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He said interest of Nation is paramount and there can be no compromise on that and persons involved in inciting public should be brought to book. He further said that none except mischief mongers stands to gain from such incidents. Sh. Yudhvir Sethi celebrates CADD centre 12th anniversary Professional designers will be needed to build Smart cities: Yudhvir SethiBJP State Vice President Yudhvir Sethi said that all future designs be it in engineering, architecture, medicine, fashion or smart cities will be conceived on CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) and Jammu is fortunate to have one such centre offering multiple courses. The kind of precision and desired results derived out of CADD software enables one to have state of the art end products. udhvir Sethi was speaking at the 12th anniversary celebrations of CADD Centre, Jammu where he was the chief guest. While wishing proprietor of the institute Anjali Chopra a great success in her Endeavour, he said CAD based computer system or works station are assisting in creation, modification, analysis and optimization of designs which people professionals are putting in use and more and more students must train themselves in this software. udhvir Sethi said that all smart cities of future will also be designed on CADD for which more professionals will be required. This he said will increase productivity of designers, improve the quality of design and also improve communications through documentation to create a database for building smart cities. The BJP Vice President added that CAD is today being used in many applications including automotive, aerospace, animation, advertisement and many other fields. e hoped that Jammu CADD centre will train students and professionals in such a way that their services are best utilized in building Jammu and Srinagar as two important smart cities. She said that one such centre is also functional in Srinagar and catering to the needs of engineers and other professionals. BJYM National President and MP Poonam Mahajan, Dr Nirmal Singh addressed the huge gathering. Hundreds of youth turned to Sher e Kashmir Cricket Stadium Srinagar to attend the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) rally, on Sunday. On seeing the huge gathering of men and women, Smt Mahajan while waiving towards them said the massive gathering here indicate the youth of Kashmir want to carry the mission of peace and prosperity initiated by the present government under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

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For both colon and rectal cancer the proportion of patients cured and median survival time of the uncured decreased with advancing stage and increasing age. Patients aged under 65 years had the highest proportion cured and longest median survival of the uncured. Cure of colorectal cancer patients is dependent on stage and age at diagnosis with younger patients or those with less advanced disease having a better prognosis. Further efforts are required, in order to reduce the proportion of patients presenting with stage III and IV disease and ultimately increase the chance of cure. To clarify existing practice patterns, we assessed contemporary trends in the incidence and management of patients with early- stage kidney cancer. Using Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results data, we identified adult patients diagnosed with T1aN0M0 kidney cancer from 2000 to 2010. Finally, we compared management groups using multinomial logistic regression accounting for patient characteristics, cancer information, and county-level measures for health. From 2000 to 2010, we identified 41,645 adults diagnosed with T1aN0M0 kidney cancer. Adjusting for clinical, oncological, and environmental factors, older patients less frequently underwent PN and more often received ablative or nonoperative management (P stage kidney cancer rises, patients are increasingly treated with nonoperative and nephron-sparing strategies, especially among the most elderly. The broader array of treatment options suggests opportunities to better personalize kidney cancer care for seniors. The Demirjian method uses the third molar for age estimation of individuals above 15 years old. The aim is to compare age estimation between 15-25 years using two Demirjian methods. Development stage of third molars in panoramic radiographs of 50 male and female samples were assessed by two observers using Demirjiana? ten stages and two teeth regression formula. Reliability was calculated using Cohena?

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Arya will kill Littlefinger, and Sansa will soon kill Cersie, Dragon will side with Jon once they realize who he is. Sully Faucher ? ? Brienne is taking Littlefinger's head. Oh my, hope the crossbow doesn't bring down dragon and Daenery. Pete Peppers ? ? If you mean implying that it was the most important thing to Cersei who has the Iron Bank waiting for payment, then yeah I said that. Dean Sibrizzi ? ? Fire and blood baby Gus McWilliams. I don't think theon is landing at dragonstone, and here is why. The ironborn loyal to yara have no loyalty whatsoever to Dany. I think it is more likely the surviving ironborn have united together and stealthily landed their ships near king's landing, where they believe Yara is a prisoner, and will attempt to sneak in and free her, similar to how they tried to rescue theon from ramsay. I think Dany is going to offer marriage to Jon.

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We usually don’t even get two large scaled fights either in a regular sized season. One poster spoiled the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for me on a video that had absolutely nothing to do with Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m just waiting to be blown away. 7 episodes instead of 10, so I’m waiting to see that increased budget flex. I’ve managed to avoid any of the “script leak” stuff. Mild spoilers I’m ok with but I’m starting to see the appeal of not knowing evvverything. Man, maybe I need to shut the computer off for a couple days. XD. Maybe Arya too, since she was at the meeting between him and Tywin. TBH, I don’t know what a dragon is really suppose to look like, this may be it, but the distended abdomen just throws me out of my suspended disbelief every time I see that shot. I hope it means he is well fed and ready to fly long distances with Dany. People wonder why he’s being callous but it’s very simple. The North is a completely different playing ground than the South. He doesn’t have his network of allies from Kings Landing to assist him. Just think of the economics of maintaining the dietary needs of these dragons.