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Below are nine of the best films on Netflix that will make you cry, according to Netflix users. John Hughes, creator of the critically acclaimed Sixteen Candles, wrote, directed and produced this hilarious and often touching comedy starring Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy. Heartbroken after the end of a long relationship, he becomes intrigued with a new, advanced operating system, which promises to be an intuitive and unique entity in its own right. But something's different about the spirited boxing hopeful who shows up daily at Dunn's gym. Clint Eastwood plays Dunn and also directs, produces and composes music for this controversial and acclaimed, multi-award-winning tale of heart, hope and family. Eastwood received an Oscar nomination for his acting, an Academy Award for his directing, and the film also captured Best Picture. Oscar-winner Hilary Swank plays resilient Maggie, determined not to abandon her one dream. And Morgan Freeman (who grabbed his own Oscar) is Scrap, gym caretaker and counterpoint to Dunn's crustiness. Childhood friend David Boyle (Tim Robbins in his Oscar-winning role) is a suspect. Like any good mother, Ma dedicates herself to keeping Jack happy and safe, nurturing him with warmth and love and doing typical things like playing games and telling stories. Its characters, both human and canine, are two-dimensional. Its narrative structure, which jumps from one unrelated dog owner to the next, is lumpy. Its premise, that dogs are reincarnated and retain memories and habits from their past lives, is highly dubious. If you are an even mildly discriminating filmgoer, you will roll your eyes throughout A Dog’s Purpose. And because it was clear from the outset that this is a movie about dogs dying, I found myself on tenterhooks throughout the film, sure that dog death was lurking right around the corner. Every time a car was shown on screen, I was sure it was about to hit the dog. If you read up before you go, maybe your viewing experience won’t be as stressful as mine was? Check out these FYA faves available via Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

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The family didn’t realize just how successful they’d been at asserting Sealand’s statehood, and now the tiny nation was being used to facilitate a series of wild scams all over the world. Trujillo Ruiz, a flamenco club owner and former police officer who’d been kicked off the force for burglarizing a home, was going to talk to the journalist about his duties as a high-level government official. Trujillo Ruiz jumped up in surprise, and the officers promptly made their way around desks and chairs to where he was standing, boxing him in. He was under arrest, they announced, for allegedly selling more than 2 million gallons of diluted gasoline. The police had no right to be there, he said, as they were actually on territory belonging to another country — his office was the Sealandic consulate in Spain. But it was soon confirmed that Sealand was a not a member of Europe’s Schengen Area, which covers passport and visa issues across 26 European countries, and arresting Trujillo Ruiz would not violate any international laws. Far from being a diplomat, Trujillo Ruiz was one of the prime movers and shakers in a gang of scam artists operating throughout the world. He was arrested and taken into custody for fraud, falsification of documents, and “usurpation of functions. . At least 20 fake diplomatic passports, hundreds more blank passports, and 2,000 official documents were seized in the raids, as were two vehicles with Sealand diplomatic license plates that had been escorted through Madrid by Spanish police on more than one occasion. While the Versace incident in 1997 had alarmed them, the Bates family had been oblivious to the extent of the problem with Sealand passports. “Excuse me? Michael said to his friend. Sealand did have a website, but it was in its infancy. And it certainly wasn’t selling official paperwork. We knew nothing at all about it or the people involved. They intended to sell the arms to Sudan, which was under embargo by many governments of the world for being a terrorist state. When confronted by investigators about the fake passports, Trujillo Ruiz conceded that they were made in Germany but said he had been appointed acting head of state by the royal family of Sealand and been given authorization to issue Sealandic passports.

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Battery: 16 hours of Talk Time, 400 hours of Stand-by. It may be significant that the last couplet of the poem is the only one where the lines do not end in a consonant, so that the open syllable yields an open ended finale, or trailing-off effect. The two-year old smeared ice cream all over her face, and the mother just kissed her nose, ice cream and all. Today I take computers that people give up on and install Linux on them and give them to people who need computers. Apply for a grammar checking service and make your texts. Under the rule of Sargon of Akkad, the first empire was established between about 4300 and 4200 calendar years before present (B. However, God has also sent them to teach us some important lessons in life. For me, this essay was brilliant opportunity to remind the worse memory of the spring- which made me more mature to think about the balance. Teenager s caloric needs vary depending on their growth rate and activity level. Never a colony of a foreign power or a province of the Ottoman Empire, the Saudi Arabian state resulted from an indigenous local process of sociopolitical change and religious reform. Water is the driving force of all nature, Leonardo da Vinci claimed. Orient your paper so that it is in landscape position. This preliminary material will be removed from the Web site once the advance sheets of the Official Reports are published. Methodological materialism is neither a belief nor an assumption but a restriction on method. A lot of that came out of the fact that they both had great and intense interests and they somehow worked out ways to pursue what they loved while being supportive of each other. We should never be idle when we ought to be working hard. In the case of the British colonies this meant that the native inhabitants were taught English and British history, took lessons in the English language, were conducted in Christian prayers and were often severely disciplined if they transgressed. That is not to say each individual has but one boundary.

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The lord of light collects the most unlikely prophets. I always assumed she had taken a random mask from the wall in the House of Black and White and replaced it with the Waif’s own bloody remains. If we truly are to believe that she murdered an innocent servant just to steal her features and gain access to the Freys, then I am afraid I have to reconsider whether it is too late for Arya to come back after all. Did we ? She was in charge of cleaning the bodies and, possibly, cutting up the faces after a while (a knowledge she re-used on the Waif). Since Sansa is inherently evil, it must mean that she is trying to sabotage Jon by giving him correct information in what can only be called a superb, if remarkably counterintuitive, reverse psychology move. When they were arguing, Sansa said he has to be smarter that Ned and Robb to which Jon replied “and how am I supposed to be smarter. By listening to you ? (or something in that vein) which I took to be a rhetorical question, implying he has no desire or inclination to do it. So he may have been particularly dismissive as a result. She sees a lot of injustice in the world, and is happy when she can punish those who she thinks deserve it. People like Joffrey or Ramsay like hurting or killing people for its own sake, just because they can, while Arya risked her life to protect Lady Crane, knowing that the best assassins in the world would be hunting her if she did. I think Jaqen H’ghar knew this would be her path, and intended all along for her to leave the House of Black and White and return to Westeros as Arya Stark, so that she could act as the avatar of the Many-Faced God, the Stranger, bringing divine retribution to those who have long escaped justice. I think the “No One” training is actually a test, but not quite the way it appears. Giving up your identity and becoming a mindless killer is not the actual goal, but rather it is the failing outcome. Those who pass, who manage to maintain their identity despite the constant attempts to break it down, are the ones who become the higher ranking agents, like Jaqen and Arya. Arya may be doing what she wants to do, but Jaqen seemed fine with it, and seemed to expect it. He’s the Golden Warrior, the Knight in Shining Armor.


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Total ada delapan nomor lagu yang merangkum itu semua, diantaranya; Salam NonaRia, Senandung, Hari Bahagia, Sayur Labu, Sebusur Pelangi, Maling Jemuran, Santai, dan Antri Yuk. Masing-masing punya cerita yang seakan sepele, namun sejatinya memiliki arti penting. Salah satunya tentang kebiasaan mengantre pada lagu Antri Yuk. Kalau didengarkan, lagu kita sederhana dan dekat dengan keseharian, dari situ kita ingin memberi sesuatu yang lebih simpel. Karena begini, sebenarnya tanpa kita sadar, menghargai sesuatu yang simpel itu menyenangkan juga. Seperti contohnya minum kopi, atau makan sayur labu, itu keseharian yang menyenangkan tapi terkadang kita lupa menghargai hal tersebut. Dan melalui album ini, kita ingin menyampaikan kepada semua orang, bahwa bahagia itu sederhana. Yang menarik bagi kami (View) dalam tulisan tersebut, adalah nama Widyasena. Karena kebetulan Beliau pernah menjabat sebagai Editor-inchief Majalah View. Namun sayangnya, Beliau telah meninggalkan kita semua sejak Oktober 2017 lalu. Di mata NonaRia, Beliau adalah orang yang sangat mendukung NonaRia. Beliau juga selalu menyemangati kami dan bilang ayo dong, kalian itu punya sesuatu. Dan kami suka sama semangatnya Mas Wid, semangatnya sangat luar biasa sekali, orangnya sangat ceria dan sangat menyenangkan, kenang NonaRia. Hari Musik Nasional Terkait Hari Musik Nasional yang jatuh pada 9 Maret 2018, NonaRia mengungkapkan perlunya merayakan hari tersebut karena Indonesia telah dianugerahi dengan beragam musik yang berkualitas. Indonesia kan sebenarnya banyak sekali musisi bagus, terus kekayaan dan variasi musiknya sangat-sangat beragam. Dari musik tradisional sampai modern, semuanya lahir dan tumbuh dengan kualitas yang bagus. Semua jenis musik kita punya, hip-hop, dangdut, pop, rock, keroncong dan sebagainya. Tujuannya tentu saja agar kita mengapresiasi musik dalam negeri.


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Of all the characters, Sansa has always been my least favorite because you can see that she really is a shallow person who wants power. Most of her decisions her whole life have been about getting what she wants, and I think that she still sees herself on the throne. I would think, by now she would rely and trust more on the people who love her, but no she is leaning on LF who is feeding into her desire to be on the throne. Jon has absolute 100% faith in his family, he trusts Sansa implicitly to hold the North and do right by him and the people; but she has publically shown that she does not return the favor by criticizing him in front of other lords even after he asked her not to because it underminded his authority. It would be a sad turn of events, although unsurprising, if she turns on Jon and follows the path that LF wants her to. I am hoping that what this will lead to is Sansa realizing that her desire for power makes her unfit to rule, and a reconcilement with Arya. I would love Arya and Sansa to work together and set a trap for him. I saw someone mention the possibility of Sansa marrying LF. I could see it. she would need to marry him before he died to get control of the vale army. The guy is constantly putting his life on the line for the people. He's a good guy, but he is also smart in the political arena. I'd love for him to just get to retire on a beach somewhere and drink mai tais, but there are so many anvils that hint that he will have to be the one to sort this all out. The one that immediately comes to mind is Maester Aemon talking to him about how he will find 'no joy in his command. And then there's all the focus on his legitimacy and all the teachers he's had over the years to learn to become a better leader. And, as someone mentioned elsewhere, they are really taking time to show us Jon is making connections and friendships with people from all over the map, so that, if he does become king, he will have a greater chance of unity for the seven kingdoms. He is definitely a conciliator, whereas Dany is a conqueror. Euron sexually abused his brothers, and in the early release chapters of WOW, he has his brother (Aeron, Damphair) captive, and is driving the poor man mad.