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. Fiction Award Winner: Out of My Hand, directed by Takeshi Fukunaga Screenwriter: Takeshi Fukunaga, Donari Braxton Producer: Donari Braxton, Mike Fox Cast: Bishop Blay, Zenobia Taylor, Duke Murphy Dennis, David Roberts, Shelley Molad Film Description:A struggling Liberian rubber plantation worker risks everything to begin a new life as a New York City cabbie but is haunted by his wartime past. The World Fiction Jury awarded special mentions to: Ayanda and the Mechanic, directed by Sara Blecher Country: South Africa Screenwriters: Trish Malone Producers: Terry Pheto, Busi Sizani, Robbie Thorpe Cast: Fulu Moguvhani, OC Ukeje, Nthati Moshesh, Kenneth Nkosi, Jafta Mamabolo, Thomas Gumede, Sihle Xaba, Venessa Cooke Film description: Within a multi-African Johannesburg community, a young hipster-designer saves her deceased father? prized garage by refurbishing classic cars. World Premiere. White Moss (Belyy Yagel), directed by Vladimir Tumaev Country: Russian Federation Producers: Svetlana Dalskaya Cast: Evgeniy Sangadzhiev, Galina Tihonova, Irina Mihaylova, Efim Stepanov, Dolzhin Tangatova Film description: Love and betrayal in the arctic Russian tundra. A young indigenous man struggles with the obligations of an arranged marriage, while yearning for the love of his life, who has left for the city. The Documentary Jury awarded a special mention for directing: The Babushkas of Chernobyl, directed by Holly Morris, Anne Bogart Producers: Holly Morris, Anne Bogart Featuring: Valentyna Sochenok, Hanna Zavorotnya, Maria Shovkuta Film Description: In the radioactive ? ead zone. Hagen, Wade Allain-Marcus Producers: Jason Wolf, Mel Jones Cast: Wade Allain-Marcus, Melina Lizette, Arjun Gupta Film Description: After committing the carnal sin of sleeping with his best friend? girlfriend, Vincent must deal with the consequences of his betrayal and hope that his bond with his brother-from-another-mother can withstand the blow. World Premiere.


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You can follow BBC Monitoring on Twitter and Facebook. What emerges is the unflattering portrait of a powerful director who nursed a dark, uncontrollable obsession with the icy-blonde leading ladies of his films. Hitchcock died in 1980 at age 80. A representative for his estate did not immediately return requests for comment. The actress said she pushed the director away and left the vehicle. Chris Christie of New Jersey with a stunning assertion: The governor himself knew during the lane closings at the George Washington Bridge that they were meant to punish a mayor for declining to endorse him. Over the past six weeks in federal court, prosecutors have portrayed Mr. Christie and his top aides as relentlessly and crassly political. Orders to freeze out enemies came “directly from gov,” as his campaign manager relayed in one text message. “Gov! Lee Cortes, a prosecutor, said in his closing argument. “The governor!


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I can revise and rewrite after work, but I usually need a full day to get in the creative zone. Of course, I’d be lying if I said that most of the reason I’m having such trouble getting started is something other than my tendency toward chronic procrastination. Given the choice between creative writing, making silly blog posts, looking at pictures of cats on the Internet, and staring at the wall listening to the new Draconian album for the umpteen-millionth time, the former option is usually not the one I choose. I wish I could, because I’d love to brag and say I wrote two books in the time it took George R. R. Martin to get us The Winds of Winter, all while working full-time. Unfortunately, the Muse has different plans for me, and as dominant a lover as I am, she’s having none of it. And all that bluster about wringing my Muse’s neck and slapping her around is just that: bluster. I do not in any way advocate violence against Muses. And failing that, swallow your goddamned pride, get down on your hands and knees, and plead with her to bequeath upon you her gifts. See, I’ve been suffering from a bit of insomnia of late, which usually puts me in a state of being too tired to do any creative writing, but too wired to sleep. Which sucks, because I actually come up with great material when I’ve been awake for a long time, but if I try to put the words on the page, there seems to be a disconnect somewhere, and whatever I type ends up a gloriously eloquent clusterfuck.


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I can understand why you feel the need to call all spoilers “horseshit,” but as a subscriber I just to let you know, it’s become very predictable and silly sounding. Obviously some people come to your channel only once right 2x and maybe that’s why you need to say it that way. But for a subscriber who watches your new videos all the time, it’s predictably overused. Feel free to ignore me or feel free to change that bit up. Of course this is just my own observations and weighing in, so take that for what it’s worth King of Dracarys 3. I like the part when Jon bends the knee to Dany, she is the rightful heir King of Dracarys 3. X - Wolf 3 ? ? Asked us to like the video, subscribe and follow you on other places before the video has even started. Don't do this dude, have some honor and earn some respect. Nomad 3 ? ?


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Hagz Quote: Bagi kalian yang penasaran tentang permainan permainan horror yang ada di thread ts, seperti Bloody Mary, Baby Blue, sampai Hitori Kakurenbo. Kalian bisa kunjungi channel salah satu youtuber yang satu ini. Karena di channel kita bisa melihat youtuber Hagz memainkan permainan permainan pemanggil setan. Entah itu Jelangkung, Ouija, Bloody Mary, dan Hitori Kakurenbo. Video di channel Hagz yang paling terkenal adalah disaat Alvin (Youtuber Hagz) memainkan permainan petak umpet boneka Hitori Kakurenbo. Karena di video tersebut terjadi hal yang tidak diduga sebelumnya. So, buat kalian yang penasaran sama permainan Hitori Kakurenbou bisa langsung tonton aja videonya Hagz. Spoiler for Hagz Bermain Hitori Kakurenbo: Siboen Misteri Quote: Channel youtube yang satu ini menyajikan konten horror yang belum pernah ada. Di channel ini kalian akan diajak untuk melihat secara langsung penelusuran di tempat tempat angker. Ya benar, channel siboen terkenal dengan live streaming di tempat tempat angker. Sehingga, segala sesuatu yang dilihat penontonnya pun juga sama dengan aslinya. Berani coba nonton live streamingnya di malam hari.