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Has your team been infiltrated by a Mole working for the other side. Shrouded in mist and magic, the island summons mages to battle in the ultimate test of magical combat — but only those who survive the supernatural duels are granted great prestige and riches. Spellcaster is a card game pitting two to four mages in a duel of supremacy. You win by exhausting your opponent's energies or by collecting enough sorcery sapphires to overpower them. Everyone starts with a stack of animal cards and simultaneously tosses a random card into the center. Whenever a Bird, Bug or Bean shows up you have to act fast. You've got to tweet for the Birds, clap or slap the Bugs and toot for the Beans. First player to react catches all the animals in the pile. You have to satisfy each passenger's different needs to score prestige for your airline. Book too few passengers, and you may not be able to fill your flight. Book too many, however, and some passengers will obviously be really unhappy. In a turn, you pick a passenger card with the orientation, quantity and type (colour) of passengers depicted on the card.

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Upon removing the Piece of Resistance from Emmet's back, Lord Business sets the Octan Tower to self-destruct leaving Bad Cop behind. Emmet roles off the battery he is strapped onto and jumps off the edge of the LEGO Universe to deactivate the self-destruct and electric shock sequence. Wyldstyle, Batman, Benny, MetalBeard, and Unikitty head to a TV studio to warn everyone about the Kragleizer. Afterwards, Wyldstyle gets her message out to everyone in the LEGO Universe to build whatever they can to defend themselves. When the Skeletrons attack, Bad Cop joins the heroes into fighting them hoping that there's still a Good Cop within him. The heroes and Bad Cop work to build Benny's dream spaceship and return to Bricksburg where its citizens are putting up a fight against Lord Business' forces. Finn notices Emmet and puts him back in the LEGO Universe where he works with Blaze Firefighter to put out a fire by constructing a crane expansion to remove the electrical tower from the water. Then he saves a fellow construction worker named Gail from some ground-based Micro Managers. Emmet then combines some construction vehicles into one giant robot which he pilots. With help from Superman, Emmet pilots the Giant Mech to destroy the Micro Managers and make his way to Lord Business' lair. Then Emmet receives help from Green Lantern as Wyldstyle, Benny, and Wonder Woman work to help take out the Kragleizer Tentacles. Gandalf and a Magician provide some debris for Emmet's mech to throw at the back of Lord Business' giant robot.

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Jammu District President BJP Baldev Baloria was also present on the occasion. Calling upon the party functionaries to take the initiatives launched by the government to people, Yudhvir said that exemplary programs have been started by the central government during the last two years and employment sector is getting focused attention of the government. He said that party workers have to ensure that benefits of initiatives taken by the government in different fields reach every nook and corner of the state. He said that under the guidance of Narinder Modi various schemes which been launched which include, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Make in India, Bima Yojnas, Beti Bachao-Beti Padao, Smart city, Pahal and other such schemes for the benefit of all sections of the society. While addressing the meeting, Baldev said that landmark initiatives in the field of social security and skill development have been launched by the Prime Minister and the party workers should ensure that the benefits of these schemes reach to maximum number of beneficiaries. He said that the party functionaries have to work hard to make the people aware about the different programs and schemes which have been launched for enhancing the skill capabilities of the youth, adding that the nation has the largest pool of young workforce and with right kind of training the youth can contribute in nation building. Among others the meeting was attended by District Vice President BJP Sh. Anil Masoom, District Geral Secretary Vinay Gupta, District Secretary Ramesh Gupta, District Secretary Shallu Gupta, Raj Rani, Vishal Kohli, Arun Sethi, Pradeep Langeh, Anju Dogra, Neeru Anand, Saroj Devi, Sharda Devi, Savita Anand, Surinder Kour, Kiran Aggarwal, Gita Devi, Surekha Devi, Gulshan, Naresh Abrol, Bharat Bhushan and others. Dr. Gagan holds “Janta Darbaar” at village Chak Bhaktawar in R. Pura On Monday at RS Pura fulfilling his commitments towards the people of RS Pura Constituency, MLA RS Pura Dr. Gagan Bhagat organised “ Janta Darbar” at Village Chak Bhaktawar and Panchyat Gondla, where large number of villagers were present along with their grievances.

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Magotra with garland and also welcomed newly appointed office bearers. Session was concluded with tea and vote of thanks from BJYM District general Secretary Sanjeev Singh. tate Secretary BJYM Rahul Vaid was also present on the occasion. Angral inspect developmental works in Krishna Nagar BJP Talab Tillo Mandal President Jeet Angral, alongwith local leaders and the residents, visited Krishna Nagar W. o. 12 to take stock of the various developmental activities being undertaken there. He also visited Jamita Shah Gali, where new work is going to be started soon. Now since the monsoon is almost over, this work is going to be started within next few days. He said that it is the only main entrance to Krishna Nagar interiors and always has rush of vehicles and the people residing in and around Jamita Shah Gali. He appealed the local people to cooperate by parking their vehicles at some alternate places for few days when the construction of this lane is started so that there is no obstacle in its proper construction. He said that whatever developmental activity has been started in Krishna Nagar, there has been strict vigil on the quality of the work. He expressed hope that W.