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lackfish Tully. He sees right through Jaime's plans, even if his men do not, and when it all comes down to, he decides to go out on his own terms. A man of honor to the last. One very short battle later, Daenerys now has three dragons and an armada of ships. Her first command of her dragons in open battle is a spectacular success. et's take stock. At the start of the season, Daenerys had the Unsullied army, an unstable city, dragons she had trouble controlling, and a fleet of ships burnt to charcoal. Nine episodes later, she has a stable city, the Unsullied army, the entire Dothraki khalasar, a fleet of ships from the Masters and Ironborn to carry them, and three reasonably obedient dragons which can reduce ships to burning flotsam effortlessly. Or, to put it another way, she has an army equal to almost any in Westeros (which has bled itself significantly with in-fighting) and a tactical advantage of air power that they do not possess. The most fearsome beast of his time will obey this girl like a loyal hound. Dany has embraced the Targaryen family power and birthright, as Master of Dragons. hen Daenerys tells Tyrion that she plans on razing the other slaver cities as a message for what happaned to Mereen; Tyrion stands up to a very pissed Dany. Tyrion tells her of Aerys' plan to destroy King's Landing rather than give it up to the rebellion. All people would have died, both the loyalists and the innocent alike to wildfire; Tyrion then explains that what Dany plans on doing is no different than what the Mad King would have done and everyone, the slavers and the innocent would have died to fuel Daenerys' vengeance. Instead of killing him, Grey Worm slashes the throats of the two remaining Masters with one swift movement, then straightens his jerkin and walks away. Bonus points since they had just moments before threatened to sell him and the Unsullied (and Missandei) to the highest bidder.

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Even though these drives fall on the expensive front, they offer compelling benefits such as enhanced performance and reliability to businesses. An average desktop class drive could have power requirements ranging between 6 to 8 watts, while surveillance drives generally require 3 to 5 watts. The right surveillance storage solution offers high performance, efficiency and capacity that has been designed for harsh surveillance environments. While evaluating whether a drive has been designed for surveillance, there a few specific things that need to be kept in mind: Active 24x7: A surveillance system is often operational 24x7. Hence, the drive should be designed and tested to have high write cycles. Desktop drives are typically designed for eight hours activity per day in a working week, whereas a surveillance drive is designed for systems that operate 24x7. Reliable performance: A key feature to look for in surveillance class drives is their ability to improve performance while helping reduce errors and frame loss. RAID-enabled: A system with this capability can use two or more hard disks to create redundancy for a failed drive by ensuring that the recording is still being captured even if one drive is not working. This lessens interruptions in productivity and decreases the chance of data loss. Low power consumption: While low power consumption might not be first on the list of things to look for in a hard drive, the need for always-on capability makes it crucial. Some drives are designed with low power consumption in mind, resulting in greater reliability and less pressure on the pocket. High camera count support: NVR systems are designed for scalability with large number of IP cameras, which increases the need for higher storage. A 4K video would be of a much larger file size than a standard definition, meaning this would increase the drive’s workload significantly. Surveillance class drives are available in up to 10TB capacity and are designed to deal with high workloads with long retention. High system bay count support: As multiple hard drives are added to a system there is an increase in vibration in the chassis, this is inevitable due to the nature of spinning disks. The right drive will include technology to counter system induced vibration which shall in turn help maintain drive performance.

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