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Later that night, I stood in the parking lot of the Foursquare Church, crying as several birthdays and Christmases worth of gifts went up in smoke. I watched Castle Gray Skull morph and twist into a puddle while Pastor Sam, high on toxic plastic fumes from his cleansing bonfire, slurred through “Hosanna in the Highest. €ť I’m positive that night set in motion a rebellion within me that only further encouraged my keen interest in morbid subject matter. Raised into pacification through material objects, the destruction of my entire toy collection was far more damaging than any Catholic handjob ever could have been. Since every school I've ever attended was of some religious variety, I encountered kids who were either similar, or even more fucked up than I ever could have been. Repression rears a mean brat, drawing kids toward taboos at hyper speed, and heroin too. By the eighth grade, bum wine and teenage pregnancy were mostly passe. What really cheesed the penguins off was finding spell books in the school yard. The first time I laid eyes on a book of magic was in the Saint Thomas Aquinas boys’ room. We passed it around in awe like most well-adjusted kids would a smut magazine. Throughout the eighties, the Christian fundamentalist right was popping off to anyone who’d listen about the approaching thunder of an underground Satanic network. According to them, the devil’s followers were running our day care centers. They were the policemen covering up cattle mutilation.


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That was never a requirement previously required for the guys who designed the famous ships built on Clydeside. I would be surpised if whoever holds the current contracts for shirts and Sevco itself wouldn’t make a copyright or breach of copyright claim against anyone attempting such. From what I have seen of the shirts there is nothing that TRFCL could legally do and win. Even if they could get a case into court what else might emerge in evidence and enter the public domain. I seem to remember that not long after DM came to Ibrox he claimed the Follow Follow Trademark for Rangers and was told where to go and despite rumblings of court action it never happened because FF or possibly Mark Dingwall own the Follow Follow Tm. The other design elements are the Lion Rampant and basically use of the colours red, white and blue. The explanation to sell it was the hard bit and despite a nightshift they appear to have fluffed their lines AGAIN. Perhaps they were asking for the second loan tranche of ? million which the new board apparently rejected on taking control. But it’s clear that there could be various stages in an Insolvency Event and perhaps the rule change is to cover all eventualities which might not have been previously defined in the Rule Book. I have previously posted that the contracts wrt a Default Event could see the assets pass to SportsDirect without any court hearing and SD also already has the power to appoint a Receiver to deal with any of the assets that pass to it via a loan default event. But looking at the above I wonder whether with the SPFL rule change that just taking control of the assets is enough to be classed as an Insolvency Event under SPFL Rules. Assuming it is able to survive death a second time.


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By the end of the day, Doris was dead, Alice was dead, and Lina is in an institution - which is an incredibly brutal downer of an ending, especially after we try to make you care about everybody for so long. But we knew that, and there was some talk of, 'Well, maybe we can get away with a happier ending. But it just didn't feel honest. Specifically, the mother-daughter moment where Alice Zander (Elizabeth Reaser) says goodbye to Lina (Annalise Basso). That was an idea that came up in post, just because I felt like the characters had earned that, and I really wished we had built that in from the beginning. So they were kind enough to let us go back and get it. In a way, it turned out to be a way for him to stand up for PG-13 horror movies and show audiences that they can still provide an emotional impact. Just wanted to say that out loud again. So no one is surprised when we see the movie, because it's not going to end well. Just saying. But yeah, it's a downer, but one of the criticisms a lot of people level against PG-13 horror is that there is perception that they're not as dark and they don't kind of have the fangs narratively that their R-rated counterparts do. And that was another thing that I was excited about. We're going to be as brutal as we can emotionally.


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Pawna ka va zun zawh hnu chuan, “I muhil thei nange. A awmdan leh hawiher vel chuan ka awm a ti nuamlo tulh tulh mai. Amah hi Dawithiam chu a ni ve mai angem tih pawh hriat va ni suh. Kan nu chu khumah a lo meng kar mai a, ka inthawlh lut ve nghal a. Ka nupui bulah chuan, “Tun tum kan mikhual zet chu a dan a dang hle mai, pa tawngtam lo leh mu tlem tak a nih dawn hi,” ka ti ringawt a. Ka awmah a lu a rawn nghat a, reiloteah a muhil ve mai bawk a. Kan mikhualpa khawsa zia chuan engemaw ti takin ngaihthatlohna min neih tir a; mi melh ngun dan em em te, a tawng tlem dan te, biak hmasak loh chuan a tawng duh miah lo va, ka biak pawhin a rul tawk chauhin min chhang a. A dawi sawngbawlna thil vel nge a dah anga a thawmhnaw zawk. Engvangin nge zana a len chhuah dawn khan a ip kha a ken tel kher. Zawhna tam tak chu ka rilruah a rawn lut zut zut mai a. Khawvar hma deuh chuan ka zun chhuak chuan min ti harh a. Ka tho chhuak chu kan mikhualpa mutna siam chu ka hmu a; amah erawh a awm lo thung, a inthiar a nih ka ring a. Ka zun lai tak chuan, khaw chhung lam atanga kan mikhualpa, a ip khai nena rawn chhuk chu ka hmu a, ani pawh chuan min rawn hmu ve nghal bawk a.