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€ť all the time. Seldom have the limits of the medium, the tight ten-episode schedule, been so apparent as in this episode, where the story rushes from beat to beat, at times drowning out the emotional highs in the process. This sounds worse than it is, because there were quite a lot of emotional high points in this pretty good episode, so let’s look at them one by one. Our guest judge this week is Seth, a member of the community. Militant, Martell, the Golden Company, potential Targaryen loyalists. Rejoice, everyone! The first Patreon poll is over. 33 people have voted, and the winner topic for us to do is. So we're really excited to be able to revisit popular theories once again. Of course, that means we actually need theories that you want us to examine. After a bit of a rough start, Game of Thrones finds its footing again with its third episode, “Oathbreaker”. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the dissection by storyline. First, we start off in the far North as usual, where Bran sees the long-awaited sequence at the Tower of Joy. The dialogue is an abbreviated and clarified version of the original from the first novel, but it works very well. I also like the look of Young Ned, close enough to the original to be believable. Having the One-Eyed Exposition Machine included in the scene also helps understanding quite a great deal. We also get the idea that the past can’t be changed and that Ned didn’t really hear Bran, as well as the clear indication that for some reason, Lyanna is here. Bran -Didn't even know this was a theory - Dany's conquest - Baelor II - Targ restoration plan. Our guest judge this week is Jeff Hartline, the founder of the Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire blog and can be found on twitter. The second episode of the sixth season is continuing a trend, it seems.

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Samwell, Pypar, and Grenn intercept him and convince him to stay. Mormont tells Jon their war against the White Walkers is more important than the game of thrones in King's Landing. He tells Jon that the Watch is marching beyond the Wall in force, to find Benjen and learn the truth about the threat. They pass through several abandoned wildling villages before arriving at the home of their unsavory ally Craster. Jon is perplexed when he learns that Craster incestuously marries his own daughters but apparently has no sons. He takes an instant dislike to Craster when they meet with him. The feeling is mutual but Craster does reveal to Jeor that he has not seen Benjen and that the wildlings are gathering with their leader, King Beyond the Wall Mance Rayder. She is afraid of having a son but will not say why. Jon is frustrated and refuses to disobey Jeor's order to leave Craster's wives alone. Jon sees Craster carrying a newborn into the woods and follows him. He sees Craster leave the child for a White Walker but does not recognize the creature hidden in the shadows. When Qhorin arrives he suggests altering their tactics and using small groups to overcome Mance's lookouts in the Skirling Pass. Jon realizes his opponent is a young woman and hesitates to kill her. She introduces herself as Ygritte but does not give away details of Mance's plans. He pursues and recaptures her but they become separated from Qhorin's group. Jon decides they cannot regroup with Qhorin due to the approaching night. Ygritte convinces Jon to sleep next to her to share body heat and keep warm, and then makes sexual advances towards him. He uses some the rope that’s binding her as a leash. As they walk, Ygritte questions Jon as to why the men of the Night's Watch hate the wildlings. She explains that both the wildlings and the Northmen like the Starks are descendants of the First Men, and the wildlings just happened to be on the wrong side of the Wall when it was built.

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Willie, being weak, gives up and attempts suicide, giving Thurman a note to give to the police, confessing all and pushing him further along the redemptive path. Before he can execute his plan, he notices that the local bullies have beaten up the boy. This stirs something in him and renewed purpose has him train the boy to defend himself. Meanwhile, Marcus succeeds in killing Gin, and the plan is back on. Willie is pursued by police as he heads back to Thurman’s house with a last-minute Christmas gift. He is shot in the back on the doorstep, but his death is a spiritual one, for an epilogue voice over reveals that shooting a Santa was such an embarrassment for the police that he escapes censure. His waitress girlfriend is given guardianship over Thurman and the implication is that they will form a family unit. In performing an act of altruism it has released him from the curse of his life. Some Like It Hot. The Producers. Grand Budapest Hotel. Duck Soup. The Ladykillers. A Shot in the Dark. Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown. It allows for deception, slapstick and physical comedy, exaggeration, mistaken identity and lightning-fast pacing. At its best, it is a corkscrew of comedy that tightens until it pops. Guy Richie is a modern exponent of this: his gangster movies, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch have a dark thread of cruelty running through them. In general, however, farce fights shy of satire and black comedy, which is more cruel and cutting and denies us the last minute reveal and tying up of loose ends that makes farce so popular. More often, farce depends on a comic situation, skilfully manipulated by the cast so as to extract the maximum of laughter and chaos.

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Rollins lawan Jericho cukup bagus, namun dengan superstar sekaliber mereka berdua seharusnya bisa lebih hebat lagi. Rollins bener-bener butuh Triple H secepatnya, aku pikir mungkin WWE bisa ngestall feud mereka paling lama sebulan lagi. Dan memang sepertinya mereka bakal memainkan angle Owens-Jericho melawan Reigns-Rollins. Which is not bad, kita bisa lihat di ending acara ini. Masalahnya terletak pada hubungan antara Owens dan Jericho. They have been swerved us so much, ngetease perpecahan kubu ini, hanya untuk melihat dua superstar Kanada ini bergabung kembali. Itulah yang aku sebut di atas tadi dengan istilah ceritanya muter-muter. Keseluruhan main event mala mini hanya bertujuan untuk melihat Jericho ternyata masih di pihak Owens. Dan sebelum adegan tersebut terjadi, kita disuguhkan oleh pertarungan yang biasa-biasa saja antara juara yang tidak seganas dulu lagi melawan Reigns yang jurusnya itu-itu melulu. The only awesome thing yang terjadi adalah tiga Frog Splash dari Kevin Owens. It’s really intriguing kenapa kali ini dia kembali nongol pake nama belakang ayah yang katanya ia despise so much. Anyway, aku gak begitu masalah soal titel yang bolak-balik berpindah. I get the bigger picture dari WWE yang terus ngepush winning streak Charlotte; jadi ketika pada akhirnya nanti ia kalah, it would be like the biggest deal of all. Hanya saja mestinya hasil akhir decisive battle antara Charlotte dan Sasha Banks ini bisa ditulis dengan lebih meyakinkan dan lebih seru lagi. Karena ada begitu banyak yang salah dari gimana pertandingan Iron Man 30-menit mereka berakhir; seri dua-dua kemudian perpanjangan waktu dengan Charlotte menang sudden death. Mengingat status match, this should be a big deal. Paling enggak, mestinya dihandle dengan Stephanie atau Mick Foley keluar buat ngumumin perpanjangan waktu demi membuat keputusan ini terlihat semakin legit. Namun pertanyaan terbesarku soal perpanjangan waktu adalah; apakah benar-benar diperlukan. I mean, mari lihat struktur jalannya match ini: Dari 30 menit, Sasha dan Charlotte menghabiskan 20 menit awal untuk set-up (alias nothing special happens ), barulah pada 10 menit terakhir keadaan menggila. Sasha jatuh dengan posisi naas, wajahnya menghantam steel steps, dan later hidungnya mengucurkan darah.