through, he could explore several key moments in the life of his father via the Weirwood network (a perfect opportunity for Sean Bean to make his long-desired return). That could culminate in the reveal of Jon’s parentage, and presage his return. That would pretty clearly set him up as the central character heading into the endgame, the battle against the White Walkers, and what will likely be the final season of Game of Thrones. This information would be consistent with the show’s rumored return to the Riverlands for Season 6. If this is the Brotherhood, then of course the question becomes who will be leading them. Or it could be the dreadful specter of the Internet’s most overblown character. I just hope that I can stay out of its path, and that the prospect of that character’s appearance will either be confirmed or debunked (hopefully the latter) relatively quickly. Normally, I’m all for speculating about which characters may appear based on scant circumstantial evidence. But in the case of this particular character, I want no part of it. Why bother even going in to that territory if it’s irrelevant to the plot. Kit should have done us all a favor and just answered “No comment”. The description is so on the nose that they might as well have just said outright they’re casting Euron Greyjoy. Far more likely this is casting for the Ironborn raid on the Shield Islands of The Reach in the name of the Drowned God.

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My director of photography, Abraham Martinez, is Mexican-American. He also brought in several women for key positions in the camera department, which was nice to see—the camera department is usually very male. Advertisement Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine Photo: Parrish Lewis (Showtime) Bringing authenticity and specificity to our Chicago was important, having Chicago collaborators was important, having women was important. So is having men, having a cop, having women make up half of the writers room. What you have behind the scenes ends up reflected on the screen, and if you can give talented people a chance to shine, that’s always a good thing. But I mean, I try to focus on the work and producing the best stories possible with the best people. You can’t control any of the rest of it—the only thing you can control is the work and the product. All I was trying to do with season two was make a good show that felt real to me. I didn’t want any fake moments or any artificial storylines. That’s the only thing I can control is to make a good compelling show and I feel like the rest will follow, and if it doesn’t, there’s nothing I can do about it, you know. Advertisement Share This Story Related Stories Check in on The Chi 's South Side ensemble in first teaser for its second season Showtime wants to stay in the Lena Waithe business The best TV of 2018 so far About the author Danette Chavez Danette Chavez Deputy TV Editor Posts You may also like Gizmodo Gaze Into the Abyss: The First-Ever Image of a Black Hole Ryan F. Sometimes—very rarely—there will be one relationship that lasts more than a season, though chances of that decline the more seriously a show tries to take itself. If marginalized people often don't see themselves reflected in modern media, the problem only intensifies when it comes to stories set in the past. Although it aimed to be prestige TV for much of its run, the queer characters on Black Sails were never secondary.

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Crawford had chosen the word because a sanctum is a sacred or holy place, and in the human body, such a place is the mind. She sets herself on fire by falling into some candles, thereby setting Brookline Asylum on fire as well. As they wait for their rides to head home, Abby announces she is going to stay a few more days to make sure her aunt is alright. It was so good that I started hunting for the rest in the series. It lost one star because some picture did not feel like it belong to the story and yet it fit with the asylum plot. I've seen most of those and some even appeared on Ghost Adventure. It's great that the picture finally had some storyline to it even though not solely accurate. He was playing the lone pity party, but getting to know him shade some light. It was hard wanting to be alone and not feeling lonely. So, when he met Abby, it was a bit cringe worthy seeing the way he acted, a jealous fool in love. Always an outsider, Dan hopes that this summer will bring a change, allowing him to make friends with interests similar to his own. Dan’s hopes seem to come true when he befriends Abby and Jordan. However, things begin to change after they begin exploring the basement rooms of the old asylum where their dorm rooms are housed. Asylum is a novel of the supernatural as well as a novel of friendship and overcoming difficult obstacles.

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Given that Dany has only a small plurality of support as is, fracturing that plurality would lead to it being irrelevant. Also given that she cares about her image and being a good, motherly queen, I think we can discount the idea of her trying to take Westeros by force, even with dragons (which she has lost control of) and an army of mercenaries (which she can't transport). I liked that conversation a lot, and I'm hoping it leads to her making the more prudent decision to stay in Essos. I don't see him trying to gather support from Targ followers and dividing the house. I am not saying she's gong to lay waste all the realms with Dragon fire but there's going to be some serious blood spilled getting Dany to the Iron Throne. I think Dany has grown to understand that concept and isn't willing to launch an attack that would kill extreme numbers of people, many of whom would be innocents. We've seen that she doesn't mind very targeted, almost surgical violence against specific people, but she doesn't give any indication of wanting a protracted war that will be devastating to all. So we don't really know how that support could potentially be divided. Sure, she won't just blanket target anyone (e. . burning Flea Bottom for the hell of it) but anyone in an enemy's army is going to be fried if she has her way about it. And when that's all said and done, what will be left standing. Dany may not be aware but she is the only one witht he tools to deal with the problem. That reborn person who in Dany's vision Rhaegar says 'his will be the song of ice and fire.

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The best I can hope for is that this is some sort of double cross plan on the part of Arya and that she's actually several steps ahead of Baelish. Otherwise, bleah! Funny and easy to miss line in last night's episode. My mom had to point out to me the humor in that take when I phoned her this morning. After one of the redshirts was killed by the dead bear, they could have just tied him up before he reanimated, and turned around with mission accomplished. We've seen people turn blue eyed at or beyond the wall without any direct contact with a white walker. The dead fellow who reanimated in Jeor Mormont's chambers, for example. Another theory posited is that Arya has already killed Littlefinger and is merely testing Sansa's loyalty. And it's too bad to see characters making horrible decisions simply because the writers are betraying them. And it kind of sucks to see deus ex machinas in rapid succession. But hell if it's not still breathtaking to see three dragons swoop in on the army of the dead. I actually felt like the Arya-Sansa tete-a-tete was among the more believable scenes in the episode. Sansa's flaws are long-known, and it makes sense for them to surface again, regardless of how well she was portrayed to be running things in Jon's absence. Arya is exactly who we expect her to be at this point in her arc.