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Assuming Davos and Mel aren’t all hanging out at CB for a few episodes fighting, but perhaps sneak his body out somehow. And I mention Mel and Davos because those are the only people at the Wall who would have a story line tied into hers as more impt characters. So either she plops in the middle of CB with a dead half-brother (and no idea he could come back to life). OR we spend 4 episodes with her trudging through the snow trying to get to CB. Yeah, no. He wasn’t inclined to go fight the Boltons with Stannis. And he thinks that a Stark in Winterfell means a better chance at fighting the WW when the time comes. On what planet would Jon trust him enough to bring him to meet Ramsay with Sansa. Lord Royce will film in December too, according to him. I want them to plan to defeat the Boltons together. But I can’t understand how that would happen and how that fits with the books as well (where Sansa is still tied to LF, and I really doubt will be spending her WOW arc with Jon and the Wildlings). Just curiosity. I saw the guys who put these spoilers about Umbers siding with Boltons later turning out true. Although, I don’t believe in what was posted such as Ghost dying with Ramsay and stuff.

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ms that have been made over the past few decades. Bonnie (Tiffany Shepis) and Clyde (Trent Haaga) seek refuge in a mansion after a botched robbery attempt. Inside the mansion Dracula (Russell Friend) has recently been revived, and Bonnie and Clyde must face him and the many horrors that await them within the mansion. Condemor and Lucas take a ship to Europe, and it sinks. In an attempt to save their lives, they climb on to a cof? and ? at to shore. Hart, Charles Mulvehill, Robert O’Connor, John Veitch; Writing Credits: Bram Stoker (novel “Dracula”) James V. Hart (screenplay); Director: Francis Ford Coppola; Cinematography: Michael Balhaus; Film Editing: Anne Goursaud, Glen Scantlebury, Nicholas C. Smith; Original Music: Wojciech Kilar; Art Direction: Andrew Precht; Make-Up: David P. Mosko, Matthew W. Mungle, Larry Odien, Steve Prouty, Carol Schwartz, Rick Stratton, Todd Tucker, Robert E. Watson (as Rob Watson), Joel Harlow, Keith VanderLaan; Special Effects: Yarek Alfer (as Jarosian G. Alfer), David Blistein, Michael Lantieri, Darrell Pritchett (as Darrell D.