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The Verdict: Sitting in the familiar B-movie comfort zone the absurd necessity for underlying reality speeches clearly highlights the over postulated concept of an innocent man trapped in a conspiracy he doesn't understand. Although the majority of the plot points remain the same (majority), William himself would be surprised by this offbeat 3D computer animated take. Set outside its original Verona scene laid at the bards own birthplace; the fair suburban Stratford-upon-Avon, director Kelly Ashbury chucks away the mildly confusing ye-old English and in its place a mountain of pop culture references and Elton John musical numbers and switches out the humanoid star crossed lovers with round-bellied, knee-high, pointy-hat wearing kitschy brittle terra-cotta gnomes. Separated by a thin alley, a sturdy fence and opposing colour schemes, adjoining homes 2b and not 2B Verona Drive are inhabited by bitterly feuding senior citizens Mr. Capulet (Richard Wilson) and Miss Montage (Julie Walters). Their unabashed loathing for each other has trickled down and rages on in their perfectly manicured gardens. Each time their backs are turned the red-Capulet's and blue-bonnets unfreeze and spring to life. Like their owners the two groups, lead by Lord Redbrick (Michael Caine) and Lady Bluebury (Maggie Smith) conspire each others demise. On the offensive for his blue brotherin Gnomeo (James McAvoy) engages his red rival Tybalt (Jason Statham) to a lawn-mower race in neural alley territory. When hotheaded Tybalt cheats to win, Gnomeo decides to cross stealthily into the Capulet clans' yard for revenge. Meanwhile, Lord Redbrick's adventurous daughter Juliet (Emily Blunt) decides to defy her father and venture out in disguise from her sheltered life into the alley to obtain a captivating flower hence elevating the blue garden to number one. Quickly capturing Gnomeo's inquisitive attention; the pair fall cap-over-curly-toed-heels and soon parting becomes a sweet sorrow as their brief exchange of wit is marred by the discovery of their lineage. Break all the rules, the couple meet once again and enjoy one perfect date far from home.

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His arms were massive, the muscles displayed in sharp relief as he swung the carbine up. It moved fast, turning on him with hands outstretched. Sutter, with the God-awful tattoo on his neck, upwards arrow pointing to the base of his skull. Corsican script said, in an incongruously graceful hand, Eat Me. They seemed content to take any piece they could get, but the celluloid lore of old movies was hard to shake. Whitaker didn’t like it, but allowed the targets in the same indulgent way he allowed Sutter’s tattoo. It slumped forward and she turned to meet the two that came after, dropping them on the carpet. Her territory extended outward for two yards and ran the distance of the wall. Every other inch of the house was someone else’s problem. The face still bore the faint interruptions of acne. He grinned and his teeth were coated in a thin veneer of blood. She slipped it from the sheath and brought the blade up. The throat first, and directly after that, the right eye.

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geekology ! 3 months ago I'm hoping Jamie has to carry bran like hodor did. Rhaenyra Reigns 2 days ago (edited) Thank you so much for spoiler warning. That smokescreen guy is awesome. Emanuele Favuzza 3 months ago Chris message is for you. Chris the books and the show will have different ending. Haha? Slope 3 months ago Great video, I love you two collaborating. Looking forward to the next set of videos. Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde 3 months ago Oh, good ole days. Great to see you two collabing again. Andrew Schubert 3 months ago Do you think that Jaime will offer to serve Bran, it would bring his storyline full circle. Dave Dogge 3 months ago (edited) I bet Jamie Lannister saves Jon Snow and is trusted so much he becomes the hand of the king.