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Best episode of the season in my opinion. There are mountain clans (the Flints, etc. to the west. The Dreadfort is southeast of Last Hearth and Winterfell is southwest. White Harbor (the Manderlys) is to the south near Moat Cailin. Deepwood Motte is well to the west of Winterfell and you have to go through the Wolfswood to get there It was going to take two weeks or more for Stannis’ army to march from DM to WF in the books). It would take additional time (how much depends on the distances between the locations, which on the show are much closer than there are in the books, for example WF is three weeks or more from CB in the books but only a day or two or three away on the show). His mother died fighting a stag, he could’ve developed an infected abscess or broken a limb and developed septicemia and died, etc. etc. While I don’t want it to be him, him being dead and Rickon making it out alive aren’t mutually exclusive. My comment above about Davos shielding Jon from her in that moment, had to do with Davos recognizing that a measured, and less fanatic, approach in dealing with the “newly reborn”. It makes perfect sense for her to go there- not many more profound questions than this- but maybe he needed a little time to collect himself and get his bearings. While the book situation in the north is far more complicated, I expect Jon’s decision to let the wildlings through will be part of the pro-Bolton motivation in the books, so to the extent this is a “change” from the books it appears to fall well within the bounds of the normal adaptation process.

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Safe with the exception of Pete’s motorcycle, the couple are graciously invited back to their fellow driver Jason Mountolive’s (Standing) extravagant mansion. Greeted by several houseguests already expecting them, Maggie and Pete are introduced to their powerful new acquaintances as Jason’s declining health is the basis for their visit. Summoned to his death bed, Maggie is bestowed with a sinister ring also worn by her fellow guests that refuses to leave her finger. As Maggie and Pete’s desire to leave the estate are slyly denied, the possibility of black magic being conducted turns frighteningly real as the visitors meet fatal ends under questionable circumstances. A disturbing drowning, chicken bone choking, fiery inferno and shattered mirror shards claim Jason’s unsavory business partners as the couple discover a shocking lineage between witchcraft and Jason’s family line. Imperative that Jason’s legacy lives on and seduced by the satanic allure of power, Maggie’s fate becomes sealed. While not hardly as praised as its predecessors, Director Richard Marquand’s black magic opus weaves an intriguing, character driven tale with an eclectic cast and eerie imagery of a gothic mansion and creepy cats. Although plot holes can sometimes be glaring and its narrative explanations slightly overindulgent, the film’s minimal but effective death sequences and dark conclusion easily make up for most of its shortcomings. Critically divided and commercially unsuccessful, The Legacy remains an underappreciated occult tale forgotten in the wake of the burgeoning slasher movement. Skin tones are inviting while dual colors of a particular white cat’s eyes and the film’s blood dripping deaths pop exceptionally well. Meanwhile, black levels are decently inky with only moderate instances of flakes apparent in more dimly lit moments. Equipped with a DTS-HD Master Audio 2. mix, dialogue is predominately clear with an occasion of hushed tones requiring an increase in volume.

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s comedy draws from his life as a single, aging dad. The show is written, directed, edited, and produced by the show’s creator, Louis C. . They just worked out this really nice deal for him that Louis can kind of have anonymity, write the scripts, direct them, and edit them without really any involvement from the network. . We kind of just do our thing, and then just hand it over to FX. . It allows for a creative connection with the director and the writers and executive producer because we’re such a small group of people working together. Now that we’ve been doing it for four years together, we just know the flow and we know what Louis wants, what he likes, and it’s so much more productive. He knows exactly what he wants 95% of the time, so we all manage to find people who work well together and can make that happen. . Location: Larry Black Auditorium, 96 S. Grant Ave.