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Producer Nick Dunton has a decade's worth of releases behind him, and it shows. Sketches Of My Life veritably skips between electronic sounds and styles. After delivering the first release on the label, Georgian artist HVL returns with a tribute to his home club Bassiani, unfurling an immersive, smoked-out sound that captures the atmosphere of Tbilisi's most infamous venue. Marvis Dee is an alias for Dutch electro champ Jeremiah R, and finds the promising upstart on impeccable form. His arrival on Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound imprint seems so natural it's strange that it's only happened now, and means the Bournemouth lad done good has essentially worked with his two teen idols in Alkan and Weatherall. The Need Electric EP arrives just as Avery has let slip his commission to complete a Fabric Live mix and the four tracks have him working fully with a vocalist for the first time. While we await further news of their long-mooted comeback, there's this tasty EP of previously unheard archive material to enjoy. Strong percussive big room electro, thick melodies and perfectly-timed arrangements are the mark of their second EP. Apparently a long term favourite of label boss Stuart Leath, the warped breakbeat jam-fusion of the original is ripe for reinvention and gets the remix treatment from Especial in-house team Apophenia, Inhalt and Jamie Paton. Merging everything the Juan Atkins had heard through his adolescent years, from electro to funk and krautrock, his first outing as Model 500 will never grow old.

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We can look at which bacteria are missing from your pet, and choose a donor based on that. We’re still in the early stages of that kind of donor matching, but we’re collecting the data. It’s where we’re hoping to go — to design and tailor therapies in the future. . There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all therapy that helps every patient. If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Ganz’s work and how microbiome restorative therapy works, you can visit her at AnimalBiome. Why Pet Owners Seek Cannabis for Their Pets Cache Translate Page Pet owners across the U. . are turning to cannabis to treat their pets when conventional options, like pain relievers, fail them.

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—Karma Thubten Trinley. It concluded that excess consumption of these products could cause health risks. This study was undertaken in mice, to ascertain whether “processed” aconite is less toxic as compared to the crude or unprocessed one. Further, all the steps in the processing were essential for complete detoxification. You can’t drown it, however, and you can’t demagnetize it. And washing RFID-tagged clothes won’t remove the chips, since they’re specifically designed to withstand years of wearing, washing, and drying. You could remove the chip from your jeans, but you’d have to find it first. We should also be able to disable the chips in our own property. If it’s the property of the company we work for, that’s a different matter. But if it’s ours, we should be able to control whether tracking is enabled.

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Check out some of the best cosplayers we saw in 2017. As 2017 unfolded, audiences were treated to a number of adaptations of books, comics, and even video games, alongside films and shows being relaunched in hopes of reaching new audiences. The year was littered with movies and TV shows that missed the mark--both original ideas and those adapted from previous properties. For every Spider-Man: Homecoming, there's a Ghost in the Shell and we revisited them all. The fact that such an effective story can be adapted from what is essentially an FBI handbook is worthy of praise. While the original TV series was nothing special, the film adaptation of both very generic and doesn't offer much in terms of quality. While Dwayne Johnson and his fellow cast seem to be having fun hanging out on the beach and making a movie, there's simply not much to be interested in. Kelley, and beautiful direction by Jean-Marc Vallee, Big Little Lies had everything going in its favor. One of the best adaptations of a novel you'll find, the series begins on the mundane surface of life in the suburbs and spirals into the dark corners of each character's personal lives, with a murder at the heart of it. The end result was a short movie that wasn't very faithful to fans of the original sci-fi western books and were simply unexciting and incomprehensible to those being exposed to the story for the first time.

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What's more, her collegial style on stage and energy for her collaborators (Corey Harris, Dre Franklin and Marlon Davis, for this concert) means she's not only a welcome counterargument to a list of unflattering stereotypes about singers, but a natural fit for a jazz-leaning set, where listening is paramount. If you've yet to hear her sing, let us be the first to commend picking out a riverside flagstone under the golden hour's light for this free concert. Organizers say lawnchairs, blankets, kids and pets are welcome, but not coolers; bring some cash along for beer, wine or soda. The Wednesday night series, sponsored by the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau and Art Porter Music Education Inc. continues with Dizzy 7 on Sept. 19 and The Rodney Block Collective Sept. 26. SS. The chiffon and velvet gown Mabel Thomas Martineau wore to the 1927 inaugural ball, imported from Paris for the M. .

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Just as Rickon reaches Jon, he is shot through the heart with an arrow and killed. This begins the battle with a somber tone as one of the few remaining Starks is killed so brutally. Jon’s heartache is evident as he rushes into battle. There is no shying away from the horrors of war as the fight commences. Horses are maimed and topple over to crush their riders. Soldiers are left with missing limbs, their innards hanging out and screaming for mercy. Despite the fantasy setting, the realism is harrowing. The claustrophobic shot of Jon trapped and trampled beneath the crowd of soldiers is one of the most painfully real moments. You hear his breathing get frantic as he struggles for air and the audio becomes muffled. As Jon emerges fitfully from the heap of soldiers and gasps for breath (in one of the best shots in the episode), it is difficult to not want to take a breath of relief with him.

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Elson plotted the camera moves after Shyre blocked out the play. Shyre also presided over his own adaptation of Will Rogers’s folksy life, introduced on camera and then brought to life by James Whitmore in a one-man performance prior to the actor’s similar feature presentations for Peter H. Hunt, Give ’Em Hell, Harry (1975) and Bully: An Adventure with Teddy Roosevelt (1978). A writer, producer, and director, Sichel produced many of Brian Clemens’s Thriller anthology shows as well as directing several of the installments. Sichel was entrusted by the best of the Englishspeaking theatre to guide them in film presentations of Shakespeare. His version of Twelfth Night is among the most celebrated, starring Tommy Steele, Gary Raymond, Ralph Richardson as Toby Belch, Alec Guinness as Malvolio, Joan Plowright as Viola, and Adrienne Corri, John Moffat, and Riggs O’Hara. The Merchant of Venice prompted ABC to slot the Bard back into primetime with the 1970 National Theatre of Great Britain cast led by Laurence Olivier as Shylock, supported by Plowright, Anthony Nicholls, Jeremy Brett, Charles Kay, and Michael Jayston as Gratiano (who had been played on stage by Derek Jacobi). Olivier received an Emmy Award nomination for best actor. The show, for which Sichel adapted the play, aired in the United Kingdom on ITV. There’s something to be said for being the only person to both share a writing credit with Shakespeare and a directing credit with Olivier.


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'Have you heard of Janke before. An illustrated poem. 'The Life of the Dead (1933) is a collaboration between American poet Laura Riding Jackson and British painter John Aldridge. It is a product of the intense period when Riding and her partner Robert Graves were at the centre of a small community of expatriates in Deya, Mallorca, busily writing and running their own Seizin Press. Astro Pics. Stars over Easter Island. Can anyone recommend any? 'I have absolutely no comprehension whatsoever of how fiber optic cables can transmit information -- phone calls, emails, whatever -- by using light. Please explain it to me as if I'm a fifth-grader who makes decent grades in science class. 'Are we too old to trick or treat?

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Punch it at the right moment to overtake your opponents, but avoid obstacles or you will crash and burn. This contains 20 new units and 6 new buildings that are meant to both preserve the balance of the base game and enhance its possibilities and replay value. With this expansion, players can now start with a set of 7 buildings available, out of 11, and these buildings are different every game. Each new building opens new strategies, as does the impact of the new units. Each card can open the door to a tricky challenge, a magical assistance, or a valuable treasure. The approximate playing time is 10-30 minutes for two players. Be the first player to get a Gold, Silver, and Bronze TREASURE card into your realm. Your other cards give you the powers you will need to keep others from winning. The expansion will add new cards to your existing deck, and provide Class Cards a play variation where you take the role of a hero with unique attributes. Incan Gold plays 2-8 players in about 20 minutes Diamant is a game of luck - do you continue your journey into the lost diamond mines of King Solomon in search of more treasure, chancing hazards along the way, or do you escape back to base camp and safety.