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Despite the common wisdom that franchise movies are a safer bet, they tend to cost more and underperform. Hollywood keeps making these movies—but the evidence that audiences actually want them is dodgy at best. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. 2. The other successful cinematic universe And that brings us to another inescapable Hollywood trend: cinematic universes. It rarely comes up in the same sentence—maybe because it doesn’t have a catchy name like the Marvel Cinematic Universe—but the successful launch of the Conjuring -verse is far less remarked upon, and just as impressive a feat. Beginning with 2013's The Conjuring and its 2016 sequel— a third is in development —director James Wan has overseen a series of interconnected movies that briefly introduce horror concepts later explored, in great detail, in standalone movies. There’s Annabelle, and the prequel Annabelle: Creation, both of which were huge hits. The Dark Universe was originally supposed to begin with 2014’s Dracula Untold, but that was written out of continuity after an indifferent reception. Universal tried again, unsuccessfully, with this summer’s flop The Mummy. Next up is supposed to be Bill Condon’s Bride of Frankenstein —purportedly starring Angelina Jolie (though there are rumors that Gal Gadot may take over if Jolie quits ). But Bride of Frankenstein has already been delayed from its announced release date of 2019, and it’s not clear when (or if) it'll actually happen. It’s a system that bucks an era of ever-increasing Hollywood budgets—even the relatively thrifty Conjuring movies cost tens of millions to produce—and, crucially, it has led to consistent critical and commercial hits. When a movie like The Green Inferno or The Belko Experiment fails to find an audience, everyone shrugs and moves on. But when a movie like Paranormal Activity or The Purge makes a splash, the profit margins are insane. Just this month, Happy Death Day toppled Blade Runner 2049 from the top of the box office. Regardless of your politics, when that police car pulls up at the end of the movie, you know exactly what it means. It’s never going to fail—that’s the whole point in keeping overhead so low. But it’s hard to get excited about the Blumhouse slate for 2018: a new Halloween movie and new installments in the Insidious and Purge franchises, which are already beginning to look like the long-in-the-tooth horror franchises Blumhouse was theoretically created to circumvent.

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He resents his Kingslayer reputation, is tortured by his father’s disappointment in him, and is racked with guilt for throwing Bran out the tower window. He’s aware of everyone disrespecting him behind his back, so he’s reflexively cruel. His fighting skills at least ensure that people have to fake respect to his face. So the decision to take his only sense of agency from him- his sword-wielding hand- was an excellent decision, because it’s led to some really interesting character development. The peak of his catharsis came at the end of season seven, when he turned his back on the woman he loves in order to do what he thinks is right. Now, for the first time in his life, he’s following his principles instead of his orders. I think his whole journey has led him to this point, and that he will finally achieve his redemption by fighting for the living. Arya will then take his face and assassinate Cersei disguised as him, thereby fulfilling the Valonqar prophecy Cersei has been trying (and failing) to outrun since she was a child. For the longest time it was assumed Tyrion would be the one to kill Cersei. Not only does he have the biggest beef with her, but Valonqar translates to “little brother” in High Valyrian. However, Jaime could technically be the Valonqar since he was born holding on to Cersei’s foot- a curious and perhaps not insignificant detail from the books. I don’t necessarily expect us to see this in the show, but I definitely think the season will end with Daenerys heavily pregnant. I feel like this one is pretty obvious, given all the foreshadowing in season seven. I don’t think they would have brought up the issue of her fertility if they weren’t planning on her and Jon having a kid. I don’t foresee an ending where Dany gets the throne she’s always wanted and restores Targaryan rule over the Seven Kingdoms. George R. . Martin has already stated that the ending will be bittersweet. I think we’ll be left satisfied but in a very roundabout way. The melted swords are a reminder of the cost of both seeking and maintaining that power.


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I would sit behind a set of monitors, watching everything that happened and commenting sometimes and making a nuisance of myself which seems to be my focus in life most of the time. And I would watch it all happen, and then we would go on to lunch. I would go into my motor home and continue with my e-mails and then during the afternoon be back on set and then when it all stopped in the evening—sometimes quite late depending on how our schedules were running—I'd go back and finish my e-mails for the day, cook myself something to eat and go to sleep. What made you want to be on the set for this film and not with the first two. I wanted to spend as much time as possible on the set with the others. I was extremely busy with other projects and different bits and pieces at the time. During the first film, I was still running our ministry—a psychotherapy and counseling ministry in Ireland. But when it came up with this movie, I actually could spare the time to get away and take all my electronic gizmos with me so I could do most of my work in the motor home and could be there—which I enjoyed enormously. Besides being on the set, what other responsibilities have you had as executive producer of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I'm not anything like an ordinary executive producer, I suppose. I'm the guy who looks at everything to make sure that everything stays Narnian and as true as possible to the book and so on. So I'm really making a nuisance of myself to the other producers and director. Mark Johnson, one of our producers who actually works with us on these movies, put it very succinctly when we were making maybe the first movie. I was in Prague in the Czech Republic and the American ambassador to the Czech Republic was visiting the set. How early did you get involved with the production — when the script was being developed or were you involved before then. I am in the process from before the script begins being developed. This whole thing, all of these Narnian movies, is my project in the first place. That kind of thing. Really I'm involved in just about every facet in the making and the production of the movie and then again, of course, with the promotion of the movie as we're doing today. Can you give an example of something in the adaptation of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader that you took issue with or fought for or didn't want changed from book to screen.


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Comments Michelle Howard 2 years ago Marg is faking it, she thought everyone was taking too long trying to get her out, so she got herself out. You see it in her face, it falters into joy when she see's her father and Grandmother and when Jaime says they are there to get her. She didn't know the tyrell army was going to come and get her, that's why she went through with the religious stuff and sighed with relief when she saw the army. Because the whole thing about the Faceless Men is that they're supposed to not have any wants, loves, or cares, and the ones they do have are to be forsaken. But that line shows that Jaqen, or possibly the person wearing his face, does care about Arya enough to not want the Waif to make her feel to much pain. Just a little thought I had that may or may not make sense, but I just felt like throwing out. Finkeren 2 years ago Every episode, Danaerys' character gets more self-absorbed and violent and has basically lost all her charm, which is a shame. The contrast between the crowd's reaction to her preparation for the walk and Cercie's was telling - she's always been somewhat beloved by the people. Had she done the walk it would only solidify her standing with them, and getting the king to unify church and crown achieves the same end. Even when the king visited her before the walk she spoke in such open ended terms to gauge where he stood and riffed off of it rather than first committing to a position. I don't think she's a convert at all, she's just playing the game. NostalgiNorden 2 years ago GRRM can't be trusted. Allison Carroll 2 years ago I kind of feel like Dany is going to be a villain. I mean is she basically going to conquer the whole world. Give us your top 5 moments (good or bad) and then tell us what you think of the episode overall. I like hearing you talk about this world and the characters. Dan Meh 2 years ago I guess a faceless man can kill someone they know now. JSneed513 2 years ago Arya's situation is similar to when Jon Snow was with the wildlings. Dario keeps looking at her like he's concerned and maybe a little worried. Also, we've seen what happens when the Dothraki roll up on a city and it ain't pretty.


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She grabs Annabelle and prepares to jump from the window. Evelyn stops Mia, and instead decides to sacrifice herself, sparing the lives of Mia and her daughter. The film ends by saying Annabelle is in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s museum and that it’s blessed twice a month. The real deal: Annabelle in real life was just a run-of-the-mill Raggedy Ann Doll, and was a gift from a mother to her daughter, rather than a husband to his wife. The owners had no links to satanic cults and never tried to dispose of the doll, so it never magically reappeared as it does in the film. However, they claim the doll moved into different positions and rooms on its own. What appeared to be blood was found on the doll's head and chest, and the owners called a medium. A seance was performed, and the medium said that the spirit attached to the doll was that of Annabelle Higgins, who had died at the age of 7 and whose body was supposedly found on the site of the family's apartment. The Warrens later got involved and contradicted this, saying the girl had died in a motorcycle accident outside the apartment building. Before the doll was given to the Warrens, it apparently attacked a friend of the owners by, in one instance, strangling him until he blacked out and another time giving him claw-like scratches that healed in two days. The Warrens recount that messages like “help us” would appear on parchment paper in childlike writing around the owners' home, and claim that Annabelle took the life of one person: a young man who visited their museum years later and got into a fatal motorcycle accident after taunting the doll. The main difference: The doll was never really possessed on the hunt for a soul, and no one sacrificed themselves. Plus, honestly it's kind of hard to be creeped out by a doll that is made of cotton, and responsible for a couple of scratches. While Aunt Ruth is considered cool, and her home is the neighbourhood hangout, Megan's life there isn't good. The boys subject Megan to tickling and groping, and Aunt Ruth punishes Susan for this. Megan reports it to the police and Ruth then locks her in the basement, tying her to the support beams by her wrists. She places Megan on a pile of books, and removes one book at a time when Megan doesn’t confess. She then lets one of the boys cut her clothes off and leaves her to hang there overnight. David, who is sleeping over, sneaks her a knife and leaves the basement unlocked so she can escape, but Megan gets caught when trying to also sneak Susan out. As a result, Megan is subjected to even worse treatment.