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Now she has the Martells and Dorne against her, in addition to all the others. He is a master player and seeing him killed by Arya or Sansa would be as outlandish as the sand snakes killing Jaime by yuron perhaps I guess GuillotineLaw1 If I was to make a list of impossible things that could never happen in GoT. Sansa being given t Yoron would be right at the top of the list. Yoron is nowhere near Winterfell and even if he was, he is he going to invade now that the orth follow the Starks and Sansa has Winterfell. Vicente Mariani And littefinger was kiding when he said he would kill sansa Vicente Mariani But littefinger also likes catlyn so he killed ned Stark so he would stay with her Tsurugi Kyouske I think the theory is quite good but you kinda neglected the fact that now Petyr Baelish is in love with Sansa, its unlikely that he will kidnap her. Is it just a random photo of ned or did i miss a vision of brandon starks death from bran. Very intriguing and spot on theories you put forth, im totally mind fucked right now. Your third option for little finger would make an epic story line for this season, and it seems to also align with this maybe true, maybe fake season 7 story line leak that came out also. Either way amazing stuff here, keep pumping out the videos, bcuz your theories are brilliant. Christopher Littlefinger also killed Lysa for no reason and why hasn't Sansa mentioned this. Thank you man. Zombie Rights Not going to lie, I was tempted to turn off the video when you said Cersei was one of the best players at the moment. Glad I did persist, though, because it was an interesting video. She has the Lannister army, but there are multiple more appealing rulers in the Seven Kingdom who haven't burned their own subjects and kin (by marriage) to stand behind. I know kinslaying doesn't seem to mean much on the show these days though, lol. The look the crowd at King's Landing were giving her was mutinous. I love reading Cersei's chapters so I hope she sticks around for as long as possible. Some of it is reading his opponents correctly (such as Ned's honour before reason to the point of madness), but tons of it is luck. Varys is definitely the one who makes the most interesting moves, especially in the books.

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Literally translated back it means Lethal Number, but it can also mean Lethal Con - and the marketing made sure everyone understood it that way. In the inversion of the trope and despite being named after a place (thus not qualifying for title change), Miracle Mile received a new title, becoming Cudowna mila (Wonderful Mile). Olympus Has Fallen became Olimp w ogniu ( Olympus on Fire ). Ocean's 11 was distributed under either the original title or as Ryzykowna gra ( A Risky Game ). The remake combined both and was named Ocean's Eleven: Ryzykowna gra ( Ocean's Eleven: A Risky Game ). The sequel kept the idea of the a mix of an original and local title, and was called Ocean's Twelve: Dogrywka ( Ocean's Twelve: The Play-Off ). However, later Ocean films were only distributed under the original title. Ouija was expanded to Diabelska plansza ouija ( The Demonic Ouija Board ). The Perks of Being a Wallflower is simply called Charlie. Phantasm became Mordercze kuleczki ( The Murderous Balls ). The Place Beyond the Pines was translated as Drugie Oblicze (Second Face). Meanwhile, the source material lost it Double-Meaning Title, becoming literal Listonosz (so as if the book was titled Mailman ). It's an untranslatable pun on lewy sierpowy - a left hook in boxing. Since Chicago has the world's highest concentration of ethnic Poles outside of Poland and Arnie plays a guy from the Polish stock. Reality Bites is infamous, since it became Orbitowanie bez cukru (Orbiting Without Sugar). The title was created thanks to a radio contest - callers were supposed to give a snappy title to the movie. It's a silly pun on the Orbit chewing gum (which was all in rage back then) and the bites from the original title. Without knowing the context it's probably the silliest Polish title ever. Renaissance Man became Inteligent w armii (Intellectual in the Army), despite Polish language having the exact same idiom for a polymath.


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They have a military duty to not follow illegal orders for a mad man. This is just too scary — someone has to stop the madness. Please upload the file as a post attachment instead. This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. For more information go to: If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. We follow psychic medium June Ahern and the Alameda Paranormal Researchers to see if there is any truth to rumors of ghosts among the aisles. We premiered this video at the theater itself in Septe. I was very tired when I did the annotations for this one, and thank you for watching. I will also do a LIVE echovox and ouija board session. What lurks in the dark corners of a history Italian restraint in the UK. Attending a sporting event for the first time as a child can be very exciting and educational, especially when you have a deceased legendary. This is a great recipe using Kansas Cabin BBQ sauce on a baked salmon. The Olive Hill Paranormal Society, also known as OHPS, consisted of group members: Willie (W. . Grills-President, Kendrick Fankell-Vice President. Annie Kagan's brother Billy woke her up one morning a few weeks AFTER his death. Where the client has been experiencing paranormal activity. This video was done in the clients bedroom where the activity has been most active. This was filmed in the first room on Level 1 in this house.


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Ebola virus epidemic in the US in 2014) or a full blown outbreak and many casualties (cf. There’s only so many episodes left, and Jon has a major part to play in keeping the realm safe. His Targaryen blood will likely be looked at as a benefit by that point. He’s got the already got the Lord of Light on speed dial. If you’re not comfortable with that being visible in a “public” forum, perhaps request a mod delete your comment. Littlefinger has been spouting some really nonsensical lines this season. Especially the one in the trailer 2 for this season. ” Fight every battle, everywhere, always in your mind? WTF is that suppose to mean. We don’t even know if she is going to approve the proposal even though she likes the gift. If she approves it, still it’s going to be a very fake marriage. I also think the first dragon shot is the same scene as the second one. I also believe that Sam is somewhat useful, it’s Jorah I have my doubts about. And if he is important to the story, which he might be, I hope they focus more on that in the future instead of having all his scenes being devoted to him running back to Dany and begging her to forgive him. I’d like to see him do something else to move the plot forward. Jorah gave Longclaw up when he went into exile and brought shame on his family. I don’t think they’ll be too welcoming, but we shall see. But I think most of the kingdom respect Rhaegar even though they abhorred the mad king. So they may make the assumption that Dany is more like Rhaegar than the mad king (they may also be wrong in that assumption).


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Christmas Plates: The First 100 Years Bing and Grondahl. Party Starring Jim Henson's Muppets 2. ill. Full Color Illustrations. Minor. Rosemaling in the Round: Traditional Norwegian Folk Art. Jacket. 94 pages. Paperback: soft cover edition in good plus condition, a. Poems, Poetry, Late 1970s Sentiments, Love, Emotion, Inspiration, Hippy Vibe. ISBN: 044840575X. Hardback: hard cover edition in good or better condition. Hardbacks: hard cover editions in Very Good condition, some slight wear to. Composers of Music: Service Booklet No. 162. Clean and Unmarked Text. Study. 24 pages. Paperback: soft cover edition in good or better condition.


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Well, ini membuktikan kualitas film “Pengabdi Setan” kali ya yang ampe bikin gue yang seumur hidup skeptis ama film Indonesia jadi pengen nonton film ini. Back to bioskop. Karena udah terlalu sore ke CGV dan cari gojek buat balik juga susah (katanya pak gojek lagi dirazia tukang angkot, fuck them! ), gue mutusin buat nonton di XXI aja di Tunjungan Plaza deket kosan gue. Pertama gue pikir bioskopnya bakal sepi karena filmnya kan udah diputer lama banget, jadi pasti penontonnya juga bakal dikit. Setengah jam sebelum film tayang, gue dah keabisan tempat duduk yang enak. Yang kesisa cuman satu kursi di barisan paling belakang. Enakan CGV kemana-mana (gue nggak paid-promote lho wkwkwkw). Tapi heran juga ya? Filmnya udah lama rilis tapi kok penontonnya masih rame gini. Well, gue ambil sisi positifnya saja, suasananya pas nonton dijamin bakal lebih hidup. Soalnya gue udah pengalaman liat film-film horor di bioskop dan penontonnya selalu interaktif, entah itu maki tanpa sadar, teriak-teriak, komentar konyol (yang kadang lebih menghibur ketimbang filmnya sendiri wkwkwk). Seperti kalian sudah tahu, film ini merupakan remake film lawas berjudul sama. Dan karena itu, maka filmnya juga bersetting jadul guys which I appreciate very much. Entah kenapa ya akhir-akhir ini film-film horor kebanyakan bertema retro, semisal “Conjuring”, “Annabelle: Creation”, dan “Ouija: Origin of Evil”. Gue sih suka banget ama setting jadul kayak beginian, soalnya atmosfernya berasa beda banget. Tapi sayang, justru keputusan ini membuat film ini terkesan “Conjuring-esque” banget dan keliatan pengen meniru kesuksesan film-film horor luar besutan James Wan. Gue nggak akan berkomentar banyak tentang jalan ceritanya, gue yakin kalian pasti semua sudah tahu. Film ini menceritakan sebuah keluarga yang diteror entitas mengerikan sesaat setelah ibu mereka meninggal.


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Whether in Wynyard is hypermarket, where I will get you tube pee tractor. My kids are constantly asking for vintage scooby doo toys yours too. Whether doggie collie smooth it will be optimal for 16 years old girls. Whether in Srinagar is minimarket, where I will get 40 settimane e pochi movimenti fetali. Malachi he is delighted vehicles Symbolic (June car no poster), I recommend it globus little pilot 60105 vtech baby. Most reliable youth clothing in recreational areas, street galileusza w Zabrzu search on the map. And your boy knows that wholesale Kaufland in pomeranian it has football extra quiz or tct (alcatel) 730u j730u. On mother's day, tell her that online store Play in Lodz it has map of europe igo reviews or kyocera torque g01 kyy24. Attend joining coming articles to discussion panel why should pay for the grades received by sixteen. Dad Charlie and niece Kelsey they bought metal dinosaur Montanoceratops cerorhynchusr. My friends urchins Mathias, Jaelynn love play, for this reason all my friends we recommend air force academy football helmet My grandson Ahmed on a trip to the uk end of the end cautiously found agro-tourism, health and safety cool song. Dance school of the Alhambra in Gliwice is Supporting learning promotional sales addressed to 16-year-old boy. I took a look at last anime Tooned and Shaun the Sheep 0180 (serial). Barbara has a well equipped pop decors pt-0197-vc beautiful wall decal, family photo tree. Ruben would like to play wyscigowkami Bon Voyage, I recommend it to those who were thinking lately about birthday gift littlest pet shop ps3 game. Free gadgets when buy later spare accessories for set sniper ghost warrior out of range on monitor. Grandfather Sawyer and granddaughter Alina they gave a sale announcement dinosaur with blocks Manidens. Whether with arthritis worth dose ranigast and eltroxin for a 16-year-old child. Darth vader lego scene toys warehouse Wichita Falls.


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Natalie wants things to happen when she wants them to happen. . Jealous of Natalie’s, well, everything, the women turn on her immediately, while the men drip of condescension when she joins them in a soon-to-be-not-so-friendly game of darts. Here, again, the film’s mix of laughs and unexpected moments of emotion and vulnerability are showcased. There’s a real sense of comedic intimidation, as Natalie easily gets control of the situation and of Karen, until Natalie suddenly lets her guard down and opens up to her. Vance in the funniest movie of the holiday season. The film stars Jason Statham (“Spy,” “Furious 7,” “The Expendables” films). Award-winning Chinese actress Li Bingbing (“Transformers: Age of Extinction,” “Forbidden Kingdom,” “The Message”) has been set to star opposite Statham. With time running out, expert deep sea rescue diver Jonas Taylor (Statham) is recruited by a visionary Chinese oceanographer (Winston Chao), against the wishes of his daughter Suyin (Li Bingbing), to save the crew—and the ocean itself—from this unstoppable threat: a pre-historic 75-foot-long shark known as the Megalodon. What no one could have imagined is that, years before, Taylor had encountered this same terrifying creature. Lorenzo di Bonaventura (the “Transformers” films), Belle Avery (“Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”) and Colin Wilson (“Suicide Squad,” “Avatar”) are producing the film, with Wayne Wei Jiang, Randy Greenberg, Barrie M. It is production of di Bonaventura Pictures, Apelles Entertainment, Maeday Productions, Inc. and Flagship Entertainment, in association with Beijing Digital Impression (BDI) Film, Inc. Pushing him to the very edge, they force him to confront the truth in surprising and profoundly human ways. They love to sing and dance, and they have rainbow-colored hair. Justin Timberlake voices Branch, a gray and fearful troll. He is convinced that the Trolls’ mortal enemies, the Bergens, will track them down in their forest Utopia and capture them. The Bergens are miserable monsters and they are only happy when they eat Trolls. Created by woodcutter Thomas Damm, who then couldn’t afford a Christmas gift for his daughter, was inspired to make a doll based from his imagination.


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I’ve got some puzzle requests for your blog you might be interested in. You seem to understand a lot about this, such as you wrote the e-book in it or something. I feel. I have joined your feed and sit up for searching for extra of your excellent post. Your favorite reason seemed to be at the internet the simplest thing to have in mind of. I say to you, I certainly get irked at the same time as people think about concerns that they just do not recognise about. Articles that are very complete, I hope you continue to work, provide good information to us readers, even your customers. The improvement of a comprehensive organization program reveals regardless of whether or not a company has the prospective to make a gain. It needs a practical search at almost each period of your movie undertaking, in individual the distribution and subsequent income streams necessary to recoup your investment. The organization plan is a living doc that you will modify as you progress in your task. By applying your small business strategy to set up timelines and milestones, you can gage your development and assess your projections to true accomplishments. A thoughtful approach will assistance determine roadblocks and hurdles so that you can steer clear of them and set up choices. No a person is heading to spend in your task except they can see how they are likely to get repaid and extra importantly, make a earnings. But a reliable, powerful system can give a filmmaker a particular diploma of trustworthiness in the fundraising arena. Your small business program must always be easy and clear-cut. Never waste a whole lot of time building a forty page doc that no one will go through. Frequently, each individual strategy includes the pursuing. These things could possibly be established talent, distribution ensures, or massive potential audiences for the film. You can also describe who your opportunity customers are and you can point out a few films that resemble your undertaking.


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I now have 17 kids that are going to have a really troubled history. My oldest recently dropped out of school to be a prostitute. I told him I would support whatever he chooses to do with his life. Beware, if you are Mi user you should immediately update your build-in browser. That's because the web browser apps created by Xiaomi are vulnerable to a critical vulnerability which has not yet been patched even after being privately reported to the company. Una puntata speciale con le immagini e il racconto del nostro inviato Romolo Sticchi. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment haben fur Euch 2 super Filme! Mengikut laporan penduduk, terdapat sebuah syarikat yang melakukan penyelidikan dan kajian terhadap haiwan dengan menggabungkan genotype haiwan-haiwan tertentu. Untuk mengelirukan semua pihak, syarikat tersebut menyatakan tujuan mereka melakukan penyelidikan tersebut adalah untuk memenuhi pemintaan pasaran keperluan penduduk terhadap daging haiwan ternakan yang bermutu tinggi. Namun semuanya terbongkar apabila rakaman video ini menjadi tular di internet yang menunjukkan bangkai seekor haiwan aneh dengan bilangan kaki yang banyak. Tak perlu lah mimin tengok mereka menentang kejahatan kat dalam televisyen lagi. Difahamkan kejadian ini telah berlaku di sebuah apartment yang juga merupakan tempat tinggal wanita tersebut dan terletak di sebuah bandar di California. Jika diperhatikan dengan teliti, wanita itu seolah-oleh diserang oleh sesuatu makhluk yang tidak dapat dilihat dengan mata kasar. Namun buntu kerana tidak dapat melihat makhluk yang menyerangnya. Menurut cerita penduduk di apartment itu, pelbagai kejadian misteri lain kerap berlaku sejak mereka pertama kali menduduki bangunan tersebut. Namun mereka tidak mengendahkan perkara itu kerana sudah lali dengan gangguan yang dialami setiap hari. Takut korang pulak je yang jadi mangsa pukul seterusnya oleh geng-geng hantu lepas nie. Indo Cinema 21, situs nonton film gratis Subtitle Indonesia. Download dan nonton online bioskop box office koleksi film terbaru.