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Given that it's not specified whether anyone's figured out the White Walkers killed Waymar, it stands to reason why Lord Royce would be leery of allying with the people he no doubt holds responsible for his son's death. Given that it's not specified whether anyone's figured out the White Walkers killed Waymar, Waymar (since the testimony of the only surviving witness to the attack was dismissed out of hand), it stands to reason why Lord Royce would be leery of allying with the people he no doubt holds responsible for his son's death. Littlefinger being himself, with what he knows, would not deduce that Bran is all-knowing medium. This should certainly raise his suspicions, and make him afraid that Bran could expose his true character, but it would not give him the whole picture. Bran didn't actually give a warning sign to Littlefinger ahead of the trial, he only misled him on purpose. As in collections of dozens of the remains of deceased members of the ruling family of that keep. Theoretically the White Walkers could have effectively sleeper agents ''inside'' the keeps they will be set to lay siege to. But consider that they were both resurrected, and if greenseers can see glimpses of the future then the theoretical afterlife would be able to recognize who is destined to be resurrected, so would not allow them into the afterlife, only for them to be pulled straight back out again. They do not recall the afterlife because they truly were stuck in limbo instead. Arya may have been the executioner, but Sansa is not hiding behind her in this scene, so to speak. It's likely that her fight with the Waif occoured quite some time ago, and she got back to Westeros while everything was going down. It's also could also be notable that she initially overlooks Sansa, as Arya and Sansa didn't have a good relationship before their reunion. Yes he is her brother, but he was also Robert's best friend, who despised her true husband, the father of her son. If you consider that Littlefinger can listen to everything happening in Winterfell but can't see behind closed doors, things get really interesting. After Arya's return, in the crypts, we can see and Littlefinger or his spy can hear Arya ask Sansa if she has to call her Lady Stark now, as if that was a position she wanted. Then comes the scene in Godswood, where no spies can be present.

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Mukbang Challenge Indomie ini ternyata tidak hanya ada di Indonesia, tapi banyak juga di luaran sana. Orang Amerika yang saya tonton kemarin makan lima bungkus sekaligus, ada juga yang sampai enam. Tapi masih kalah sih dengan Indonesia yang makan lima belas bungkus sekaligus. Nekat amat. Tapi sebagai penggemar mie produksi Indofood ini, melihat orang menyuapkan Indomie ke mulutnya secara rakus dan cepat (pakai sumpit! membuat ngiler jadi berlipat-lipat. Terkadang di waktu menjelang subuh dan perut saya kembali lapar, melihat Mukbang beginian membuat saya ingin nekat saja ke dapur dan menjereng air. Tapi tidak jadi karena diwanti-wanti ibuk untuk tidak bikin Indomie tiap hari. Jadilah saya ngiler-ngiler sendiri, dan saat rumah sepi, melakukan aksi balas dendam itu. Kebanyakan memang memanfaatkan barang yang sudah ada untuk memudahkan suatu pekerjaan. Ada lifehack yang sulit dipraktekkan, misal membuat sound system dengan kaleng bekas. Ada juga yang mudah, lifehack balon untuk kondom hape, misalnya. Ada banyak channel bagus, baik luar ataupun lokal yang memberi lifehack-lifehack keren. Tapi hati-hati terjebak di hal-hal receh, seperti lifehack tisu, sebagai pembatas buku. Salah satu yang bagus adalah Channel Mr. Grue.


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Jon was named as a Snow due to a promise between two members of his family from the snowy North. ut I Play One on TV: Lena Headey would like fans to remember that Cersei is a fictional character and that she is nowhere near as nasty as she is. Natalie Dormer also fought back against claims that she condones sex with minors after Margaery's sex scene with Tommen - reminding everyone that she plays a fictional character. The show's case is notable in that it's one of the few franchises to achieve this status while exclusively catering to mature audiences, aside from video games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. Most cash-cow franchises rely at least partially on toy and merchandise sales, and usually skew PG-13 or lower so that children can get invested in the franchise and its merchandise; however, GoT is fantastical enough to spur copious toy and merchandise sales in its own right, as adult collectors (particularly millennials) became more of a mainstream demographic over time. Cast Incest: Dean Charles-Chapman and Nell Tiger Free began dating in 2015. Their characters, Tommen and Myrcella, are siblings who are the children conceived from an incestuous affair between siblings. The Cast Showoff: There are plenty of skilled vocalists in the cast. The audience enjoyed it much more than Tycho Nestoris. Gary Lightbody from Snowpatrol cameos as a Bolton soldier singing the Bear and the Maiden Fair. Coldplay drummer Will Champion cameos as a drummer in the Red Wedding. Of Monsters and Men play the musicians in the Braavosi theater group in season 6. Neil Fingleton, the tallest man in the United Kingdom (7 ft 7. 6 in, or 232. cm) plays Mag the Mighty, King of the Giants. Fingleton also auditioned to play Gregor Clegane in Season 1, but was not chosen.


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None of the studies in our review suggested a statistically significant increased risk of HIV acquisition with NET-EN. On the other hand, evidence overall for DMPA is far more concerning for suggesting a potential increase in HIV risk. . In fact, the World Health Organization has noted that before the end of the year, they will hold a meeting to examine these new data and make a decision about whether global guidance for use of DMPA should be modified. We need to ensure that people all over the world have access to a wide array of contraceptive options so that they can select the one that best meets their needs. And for all people at risk of HIV, and particularly those who may still choose to use a method like the injectable DMPA, we need to ensure that they are informed about and empowered to use HIV preventative options, such as using condoms or newer HIV prevention tools like Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). Unfortunately, there is always the risk of acquiring an infection. Preventing this unwanted occurrence is no easy task and thousands of professionals in America work diligently to ensure patients get better, not sicker. They even have an association, known as APIC, devoted entirely to keeping patients safe. Infection preventionists need to focus on a variety of potential infectious disease sources. But the most important source of pathogens happens to be one of the hardest to control: humans. Methods are already in place to minimize the risk, such as hand hygiene, environmental disinfection, and surveillance for specific pathogens, known as point prevalence testing. Most require the use of microbiological swab and culture systems, which can take days to weeks to complete. This is simply too long a wait and may not keep up with the real-time demands of the situation. They need to be analyzed quickly such that they can be returned into the regular flow of procedures. Without a rapid testing method, the risk for infection is present.


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In August 2015, Zakharova became the first woman to head the public relations department of Russia’s Foreign Ministry, which also made her its official spokesperson. Since then, she has “made waves with her combative and colorful style,” BBC said. Zakharova has employed bold words and acidic sarcasm when commenting on geopolitical events from both behind the podium and her Facebook page. The only other Russian woman to make this year’s list is athlete Yulia Stepanova, who is a controversial figure in Russia, as she and her husband Vitaly reportedly gave the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) evidence of what the agency called state-sponsored doping in Russian sports. The accusations triggered a massive scandal that cost some Russian athletes a place at the Rio Olympic Games. Many Russians have questioned Stepanova’s motives in becoming an informant for WADA, considering her own past doping history. The former pageant queen had her locks pulled back into double buns and she covered her face with a dark pair of sunglasses. Tory also shared a shot of herself on a main beach on the Gold Coast, having gone for a swim with a fresh-faced Jesinta and her pal Elliot Garnaut. Elliot also shared to Instagram a shot of himself sunbathing in a modern-style house as Jesinta shows off her flawless bikini body lying near him. In another image, he takes a selfie as Jesinta and Buddy and Sharrod and Tory stand behind them. Jesinta and Buddy kept their honeymoon location a secret since getting married in the Blue Mountains earlier this month. But their luxury beach destination was recently revealed as Queensland's Gold Coast. The Sunday Telegraph reported the couple have spent the last 10 days at the tourist hotspot - right in the middle of Schoolies. Jesinta and Buddy's wedding two weeks ago was kept secret from the public and media until after the ceremony. And the couple took an equally low-key approach to the honeymoon by offering fans just a few glimpses of coastline in their Instagram photos. But it has now been confirmed they are celebrating their first days as husband and wife in Australia's Schoolies capital.


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Facebook’s Timeline, giving consumers the chance to narrate and curate their own unfolding life stories, will bring further attention to these symbolic contact points between brands and biographies. And if brands give us a way to tell our stories, from everyday interactions to overviews of life stages, perhaps one day we could even rewrite As You Like It just by listing brand names. And a recent ad for San Miguel lager reveals its narrator, at the end, to be the beer itself. It’s not strictly prosopopeia, as the car doesn’t speak in its own voice. But it’s in the same conceptual ballpark: the object or product becomes a living thing with subjectivity of its own. But to find this trope in the serious register of high-end advertising might signify a bigger change. We’re already used to cars and devices that speak to us. India has caught up with the West in the 21st century. This time when I travelled to the USA, what struck me most was the Culture of The Line. I was taken up by the order, the discipline and the silence in the movement of the line in every walk of life in the West. Of course, there is a line but there is no concept of line in the Indian psyche. Like sardines, we stick close behind each other in a mile-long line. With much push and shove, we jostle to get our way in the line. There is much action, noise and chitter-chatter around the line. Some striking a conversation with the stranger behind to pass the time. Each relationship in the extended family structure is given a unique name, with defined roles and responsibility.